Gwangju SBS Super Concert Tour with Trazy

I was so excited to see that Trazy offered a ticket package to SBS Super concert with BTS. It was also intriguing to know that it was held at a city that I’ve never been to. I was told that Gwangju was one of the major cities in the Jeolla province and has a significant meaning in the modern history of Korea.

The tour started early on a Sunday and we gathered at Hongdae station for the bus. There were so many buses already lined up and I was very surprised that the crowd was huge. There were so many people who booked from Trazy.

Waiting to get in the bus

It was definitely a long ride but the journey was pleasant as the guide made sure we were all safe.

When we finally arrived in Gwangju, our first stop was a park called ‘Uchi’. We were able to choose between Gwangju Family Land theme park, and Uchi Zoo Park. I chose Uchi Zoo Park to see some animals and take a walk at a peaceful park. It was a peaceful park where you can see some animals. There was also a ferris wheel. We had some time to relax and look around. I took the time to eat lunch as well.

A cute zoo park

After a break at the park, the bus took us to the stadium. I couldn’t help but get excited that I was finally going to see BTS and Twice. We were lined up in front of the Trazy booth to get the admission ticket. We could hear BTS rehearsing while waiting for the ticket, which made some of us feel more excited!

Finally getting the ticket!

My seat and view was amazing! The stage was closer than I expected.

I couldn’t help myself but scream when the concert started. It was almost a dream come true experience also due to the extremely cheap price that I paid for this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the biggest K-pop idols perform live.

Twice is beautiful

I sang along the songs and followed the moves. It was all so exciting and fun.

BTS is just world-class

I felt devastated that the concert was ending. There were fireworks for the finale as if they were to console me, but I still couldn’t help feeling somewhat sad that it did end.

All in all, it was a wonderful day out for me. I slept all the way through back to Seoul. I will never forget the experience thanks to Trazy.

2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang: Hassle Free Concert Experience with Trazy!

When I first knew that there will be Dream Concert in Pyeongchang, I didn’t feel like to go because it’s tooooo far. But then Trazy asked if I want to join its 2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang transport + ticket package, I checked the package and it’s awesome. It solves the transportation problem that I’m worried about the most and there’s also short visit to Yongpyong Ski Resort. I’ve been in Korea for more than 3 years, but I’ve never been to ski resort even once. LOL. This time I was sponsored by Trazy, but if I wasn’t sponsored I think I’d still take it because it’s such a great deal and the prize was good too!

Pyeongchang is located in Gangwon-do. It’s about 3-4 hours from Seoul. You may probably ask why the concert is not in Seoul. Why is it so far??? Whyyy? Well, the Dream Concert itself was held to celebrate D-100 of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Pyeongchang was selected to host 2018 Winter Olympic Games on 2011 and since then it has been preparing really hard for the event success. I can’t believe that 2018 Winter Olympic Games is in less than 100 days! 1 or 2 years ago, if I saw any 2018 Winter Olympic Games advertisement I was like “I don’t know if that time I’ll still be in Koreaㅠㅠ It’s still far away” But now I’m still here and with these years passed, Pyeongchang is now completely ready to host the big event. Can’t wait for it!

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2014 Incheon K-Pop Concert

On my first week at school, there was orientation for foreign student. One of the speakers is from Incheon International Relation for Foreigner (IIRF). This organization provides tailored programs for international students in Incheon like homestay, making traditional food, learning k-pop dance, and watching k-pop concert. This is the application form. Guess what did i choose? 😉

application form

application form

Yup, you’re correct. One of them is watching k-pop concert. Hahaha. And fortunately, i didn’t wait too long to make it happens. There was 2014 Incheon K-Pop Concert which is part of Incheon Asian Games on September 17th and IIRF gave us free tickets. Yeayy!

The concert was held in Songdo International Business District. There are cool buildings around there. I wanted to go earlier and look around but I had to do my assignment. Hiks. I arrived at the venue around 4 PM then went to the ticket booth to collect my ticket. International students’ area is F1, which is the nearest to the stage.

The concert started at 7PM with performances from K-Pop Dance Cover finalists. Finalists from Thailand, India, and Indonesia impressed me. Finalist from Thailand is kinda cute, one of them slightly resembles L. India’s performance had cool concept. Actually I’m quite surprised that k-pop is well-known in India. And there was loud cheering when Indonesian team performed. Why? Because they’re males but they covered AOA’s mini skirt. Hahaha. It was fun but embarassing at the same time.

After short break, performance from the k-pop idols started. BTS was the first performer. They performed Danger and Boy In Luv. I don’t know much about several next performers. There was BESTIE with their cutesy concept, ZEST, Boys Republic, HIGH4, JJCC, and Red Velvet. I only know that HIGH4 did a collaboration with IU and JJCC is a group created by Jackie Chan. JJCC impressed me with their acrobatic moves. Red Velvet is the newest group from SM Entertainment. I don’t remember the members’ names except Joy because she looks like Kim Yoojung. They performed their debut single, Happiness.

After Red Velvet, there was 100%. They are one of my favorite group. Since leader Minwoo leaving for the military service, i set my eyes on jonghwan. And yup, he’s kinda charming. My focus that night was on him. 😛 Next performer was G.Na! BEAST’s labelmate. I love her. She performed G.Na’s Secret and Black & White. Next, member of first generation idol H.O.T Jang Woohyuk. His performances were enjoyable. I like them. Funny when he was talking, there was “oppa! oppa!” screaming from the audience and he said “geumanhae!” which means “enough!”. lol

After that, SECRET performed. Sunhwa was very energetic. And her fan service was good. She was throwing love sign everywhere. Next, Jay Park performed So Good and Joah. Loveee it!

Next one, T-Ara. I thought their popularity is decreasing because that bullying scandal. But people sitting next to me were their fansite masters. Those people brought their expensive cameras with very long lenses to capture the performance. And they kept cheering “hwaaa hwaaa”. Hahaha. My ears hurt. It was nice experience tho. Btw, Soyeon’s face changed so much. o_O T-Ara performed Sugar Free and Roly Poly. I think I will enjoy it more if it was before the scandal. I liked Roly Poly.



Next, 4Minute. I don’t really like their songs. But I like Sohyun and Jihyun. They performed Come In and What’s Your Name. And after that Teen Top! Ohh, I like them. I watched their live performance for the first time on Music Bank in Jakarta last year. And I can say that I like their live performances. They always have stable and enjoyable performances.



After that, KARA  performed Mamamia. They’re pretty, but I think they need to interact more with the audience. And the last, EXO-K performed Overdose & Growl. The audiences who sat obediently before, now stood on their chair. I did it too because i couldn’t see anything if i just sat there. lol

It was a nice concert, although my top favorite groups like BEAST and B1A4 weren’t there. I wish I can watch more free concert here. #nggakmodal xD

Btw, is there any organization like IIRF in Indonesia?

Lesson Learned: K-Pop Concert

Sejak tahun lalu, sepertinya semakin banyak promotor yang berhasil membawa artis k-pop ke Indonesia. Entah itu untuk konser, showcase, fanmeeting, atau sekedar jadi bintang tamu. Tapi, nggak semua berhasil melangsungkan acara yang dikenang baik-baiknya saja oleh penonton.

GBK, 9 Maret 2013

Ada yang seenaknya mengubah layout panggung dan seating plan + menambah kelas dengan harga super murah menjelang hari-H. Ada yang membuka presale tiket jauh-jauh hari diiming-imingi benefit khusus tapi buktinya nol. Ada yang menjajikan area dan pintu masuk khusus untuk pembeli tiket melalui promo tertentu tapi nggak dipenuhi. Ada yang tidak memberikan penjelasan mengenai pintu masuk masing-masing kelas, dan tidak ada yang bisa memberikan jawaban pasti mengenai hal itu. Ada juga yang petugas pengamanannya sangat sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan penontonnya. Dan lebih gilanya ada yang melakukan semua hal bodoh yang saya sebut barusan. Yes, i’m pointing at you promotor yang bikin acara bulan Maret lalu di GBK. ^^

special area? pfftttt

Ada lagi yang bikin fanmeeting dengan harga gila-gilaan, menjanjikan benefit yang jujur sangat menggiurkan buat para fans tapi hasilnya jauh dari harapan. Mulai sempat diundur, hampir batal, pindah venue sampai akhirnya bisa kejadian tapi seadanya. Fans yang sudah terlanjur beli tiket pun akhirnya cuma bisa merelakan dapat seadanya daripada nggak dapet apa-apa.

Tapi ada juga yang promotornya sudah oke, fansnya yang bikin malu. Dorong-dorongan dan teriak-teriak saat sang artis sedang tampil sampai acara mesti dihentikan sementara untuk menenangkan penonton. Nggak perlu teriak-teriak, your oppars won’t notice you. Even tho they notice you, it’s for a bad thing. Congrats ^^

Kadang saya merasa bodoh sudah membayar mahal untuk menonton konser tapi pelayanan yang diberikan promotor nggak sebanding. Ditambah lagi posisi yang didapatkan lebih sering jauh dari panggung dan cuma bisa nonton secara jelas dari layar. Tapi pikiran kapan bisa nonton lagi secara live kadang membutakan nalar. I blame you, oppars xD //i know fellow k-pop fans know how it feels//

Nah, biar nggak dibodohi sama promotor dan nggak menyesal nantinya berikut ini beberapa lesson learned saya mengenai konser k-pop di Indonesia:

  1. Perhatikan track record promotor, bagaimana konser-konser yang pernah diadakan sebelumnya. Apakah berjalan dengan baik? Jika promotor adalah pemain baru, cari tahu track record orang-orangnya. Kalau terlalu banyak janji yang mereka berikan, justru kamu harus curiga. Nggak nonton 1-2 konser nggak bikin kamu kenapa-kenapa kan? Kalo jodoh, nggak bakal kemana kok. 😛 Promotor yang saya percaya sejauh ini sih Marygops Studios & Big Daddy.
  2. Harga tiket memang mahal, sesuaikan dengan budget, posisi, dan benefit yang diinginkan. Jangan lupa, menjelang hari-H akan ada makin banyak promosi (mis. menggunakan kartu kredit tertentu). Silakan bersabar kalau mau dapat tiket dengan harga yang lebih murah. Kuis berhadiah juga biasanya banyak, tapi kamu nggak bisa pilah pilih mau tiket kelas apa dan butuh usaha super supaya bisa menang. Biasanya di venue akan ada banyak calo yang menjual tiket dengan harga lebih murah, apalagi kalau acara sudah mulai. Tapi saya sih nggak menyarankan untuk beli di mereka karena takut kalau tiketnya palsu.
  3. Tertib. Nggak perlulah dorong-dorongan atau teriak-teriak. Malu. Toleransi sama penonton yang lain. Apalagi kalau join concert, nggak perlu meneriakkan nama bias kamu ke kuping orang lain sampai urat leher kamu mau putus. Bisa jadi orang itu malah sebel sama bias kamu gara-gara kamu. Bukannya nggak boleh teriak, well fun-nya konser memang disitu, tapi ya dikontrol bisa kan. Kalau pegang banner, cardboard atau kamera, jangan sampai menutupi pandangan orang lain. Orang lain juga bayar kok supaya bisa nonton yang di atas panggung.

Sementara itu dulu sih, ntar kalo inget ditambahin lagi. Maaf kalo agak offensive, sengaja 😛