Seolchan’s School in Monstar: Gyeongbok High School

Imagine Your Korea. That is Korea Tourism Organization promotion tagline for this year. It wants you to imagine your Korea. As some of you may already know, I have a thing for k-pop, k-drama, and other form of k-entertainments. You probably think it’s childish whatsoever, but it has some influence on how I imagine “My Korea”. xD

I want to see k-entertainment office, I want to attend music shows or concert, I want to see shooting location with my own eyes, I want to attend fansign. There are so many things on my bucket list. Hahaha.

When I was planning my chuseok getaway, I remembered some scenes in Monstar were took place in a palace. I googled it and it’s Gyeongbokgung. But I found another thing, the school in Monstar is located not far from Gyeongbokgung! It’s called Gyeongbok High School (경복고등학교). Monstar is one of my favorite drama, I even posted about it here. So I was very excited and decided to go there.

If you want to go there, here is the direction.

direction to gyeongbok high school

direction to gyeongbok high school

Just go to road on the left side of Gyeongbokgung, walk until you find Cheongwadae Sarangchae Museum. You will see a park near there. Cross the street and go to the park. Just walk straight until you find smaller street. Walk straight again then turn left, walk a little bit. Cross the street when you see SECOM sign on the alley. Go to that alley, walk straight. Gyeongbok High School is not far from there.

I didn’t set my expectation high about this school. It’s a school, not a tourist destination, so It’s okay if I can’t go inside. But when I went there, there’s no one in the guard office. So I just went inside and looked around. Maybe because it was holiday. I saw some students though. Here are some pictures I took.

It is where Seolchan’s fan pretended to be hit by his car.

The garden where Seolchan and handsome Sunwoo argued.

I think this is where Seolchan’s car was parked. Remember when he dragged Seyi to his car?

And, uhmm, basket court & football field.

I’m so happy to be there. This school is very cool and pretty. There are some statues in the garden. I wish my school has something like this.

2014-09-09 16.36.01

one of the statue in the garden

I think I should go there again with this tour by Seoulmate and go inside the class. Hope they have this tour scheduled again. >.<

If you want to go there, please keep in mind that it’s a school. Don’t disturb the student. Maybe you can try your luck and go there on holiday or weekend.


Musical drama with a lot of hearts, cute moments, great casts, great musics, and other great things. Junhyung as idol turned actor doing his job well. I assure you i’m not being biased. Other characters are also good, Kang Haneul as Jung Sunwoo, Ha Yeonsu as Min Seyi, Kang Ui Shik as Park Kyudong/Radio. All of them. The musical pieces are not placed randomly. They match well with the story. The singing or instrument playing scene looks real. Here are some my favorite cuts:

They are good, huh? Give this drama a try and you’ll get frustrated every Friday because you’re curious what will happen next week xD

BEAST Beautiful Show in Indonesia 2012

In my previous post about 2PM concert, i said that if BEAST hold a concert in Indonesia, i’m going to watch them. Anddd, yes i keep my promise. I watched them live last week on BEAST Beautiful Show in Indonesia!!! Aaaaaa, my dream comes truueeee xD

Not just because i promised it, actually the biggest reason i wanna watch them live is because i really wanna see them in person, sing along their songs, and shout their names out loud. xD I’ve been a B2UTY for a year, and in this last one year the amount of love i have for them is just too big.

This is prologue part, telling you how i started to love them. You can skip this if you’re not interested. xD Okay, let’s just start it. I have a hardcore ELF friend. Last year, she flew to Singapore & Malaysia just to watch SS3. And this year she already flew to Singapore and Thailand to watch SS4. That time, i didn’t know much about suju or kpop. I watched korean dramas, but i had no interest in kpop. Seeing her like that, i was thinking so hard how can a person spend a lot of money just for kpop stuff like that. So, in one quiet night (i still remember the date, it was February 21st, 2011) i browsed kpop boyband/girlband youtube accounts. Listened to their songs and watched their MVs. That time, i thought their music is just weird, too noisy, weird dance, and something like that. No one can hook me up. Yeah, you know i’m a hardcore fan of that asian balladeer. I love ballad and slower song so much. But, then i found BEAST youtube account. And, weird enough, i love their songs. All of the songs posted there. And their songs are not ballad, but electronic noisy dance track that i used to not like. That time, i was currently watching My Princess, where one of BEAST member, Lee Kikwang, had a role on that drama. One little role, but successfully stole my attention. He played a dumb chef there. But when i saw him on BEAST MVs. I saw a really different person, he has something people called charisma. And because of him, I started to learn more about BEAST. And hey, they have good ballad songs too. I love all the songs they have. Actually, it took around few weeks to remember other BEAST members’ name because i was too focused on Kikwang. LOL. But then i watched their reality shows such as MTV B2ST, Idol Maid, and B2ST Almighty. It made me love all af them. Their personalities are so great. You can’t not love them, really. With their release of first studio album Fiction And Fact, my love just grows so much. Seeing their performance & achievement in this one year is a precious experience. I’ve been kpopped, or specifically, I’ve been BEASTed in this one year. It changes my life. Yet I don’t have any regret xD

When BEAST announced that they’ll have a WORLD TOUR, yes it’s a WORLD TOUR, people!!!, and Indonesia is on the list of the country they’ll visit, I was so damn happy. One promotor tweeted that if they get 5000 followers, they will hold BEAST concert in Indonesia. But, at last they didn’t manage to get that much followers and decided not to hold it because they doubt BEAST popularity in Indonesia. Ah, how sad I was at that time T_T There goes my hope T_T But then, some other promotors gave hint about artists they plan to bring to Indonesia. They even mentioned kpop or BEAST clearly. When they tweeted about specific date, i compared it to BEAST schedule. Actually, that was a frustrating moment. But i still prepared my money, i still had a little hope to see them live because rumour said they’ll come to Indonesia. One promotor was doing their survey. They said, it’s March or never. It’s too sudden, but i knew that it’s the only available schedule for BEAST. And finally, Marygops confirmed it. BEAST will have their Beautiful Show in Indonesia on March 17 at JITEC, that 2PM concert venue. Ticket will be sold soon. Whooaaa, i’m so excited. When the ticket sales started, i asked my friends to help me booked the ticket just in case i didn’t get it. I got mini heart attack that time because they said they will start selling it at 10 AM but rajakarcis opened it at 10.15 AM. I thought i couldn’t get it ToT But finally i got it from rajakarcis! \o/

Waiting for the D-Day is really a dujun-dujun moment *dugun dugun i meant xD* There was a project held by a fanbase to give BEAST members a gift. And i had a chance to give to Dongwoon. Actually I wanna give some present to Kikwang because he’s my bias and his birthday is coming soon. But it’s okay, Dongwoon is my 2nd bias. xD I gave him a t-shirt with AKU GANTENG and yeah meme on it. I custom made it in Villour, quite expensive but yeah i’m blinded by love. LOL. Because it’s too embarassing, i bought another t-shirt from I also put a letter & Kikwang bday card on the gift. And i put salonpas gel too on it because i heard that they’ll hold highfive event and i was feeling bad for them. LOLOLOL. I’m feeling so embarassed now for doing this. What i regret is i should pay some money if i wanted to give it to them. The money was for project donation actually. But still.. Because later i know that there’ll be gift corner on the venue. Fuuu. I should just put it on the gift corner -_-

Because there’ll be gift corner, i bought Kikwang a birthday present. A cap. Not that expensive and i know he usually buys much more expensive cap than it but i just hope it shows my sincerity. Halah xD I found an uno card pack with Thomas & Friends character on it, wanna buy it for Yoseob but it’s quite expensive. So i didn’t buy it. Sorry Yoseob >_< It’s for preschooler though, so don’t feel that bad xD For this concert, I also buy new pocket camera because my old pocket camera is not that good in dark room, I proved it in Kahitna concert. And i don’t want to get poor quality photos from Beautiful Show, so that i buy a new one. Yeah, the impulsive me wins -___-

On the D-Day, I went to Jakarta with B2UTY Bandung, they said they’ll depart on 8AM but we actually departed on 9AM. -___-” The only people I knew there is Lala. We arrived at JITEC around 12 PM. I exchanged my voucher to the real ticket at the lobby, then went to musholla, then to 3rd floor. Whoaa, it was crowded there. And it was still around 1 or 2 PM. The open gate will be on 6PM, though -___- I bought Kikwang slogan from Meet The Universe there. I also met Ai, from Surabaya, my t-shirt buyer. Then I put my remaining t-shirt that i sold, selling it to people there. But that’s not for a long time, the security asked us not to selling goods there. Fuuu. And because of that, i ended up bring the t-shirt to the concert. It’s quite heavy. Boys, help meee bring those ToT

My ticket was festival right, we queued at parking lot on 8th floor. It was so damn hot there. At 6.15 PM, i finally got into the venue. I changed my sandals into wedges because I’m quite short. xD But because of this, Lala & I lost our good spot. Huaa, i’m so sorry la. >_< We were like on the 4th or 5th row. Not that close to the boys ToT Before concert started at 8PM, BEAST video greeting to Indonesia was played. And their songs also played too. We sang along their songs. I prepared my lightstick, cameras, and fanboard on my jacket.

inside the venue

And at 8PM the concert finally started! They played intro video. And then BEAST boys appeared with Special!. I still have goosebump everytime I listen to Special, I remember that moment when the boys appeared. Boys, i miss you all ;A;

i'm readyyy

finally ;A;

They continued Special with Soom & Shock. Aaaa, i can’t see them clearly. Too many cameras there! Even my camera didn’t get good video because i kept moving it to get a better position. If i can choose, i prefer no camera rule in the venue. Fuuu. I can’t tell if the boys are more handsome in real life because i can’t see them clearly. I also can’t tell if Kikwang is like a little prince because he’s short. I can’t even see him from head to toe. It was really different from 2PM concert. I can see them clearly. Maybe because the stage is different. On 2PM concert, there was outer stage. But in BEAST concert, there was only inner stage. And people centered on that spot. Fuuu. I’m mad!


everyday i shock, shock!

After that, they did talking session. They introduced themselves in Bahasa. OMG, asdahsdgashdg! So cuteeee >_< When Kikwang asked us to answer his Are you readehhh, he even said BAGUS! OMG, my baby, i love youuu! I was afraid he wouldn’t smile a lot at the concert because what i read on twitter is he didn’t smile much at the presscon and people calling him rude for doing that. But he smiled a lot, i’m so happy TTATT Bagus kiki, bagus sayanggg. cup cup muahhh :* When the boys expressed their thanks and love for Indonesian B2UTy, i kept saying gomballl. Hahaha. xD Boys, you’re so gombal but i like it xD xD

Soon, their Mistery MV is played. I’ve watched it, but seeing it again on a bigger screen. OMG, the boys are so handsome >_< After that, they sang Easy with standing mic. OMG, they were so damn gorgeous. Too bad, most of the time i saw it from the big screen T_T After that, Clenching A Tight Fist, we held a paper with The One and Only BEAST in hangul. One of that fanbase projects.


There’s also Yet performance. Yoseob came closer to my area. And in I knew It performance, i love the dance but I can’t see it clearly. I keep my fancam focused to Kikwang :3

kikwang ❤

I forgot the exact song list so sorry if i mix it, but there was Hyunseung solo performance with Amurut. He is the jonna sexy, hyperactive, 4D Prince. He is soooooo beautiful in real life. I managed to get a glimpse detail of real life Hyunseung. Handsome is not the best term for him. He is beautiful. Period

hyunseung & tiger jacket, rawrrr

And Junhyung solo performance with Living Without You. Full of swag. And at the end, pwahaha, he dropped his mic. Gwenchana junhyungie :3 #pukpuk

When The Door Closes, Doojoon & Dongwoon performance. Dongwoon’s voice cracked a bit and later i knew people talking about it. But don’t you know that Hyunseung voice was also cracked during his solo performance? You can see it in my fancam. Why don’t people talking about it? Oh, my poor dongsaeng. Let me hug you Son Nam Shin xD On this performance, Doojon is on the right stage so my focus was on him. At the end, they raised the stage where the boys stand. In seoul, there was wings effect during that part. But it can’t be found in Indonesia. I was hoping for the wings effect though -___-


Then, Let It Snow. My baby Kikwang and Hyunseung turn. With that home-like aquarium set and touch my own sexy body dance movement. And Kikwang was on right side, yeayy! Even i knew that they didn’t bring dancers to Indonesia, i was still worried that there will be female dancer touch my Kikwangie. Nooo, i just can’t imagine that happened in front of me. But, yeah there was no dancer. Fiuhhh xD At the end, there was snow effect. Ummm, not really snow, because it was sprayed from the bottom part.

fierce kikwang

Next was Thanks To from Junseob. Ahhh, they’re cute. I can see a bit of Junhyung detail. He’s really white and he had freckles (?) on his skin because he’s too white (?) I don’t know. Their interaction after the song is cute. Aaaa xD xD xD I kept screaming everytime I saw Junhyung, he’s so gorgeous in real life xD


Then Should I Hug Or Not, i wish they bring their dancers on this song. I wanna see it so bad. Hiks. Btw, I love Kikwang’s shirt during this performance. His body fit the shirt and he looked good. Ah, my baby boy xD When he said dugun dugun and did that chest touching movement. That’s so cute. xD Doojoon’s Pulau teibuuuu is also so cutee. xD And If i’m not mistaken, they gave flowers when they sang this song. When the flower flew near my area, people trying to grab it and I was like swept away with the people wave. At that moment, i was thinking should i just fell so that the BEAST boys help me to stand. Pwahaha, bad girl xP


junhyung's face, lol

And when they took a girl to the stage for You performance. They took it from festival left and didn’t even bother to see the festival right TTATT I was holding my fanboard with jeoyo! jeoyo! (Me! Me!) written on it. They didn’t see it. Ah, i’m sad. Kikwangie put his hand on the girl mouth and kissed his own hand. Hyunseung put her head on the girl’s lap, Yoseob did back hug, Doojoon gave her teddy bear and flower. Mmm, i don’t really remember the details. Ah, all I know is I envy her >_<

neo, nappeun namja!

junhyung must be jealous

boys, you...

Then The Fact, Fiction, On Rainy Days, and Freeze. Aah, I love it so much >_<


Then VCR shown, video from their predebut, debut, first win, etc. There’s a moment when Kikwang’s style similar to JB of Dream High 2 and i shouted JB because of it. But it was awkward because maybe people next to me thought that I mistakenly said JB for AJ. LOLOLOL

They also sang I Like You The Best, one of my favorite songs. <333 Hyunseung danced randomly on the center stage. Pwahaha, this 4D prince. xD Then Oasis, last before encore 😥

before encore

On encore, they changed their clothes to Beautiful Show t-shirt. They sang VIU & Beautiful with that fun dance. I was happy & sad at the same time. It’ll end soon TAT That time, i held my 2 sides fanboard. 1st side is my birthday greeting to Kikwang, the other side is son nam shin. But i think Kikwang & Dongwoon didn’t see it. T_T They come closer to my side, but too bad, my camera was already off during that time. Aaaa. ToT They also bowed to us. Ahhh, my humble and kind boys. Thank youuuu <333


thank you biseuteu :")

Anddd at the end, i can say that i’m not satisfied with the concert. Not because their performance is bad. Their performance is really good. But i can’t see it clearly because my position was not good. T_T And I feel like watching them from DVD is much better. But still, i wanna see them in person again. Weird enough? Yes. I wanna see them in more detail! And one thing that i notice, they moved from one spot to another spot too fast. T_T

Ah boys, reminiscence this makes me miss you. I wanna see you again T_T Please come back to Indonesia, okay T_T

Andd please don’t mind my english & the grammar mistakes. I know my english is bad orz