2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Jakarta 2011

Well, this isn’t a new story. It happened more than a month ago. But, it’s one of my precious memories. That’s why I wanna share about this πŸ˜›

I’ve been into k-pop since 10 months ago. Honestly, I’m not paying much attention to many boy/girlbands. I only keep my eyes on BEAST/B2ST. And for otherΒ  boy/girlbands, I listen to their songs but I can say that I’m not really a fan. That’s why when I knew that south korean boyband, 2PM, will hold a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, I didn’t really care. You know, the ticket concert was really expensive. At least, for me. The cheapest one was 500.000. I won’t spend that much money just for a night. Hahaha

But, someday i found that Kartu As held a contest prized 2PM concert ticket. Without too much hope, I entered this contest. I just filled a form and shared about this on facebook. After that, I really forgot about this. I don’t know much about 2PM or their songs.Β  Just some their hits songs. And I know some members, but not from their 2PM activities. I know them from kdrama/show they starred in, such as Taecyeon in Cinderella’s Sister & Dream High, Wooyoung & Chansung in Dream High, and Nichkhun in WGM. So, I thought it was really okay if i didn’t win. But, guess what? A week later, on November 8th, i got sms from T*LKOMSEL telling me that i won a ticket from the contest. WOW! I thought that i have no more luck in this kind of contest/quiz. lol

But, there was a problem. I should come to Jakarta bringing that sms to take the ticket on 9th or 10th. The concert will be on beautiful date 11/11/11, though. That time, I just started my work life and I can’t go to Jakarta that easy. Beside that, how much it will cost to go to Jakarta for taking ticket and watch the concert. *Oh yeah, i’m quite stingy* XD So, i tried to ask everyone if they want it. I will lend my simcard if they want to go to jakarta and take it themselves. I’ll give it for free. But, because it’s too sudden, no one can take it. Then, i found someone from Bandung who also got the ticket. I asked her if she willing to take my ticket for me while she take hers. And she answered yes. Yeay.

Skip to D-Day. The concert held in JITEC Mangga Dua Square at 19.30. I booked Cipaganti to Mangga Dua Square for 14.45 departure. But, i was late for it and asked for waiting list for next departure. But, i didn’t get it. Finally i got the one that departed at 16.45. I arrived in Mangga Dua Square at 20.10. Oh, really late. Then I took the ticket in Cipaganti office there because the one i ask to take the ticket has entered the concert venue first. That’s why i ended up watching the concert alone. Huhuhu.

After taking ticket, i went to JITEC which located not too far from there. It was around 20.30. And because of that, i didn’t need to take a long queue to enter the venue. lol. And fortunately, the concert started late. I just missed 1 or 2 songs. πŸ˜€ And i didn’t miss their Hands Up performance which was fun. Some songs they perform: I Can’t, Give It To Me, Hate You, 10 Points Out Of 10, My Valentine (Nichkhun & Taecyeon), Alive (Junsu Solo), I’ll Be Back, Only You, Thank You.

Eventhough i didn’t know most of their songs, i enjoyed their performances. The songs are good. They sang & danced live really well. That time, i was amazed that they can perform so many songs. Their stamina was amazing. I got festival ticket worth 800.000. And festival area is located right between main stage and vip area. So that I can see Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Junho, Junsu from a close distant because they run around the stage and vip area. XD Their fanservice is sooo lovable. On side note, I’m used to not like Taecyeon, because I think his expression is quite scary. But when i look at 2PM live, he’s the member that i wanna see the most because somehow i found he’s really good looking on person. His shy smile is sooooo adorable. XD And angel Nichkhun with wings effect on the end of concert is wow. And, abs? Chansung showed off his. Too much -___-” Taecyeon also did. He threw his shirt to vip area at the end of concert. Oh, i shouldn’t look at this. I’m a pure & innocent girl. #eh

Btw, I don’t remember the concert rundown, but you can read it here. Here are some fancams that i took. Hope you like it!

2PM introduced themselves in bahasa

2PM – I Can’t

2PM – Give It To Me

This is my favorite fancam because it shows how close i was with wooyoung, taecyeon, junsu, and junho. XD And at the end, you can see junho junsu (2jun) interaction. That was cute XD

2PM showed off their talent: beatbox, chansung solo (and sexy) dance

Taecyeon & Nichkhun – My Valentine

Bonus: Chansung said “I Love You Guys” ^^

After this concert, i listen more to their songs and I like it. No, not that i become a Hottest. Can you imagine if i say “Hey, i’m a kpop fan. I’m a Beauty (what Beast fan called) and Hottest” *feeling like someone will slap me* Hahaha

And because the concert was amazing, I think if BEAST holds a concert in Indonesia, I must attend it even though it costs much. I just can’t wait to sing with them and shout their names. Okay, time to save money. XD

Ouch, my english is really bad X(

Things I Like On Youtube (Part 3)

Hollaaa, long time no see!

Do you remember this and this? Yeaa, things i like on youtube continues~~ Get ready, guys! πŸ˜€

1. TheSamTsui

Ever heard of this guy? Yup, he’s the one in Kurt Schneider’s channel πŸ˜€ Sam just created his own youtube channel. He posts extra goodies that he works on by himself there. When i knew about Sam’s new channel, i was sooo happy because it feels like a long long time ago since Kurt & Sam last collaboration. I missed his powerful voice. The funny thing is Kurt and Sam back with some collaborations after this new channel created. Maybe Kurt realized that many people miss Sam πŸ˜›

2. Apple Girl Kim Yeo Hee (applegirl002)

I love this girl. She became famous because she plays instrument on her apple gadgets. Yes, gadgets with s. She has many! She also sings and her voice is soft and nice. This girl is talented. One thing that sometimes bothers viewers is her pronunciation when she sings in English πŸ˜›

She has released an original song called ‘Half’, and i love the MV πŸ˜€

3. Madilyn Bailey

This video is my first encounter with Maddy. I love her voice there, then i check her channel, watch her works, and click subscribe. I think you’ll do the same thing πŸ˜›

And this is one of my favorites in her channel. Graduation song T_T

4. Bumkey (rnbskillz)

He’s Bumkey of 2wins. Actually, i don’t know much about 2wins. I know Bumkey because he has been featured on Supreme Team and Epik High songs. And recently, on Tablo’s new album. Sometimes, if i listen to hip hop song i’m more interested in the featured r&b artist than the rapper. LOL. And this is the case with Bumkey. I love his voice and try to know more about him by searching him on youtube. And tadaaa, he has his own channel. Perfect.

5. EatYourKimchi

If you’re a kpop fan, you should check this channel. The owner is a canadian couple living in South Korea, Simon & Martina Stawski. My favorite segment is Kpop Music Monday. In this segment they talk about kpop music video (MV), from the concept, song, dance, to the english part. They’re really hillarious. They call my favorite boyband B2ST that should be read as BEAST as BATOOST. LOL. If you’re a hardcore fan and too biased, maybe you can find their videos insulting. But, if you take a look more, you’ll be 110% agree with them. They’re quite objective. Beside kpop music monday, they also make video about korean culture and stuffs.

6. Ryan Higa (nigahiga)

This is #2 most popular channel in youtube with 4.707.259 subscribers. He’s Asian. He’s funny. Yea, who says that Asian is all nerd. Stereotyping huh. But i get a problem with him. He speaks really fast and since i’m not a native english speaker sometimes i don’t get what he says. T_T

7. kevjumba

Kevin & Ryan are best friend. Personally i think Kevin is funnier than Ryan. And i really love it when his dad appear on the video. LOL. Check some of his videos

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you like it πŸ˜€

Things I Like On Youtube (Part 2)

Things I like on youtube continues~~~ Here are some of my favorites!

1. Conor Maynard (skillzaisherebooya‬‏)

Conor Maynard is 18 years old UK boy. I really love his voice, accent, and style. Check him out!

*I love Beckie’s voice here ❀ And the collaboration is just awesome!

*Do you hear a little girl voice? She’s Anna, Conor’s sister. Cute, right? πŸ˜€

2. Anth (AnthMelo)

A great and super talented rapper. I know him from Conor’s channel. Their collaborations are really good :))

3. Alex Goot (gootmusic)

I don’t know how to describe him. He has unique voice. He can play many instruments. He’s just awesome.

4. J-Rice (jriceproductions)

Talented singer, songwriter, and composer. Just one thing from him that sometimes disturbing me, his expression *ups, sorry J-Rice* hahaha. Do you get what i mean? Just check his videos, and you’ll know

5. Jason Chen (miniachilles‬‏)

I know him from J-Rice channel. Yup, because youtube artists seem often to do a collaboration, i usually know them from their youtube collaboration fellas

6. Kevin Lien (KevinLienMusic‬‏)

His english cover ofΒ  Taeyang’s Wedding Dress makes me like him. His voice is good and the english translation of the song is perfect.

7. karawaciPROJECTs‬‏

They’re not singers, they’re musicians.Β  They can turn a what-people-called-low-class music into high-class one. Check their cover of SM*SH I Heart You and Melinda’s Cinta Satu Malam

Hope you like them πŸ˜€

Things I Like On Youtube (Part 1)

Karena youtube, Sinta & Jojo bisa terkenal dengan keong racunnya. Karena youtube juga, Justin Bieber bisa terkenal seperti sekarang. Begitu pula dengan Charice. Karena seseorang dengan nama akun FalseVoice mengaplot videonya saat bernyanyi, Charice bisa tampil di Oprah Show, duet dengan Celine Dion, dan akhirnya bisa sesukses sekarang.

Begitu banyak orang yang memanfaatkan internet, dalam hal ini youtube, untuk menunjukkan bakat mereka. Kalau kita jeli kita nggak akan kehabisan hiburan-hiburan berkualitas, terutama penyanyi, karena youtube punya mereka! Ini beberapa penyanyi youtube favorit saya πŸ˜€

1. Duo Gamal & Audrey Tapiheru
Duo kakak adik ini berasal dari Indonesia. Video dari mereka bisa dilihat di channel milik Gamal disini. Mereka mulai mengaplot video sejak 2009. Beberapa lagu yang mereka cover antara lain Lucky, Poker Face, Broken Strings, Telephone, In My Head & Break Your Heart. Selain itu mereka juga mengaplot video saat mereka menyanyikan Tanah Airku bersama sang kakak, Georgina. Dari youtube, mereka bisa tampil di acara Harmoni SCTV dan memiliki single Ingin Putus Saja. πŸ˜€

Tanah Airku, bersama sang kakak, Georgina

Single Ingin Putus Saja, bersama teman mereka, Cantika. Ini jadi lagu iklan salah satu provider πŸ˜›

Saat tampil di Harmoni SCTV

2. Duo Janice & Sonia
Yang unik, mereka berdua kembar! Mereka adalah keturunan Korea, tapi lahir dan besar di Australia. Video dari mereka bisa dilihat di channel Jayeslee. Beberapa lagu yang mereka cover: Just the way you are, Nobody, Fireflies & You raise me up. Dari youtube, mereka bisa konser di LA dan Cina. I love them so much πŸ˜€

3. Maddi Jane
Umurnya masih 12 tahun, tapi suaranya keren dan khas banget. Saat ini baru 5 video yang diaplot di channelnya. Lagu yang pernah dicover: Breakeven, Again, Impossible, Mine, dan Just the way you are. Di 2 video terakhir, dia pake make up, huhuhu saya nggak begitu suka. Lebih bagus tanpa make up, polos seperti di 3 video sebelumnya. Tapi kalau soal suara sih dia super duper oke banget πŸ˜€

Maddi tanpa make up

Maddi dengan make up 😦

Maddi pernah tampil di The Ellen DeGeneres Show loh. πŸ˜€

4. Sam Tsui
Sam Tsui adalah seorang Chinese American. Sam bisa ditemui di channel KurtHugoSchneider. Sam adalah teman baik Kurt. Saya bingung menjelaskan tentang mereka, yang pasti mereka berdua super awesome. Saya suka mash-up yang mereka buat. Apalagi proses produksinya memang sangat baik dan terkonsep. You gonna love them friends! πŸ˜€

Mereka pernah diundang di Oprah Show loh. Read more about them here.

Dan biasanya, saya lebih suka cover version daripada versi penyanyi aslinya. Hahaha, apalagi Nobody versi Jayeslee & The Way You Are versi Maddi Jane. πŸ˜€

Go check them, guys! Who’s your favorite youtube singer? Tell me! πŸ˜€

Nggak bingung cari hiburan lagi kan meskipun kualitas musik dalam negeri lagi begini. πŸ˜› *no offense*