Halal Food Near Inha University

Being Muslim in Korea can be hard sometimes. Especially about the food. It’s difficult to find halal food. It’s not about not eating pork or drinking alcohol. I make this post because Inha University Summer School will start soon. The new regular semester also will start at the end of next month. So, I hope this post will help new muslim students. πŸ˜‰

Summer school students will live in the dormitory. As i know, breakfast & dinner are provided by the dorm. And here the problem begins. LOL. I lived at the dormitory on my first semester. At that time, the breakfast & lunch were included in dormitory fee, so I felt like it’s a waste of money if I don’t eat at the dorm. The rule was changed the next semester, the meal fee is not included but student can buy meal coupon from CU near the lobby. The coupon was only for lunch when I stayed there.

Most of the time, food at the dorm will contain pork, meat, or chicken. Well, some people still eat meat as long as it’s not pork. But, i choose not to eat them if it’s not mentioned as halal. So, if you’re like me, it’ll be kinda difficult. The menu will be posted outside the dorm cafetaria (english version available). You can check it beforehand and only take the food that you can eat. Mostly the vegetable, kimchi, fish, and other seafood like squid or shrimp. If you aren’t sure, ask the staff. Tell them that you don’t eat meat (κ³ κΈ° μ•ˆλ¨Ήμ–΄μš” – gogi an-meogoyo) or i don’t eat pork (돼지 κ³ κΈ° μ•ˆλ¨Ήμ–΄μš” – dwaeji gogi an-meogoyo). Most of them will understand and will tell you which one you can’t eat. Sometimes, when they have fried rice, they put spam or bacon inside. You can ask the staff to give you the white rice only (ν°μŒ€ – hin-ssal). Sometimes the staff is kind enough to give me more seaweed (gim) when there isn’t much that I can eat there. Haha.

There’s a small kitchen at each floor of the dorm. There’s stove and microwave available. There’s fridge too. You can cook simple meal there.

For lunch, I guess you’ll eat around university area. There are some cafetarias in campus. For example, in Biryong Plaza (the building where Hana Bank located, across the pond) and Seohogwan (near the baseball field). They usually have more choices and the price is not expensive. I usually eat there for less than 3000 KRW. To eat at the cafetaria, take the tray, choose your food, and pay them at the cashier.

Another popular place is at the back gate area (humun). There are a lot of restaurants there. There are 2 self-proclaimed halal restaurant in this area. The first one is Mughal Mahal Restaurant, an Indian restaurant. To go to this place, from the street next to CU on back gate area just go straight to Rainbow PC Bang direction. It’s around 20m before the PC Bang, on the 2nd floor. It sells Mutton Biryani (10000 KRW), Chicken Biryani (8000 KRW), Chicken Tikka, and other Indian foods. The second one is Kebab Jib (μΌ€λ°₯ 집 – literally Kebab House). To go to this place, from CU walk in the right side and turn right on the first small street there. It’s before Caffe Benne. And then just go straight for around 100m(?). The restaurant is on the right side. The main menu is of course, Kebab. I forgot the exact price, but I think it’s around 5000 KRW.

Other than these halal restaurants, I usually go to 24 hour kimbab house, kim-ssi som-ssi kimbab, or some 4000 KRW restaurants like Yawoori. I usually eat bibimbab, chamchi (tuna) kimbab (ask them to remove the spam/ham – ν–„ λΉΌμ£Όμ„Έμš” haem ppaejuseyo), shrimp fried rice, ojingeo deopbab, or fish (saengseon gui). Or alchon, the food is similar to bibimbab but with fish roe. Tell them to remove the meat too (κ³ κΈ° λΉΌμ£Όμ„Έμš” – gogi ppaejuseyo). If you’re using hijab, usually the staff will ask if you want the meat to be removed.

Sometimes I also eat sundubu jjigae at Kingkong Sundubu Jjigae. They have big squid (tong ojingeo) or clam option.

For fancier meal, I usually go to Pastario or Han’s Deli for their seafood pasta. For fastfood, I usually buy Shrimp Burger or Squid (Ojingeo) Burger in Lotteria. Ojingeo is better than the shrimp one! It’s cheaper too, only 2000 KRW. McD also have shrimp burger. I never tried it though. Nearest Lotteria is in Homeplus foodcourt.

Street food. There’s a lot of street food near the back gate area. My favorite is 1000 KRW waffle & juice, ddeokbokki, odeng, heotteok.

You’re only allowed to cook simple meal in dormitory kitchen. But if you want to buy some groceries like egg, cereal, soybean oil, etc you can go to Homeplus, Lotte 999, or Hameoni Mart. For you who live at Dorm 1, Homeplus is the closest one. Indonesian’s favorite Indomie and Bamboe instant fried rice seasoning is available on imported foods section for 500 KRW (yeaaa, three times more expensive than in Indonesia, with less msg too).

If you’re regular student and don’t live at the dorm, maybe you want to cook halal chicken/meat. You can buy it in Itaewon area. There are Foreign Food Mart, National Food Mart, or some other shops near the Mosque. There are a lot halal restaurants too. Mostly sell foreign food such as Indian, Turkish, Pakistan, etc. There’s Indonesian restaurant called Siti Sarah. Or you can buy online from gmarket. Just search “halal” on the search box. Or if you want some indonesian products, you can buy in Ansan. There are a lot Indonesian restaurants there. Or buy online in Indorasa. Summer school student may not need it though, the program is only 3 weeks. I bet you bring enough food from home. πŸ˜‰ And to buy online you will need korean bank account, so it will be a little difficult. (You can ask your buddy’s help if you want to buy it).

There’s a super small mosque near the university called Ashrafia Mosque. My friend usually goes to this mosque for Jumat prayer. My friend told me that we can order halal meat from the imam masjid. But I never did it.

I put the map to make it easier.

Well, one thing that should be noted, almost all of the restaurant use the same cooking utensils for all the food. So, it may be contaminated with non-halal food. Cooking by yourself is still the safest option.

I’m not in Korea during summer break. But you can ask me anytime if you have question. ^^

[update] Mughal Mahal restaurant is closed now. There’s new (non-halal) restaurant in its building when I went back to Korea. T.T


Yoseob’s Nuna Cafe, Chokom Cafe & Shop

I was sad that I can only visit Yoseob’s parents’ restaurant once before it closed. And later (even though I don’t eat chicken here), Gikwang’s mom chicken restaurant also closed down even before I had a chance to go there. So, when I heard that Yoseob’s nuna opens a cafΓ© and shop for her handmade craft, I was sooo happy!

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Banana Tree (λ°”λ‚˜λ‚˜ νŠΈλ¦¬)

If you’re a fan of unique or cute cafe, pack your bag and come to Seoul now! There are A LOT of themed cafes, from hello kitty cafe, charlie brown cafe, k-pop cafe, dress cafe, hanbok cafe, cat or dog cafe, even sheep(!!!) cafe. You name it!

Last month, I went to one of those unique cafes called Banana Tree. No, it’s not a cafe where you can pick banana from the tree. I don’t think banana tree can grow in Korea, though. LOL. Banana Tree is famous for the cake that served in a flower pot, complete with a plastic flower as an ornament and shovel-shaped spoon. The cake’s called Flower Paap. There are some flavors. I tried the banana one, and it was really good! I think the soil is from super soft oreo crumble. The cake texture is similar to cheese cake, it’s so soft and creamy. Yummmmm. I also tried the Cotton Candy Latte (Somsom Latte). Yup, you can guess it’s latte topped with cotton candy (Somsatang in Korean). Here’s what it looks like

flower paap

flower paap

flower paap & somsom latte

flower paap & somsom latte

Photos from Banana Tree facebook

flower paap

pepero day themed

christmas themed

There are 3 branches of Banana Tree, in Sinsa-dong (Gangnam), Hannam-dong (Itaewon), and Lotte Department Store Star City. I went to the one in Gangnam.

Banana Tree in Sinsa-dong

The place is really tiny. But there aren’t many people there, so it’s comfortable enough if you want to stay for a long time. You can also write your message in a post-it and put it on the board. You can see that this cafe is famous not only in Korea because there are a lot of messages from foreign visitors.



The flower paap costs 5800 won and candy floss latte 6300 won. Yup, it’s quite expensive. But hey, it’s in Gangnam. Everything is pricey there. LOL. After visiting this cafe, you can walk around in Garosugil where you can find boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and beautiful ginkgo trees. πŸ˜‰



Banana Tree (λ°”λ‚˜λ‚˜ 트리)
526 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Take Subway Line 3, Sinsa Station, Exit 7

Tongin Market

Tongin MarketΒ (ν†΅μΈμ‹œμž₯) is famous for its Dosirak (Lunchbox) Cafe. I saw it for the first time on C-Clown KAN-ON Show. It also has appeared on some other shows and dramas such as Running Man and 1 Night 2 Days. The most recent one is in drama Plus Nine Boys.

You can taste various korean traditional foods with relatively cheap price here. Just go to the Dosirak Cafe on the second floor, pay 5000 KRW, and you’ll get a string of old coins and an empty lunchbox. Go back to the market area, find sellers with Dosirak Cafe sign. You can buy food with your coin there. Most of the foods will cost 1-2 coins.

I recommend you the old style ddeokbokki. You won’t find the usual ddeokbokki with gochujang sauce here. The ddeokbokki will be fried in a wok with some red pepper. The seller put so many pictures of Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi from 1N2D when they visited the shop.

old style ddeokbokki

old style ddeokbokki

There are a lot of food choices there. There are mandu (dumpling), meat, kimbab, jeon, pickled vegetables, etc. If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, this place will be a heaven. But for me who can’t eat meat, it’s kinda difficult. But, I was lucky that I met a very kind seller. When I told her that I don’t eat meat, she helped me choosing the food. I bought small crab in pepper paste, vegetables salad, and egg from her. And she gave me tofu as service (bonus). I think I’ll buy from her again when I visit Tongin Market next time. πŸ˜› Her shop is not far from the Customer Center where the Dosirak Cafe located. Just go straight around 2-3 shops, it’s located on the left side (Dosirak Cafe is on the right side).

Most of the sellers here don’t speak english. But at least they can tell you how many coin you need to pay. After you fill up your lunch box, you can go back to the Dosirak Cafe. There are rice, spoon, chopstick, and water available. Just take them, choose your seat, and enjoy your meal. πŸ˜€

Here’s what I bought there:

my lunchbox

my lunchbox

There are ddeokbokki – tofu – i don’t know what but i guess it’s made from rice flour nokdumuk or cheongpomuk (mung bean jelly) – small crabs – eomuk (fish cake) – egg – sugar glazed sweet potato – vegetable salad. I like ddeokbokki and small crabs the most.

Tongin Market
3, Pirundae-ro 6-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
μ„œμšΈνŠΉλ³„μ‹œ μ’…λ‘œκ΅¬ ν•„μš΄λŒ€λ‘œ6κΈΈ 3 (톡인동)

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#BdgBucketList: Bandung City Tour

I’ve been living in Bandung for almost 7 years. That’s quite a long time but there are so many places i haven’t visited yet. I only write down those places on my bucket list. And before i leave this town (for good, sooner or later), i want to fulfill my bucket list.

May 24th, 2014
It was saturday, most of the time I spend my weekend on my room. But that day, I was bored and since the night before I was thinking about my bucket list. So I opened kiri.travel, searching all angkot route I need. And I managed to arrange the itinerary in less than 10 minutes. lol.

Museum of Geology

Museum of Geology

My first stop was Geology Museum. I took Dago-Riung Bandung angkot from Pasar Simpang Dago. Ticket for public visitor costs IDR 3000. It’s superrr cheap. But I guess the price for foreign tourists will be different and slightly more expensive. There was an officer checking my ticket and then she asked me to put my bag on baggage storage. I was impressed because i didn’t think that this museum will be that well-organized.

Right in front of the main door, I saw giant ancient elephant fossil. It’s reaally big. Turn right, I entered a room with History of Life theme. In this room, we can find explanation about early life on earth and the evolution process. There’s also explanation about ancient Bandung, fossils of ancient animals, early humans, and wood fossils. And the most interesting, there’s tyrannosaurus fossil in this room. Actually, there’s a room on the left side but it was being renovated at that time. That room’s theme is Geology of Indonesia.

Heading upstairs, there are 2 rooms. First room’s theme is mainly about disaster mitigation. There’s earthquake simulator in this room. There are some collections related to Merapi eruption: motorbike & tv that burned by the pyroclastic flow. A video about signs of tsunami also played in this room.


from merapi eruption

Another room shows mineral collection. There’s explanation about metal, non metal, gemstones, oil and gas, and coal. There’s also explanation about geothermal and water power plant.

In front of the museum, there’s Rock Cycle Park. This park describes the dynamic transitions through geologic time among the three main rock types: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous.

My next destination was Rasa Bakery & Cafe. This old bakery is famous for its home-made ice cream. From geology museum, i walked to Dukomsel Dago. Actually, from the museum i could also take Cicaheum-Ledeng angkot to Dukomsel. In front of Dukomsel, I took Kalapa-Dago angkot. Rasa Bakery & Cafe is located in Jl. Tamblong. I ordered Belgian Waffle and Coconut Royale. I love the Belgian Waffle, the waffle is soft and the ice cream has right amount of sweetness. The Coconut Royale, even though so many people recommended it, is not my favorite. The chocolate ice cream is too bitter for my liking. But overall, it’s too sweet for me.

Next, I walked to Museum of Asia-Africa Conference. I saw some old and historical building during the walk: Grand Preanger Hotel, Bank Pacific, Bandung 0 km, Pikiran Rakyat office, Savoy Homann Hotel, and Warenhuis de Vries. When I arrived at the museum, it was closed for break time. So I continue walking to Masjid Raya (Grand Mosque) to pray. I saw other old buildings near there. After praying, I walked to the museum again and fortunately it’s already open. I entered the museum, wrote my name on the guest book, and looked around the collections. Looking at those collection makes me realize that Asia-Africa Conference was really a huge event at that time. Especially when I was in the conference hall. I can imagine all those leaders were once there.

From Museum of Asia-Africa Conference, I walked to Jl. Braga. My next destination is Sumber Hidangan, an old bakery that still keeps its vintage feels. I bought 2 sweet cakes and pastel there. I struggled eating the cakes because I don’t really like sweet things. But I really love the pastel.

After that I walked to Braga Permai. On the street, I saw some people preparing their stalls for Braga Culinary Night. In Braga Permai, I ordered crab meat fried noodles and lemon tea. The price for fried noodles is similar to the one in S*laria so I thought the portion will be similar. But when the food was coming, I was really surprised. The portion was super big: I was alone and not that hungry. So I called my friends to help me eat it, but nobody could come. T_T I finally took the food home.

Lesson learned: don’t come to this restaurant only by yourself, the portion is no joke. Braga Permai ended my journey to fulfill my bucket list for that day. πŸ™‚

Jalan-jalan Jogja (Lagi)

Setelah proyek mangjoso beberapa tahun lalu, saya belum pernah kembali ke jogja. Dan lagi-lagi, karena impulsif, saya memutuskan untuk liburan ke Jogja saat libur natal tahun lalu.

25 Desember 2013

Berangkat dari Bandung pukul 07.00 dengan kereta yang alhamdulillah tepat waktu, saya sampai di Jogja sekitar pukul 15.00. Saya dijemput adik saya, Lia, yang kuliah di Jogja menuju asrama-nya. Disana sudah ada adik saya satu lagi, Tika, yang datang sehari sebelumnya. Karena kami mau pergi menggunakan motor, padahal kami ada 3 orang dan motornya cuma 1, adik saya pun sibuk telpon sana-sini mencari penyewaan motor yang masih available. Dan ujung-ujungnya malah dapet motor dari penyewaan tepat di sebelah asrama yang sebelumnya sudah didatangi tapi habis. Kalau nggak salah, harga sewanya 40ribu per hari. Kami pun segera meluncur ke Raminten, restoran yang cukup terkenal di Jogja. Terkenalnya mulai dari kemistisannya, pelayannya yang katanya banyak pria melambai, dan yang terutama karena menunya yang unik dengan harga murah meriah. Sampai di Raminten, saking ramainya kami pun masuk waiting list dulu. Setelah menunggu lumayan lama, kami akhirnya mendapatkan tempat. Bau menyan langsung tercium saat masuk ke bagian dalam restoran. Karena sudah kelaparan, langsung deh pesan makanannya. Saya pesan nasi liwet (3ribu rupiah saja sodara-sodara) dan susu jahe. Untuk rame-rame, saya pesan tempe mendoan dan ikan wader. Adik saya pesan masing-masing ayam bakar dan ayam rica-rica. Minumnya es jeruk nipis dan es krim bakar. Beginilah penampakan makanan yang kami pesan:

Susu jahe dihidangkan di gelas yang bentuknya seperti itu. Hahaha. Dan karena sudah tahu itulah sebenarnya saya pesan susu jahe. Mau nyicip susu langsung dari tempatnya. #plak Disini, makan bertiga habis 66ribu saja. Murah meriah dan rasanya juga nggak mengecewakan. Sayangnya saat itu banyak menu yang sudah habis. Jadi nggak bisa icip-icip lebih banyak lagi. Dan ternyata, mas-mas pelayannya nggak melambai seperti yang saya bayangkan. Sebelumnya saya membayangkan para pria gemulai menggunakan batik/kembenlah yang akan ditemui, tapi ternyata nggak ada tuh yang seperti itu.

Selesai makan, kami pun meluncur ke arah alun-alun utara. Kami sholat maghrib di Masjid Gedhe Kauman. Suasana alun-alun dan sekitarnya sangat ramai, apalagi saat itu ada sekaten. Saya kemudian ketemuan dengan Ananti & Gisca di sekitaran masjid. Setelah itu kami menyeberang ke area sekaten. Disana, ananti & gisca naik wahana ombak. Saya sih jadi penonton saja. Tapi kemudian setelah dibujuk-bujuk saya pun menyerah untuk ikut naik bianglala. Saya tidak terlalu takut dengan ketinggian, tapi saya sangat takut dengan kecepatan. Dan gara-gara itu setiap bianglala mulai berputar ke arah bawah, saya pun langsung merem untuk mengurangi rasa takut. Hahaha.

Selesai main-main, kami menuju rumah Ananti. Saya menginap di rumah Ananti, sedangkan adik-adik saya kembali ke asrama.

26 Desember 2013

Agenda hari ini adalah “Sehari di Dieng”. Ceritanya akan saya buatkan di post terpisah. πŸ˜›

27 Desember 2013

Karena tepar setelah perjalanan panjang di Dieng, kami pun baru memulai aktivitas menjelang siang hari. Tempat yang pertama dikunjungi adalah Benteng Vredeburg. Saya kesana bersama Ananti, Gisca, dan 2 adik Ananti. Di Vredeburg, ada ruangan khusus yang memutar video mengenai sejarah benteng ini. Ruangan lain, isinya kebanyakan adalah diorama yang menceritakan masa perjuangan.

Setelah dari Benteng Vredeburg, kami meluncur ke Taman Pintar yang lokasinya tepat di sebelahnya. Di Taman Pintar, saya bertemu dengan adik saya. Sayangnya Taman Pintar hari itu super ramai. Kami pun jadi malas masuk karena antreannya yang panjang. Akhirnya kami langsung pergi ke Jejamuran, rumah makan yang menunya adalah olahan berbagai jenis jamur. Menu di jejamuran sangat beragam sehingga membuat kami bingung saat akan memesan. Hahaha. Rekomendasi saya, jangan melewatkan sate dan sop jamurnya. Jamur goreng penyetnya juga pedas mantap, cocok buat para penggemar pedas seperti saya. Minumannya juga macam-macam sekali. Salah satu yang unik adalah Summer Breeze, di dalam minuman tersebut ada jamur enoki-nya. Menurut saya, Jejamuran sangat memuaskan dari segi rasa, harga, tempat, maupun pelayanannya. Hanya saja lokasinya cukup jauh dari pusat kota. Naik motor dari Taman Pintar ke Jejamuran cukup bikin tepos, padahal saya cuma dibonceng πŸ˜›

Setelah kekenyangan di Jejamuran, kami kemudian meluncur ke Taman Pelangi. Taman Pelangi ada di komplek yang sama dengan Monumen Jogja Kembali (Monjali). Tapi karena sudah sore, Monjali-nya sudah tutup. Kami pun duduk-duduk di sekitaran situ menunggu malam dan lampu-lampu dinyalakan. Taman Pelangi ini isinya lampu hias dengan berbagai bentuk. Bisa dibilang versi mini dari taman lampion yang ada di Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) Malang yang pernah saya kunjungi. Di taman pelangi ada penyewaan mainan seperti sepeda gandeng, becak-becakan, kereta-keretaan, bola air bahkan flying fox. Tapi disana kami cuma foto-foto saja.

Setelah dari Taman Pelangi, kami meluncur ke Kalimilk yang ada di Kaliurang. Kalimilk ini salah satu tempat gaul nge-hits di jogja. Menu utamanya adalah susu dengan berbagai macam rasa. Saking nge-hitsnya, kami pun harus masuk waiting list dulu untuk bisa nyusu disini. Setelah menunggu beberapa saat, kami pun mendapatkan tempat. Di Kalimilk, ada 2 ukuran gelas yaitu medium dan gajah. Sesuai namanya, ukuran gelas gajah ini sangat besar. Harga susu disini sekitar belasan ribu. Selain susu, ada juga light meal seperti chicken wings, risoles, french fries, macaroni & cheese. Untuk yang agak berat, ada chicken blackpepper & beef teriyaki. Saya pesan kalimilk cookies yang ukuran medium saja karena masih cukup kenyang.

Jujur, menurut saya pribadi sih tempat ini overhyped. xD

28 Desember 2013

Hari ini hari khusus pantai. Akan saya tulis dalam 1 post khusus juga. πŸ˜€ Ceritanya malam harinya aja ya. Jadi, di jogja ada tempat makan hits yang namanya Telap 12 (baca: telap twelep). Kalo bahasa jawa, itu ungkapan buat yang makannya lahap. Nah, si Telap 12 ini menjual mie instan, iya bener mie instan, yang disajikan persis sesuai bungkusnya. Penasaran dong pastinya. Kami kesana bareng orang tuanya ananti juga. Sayangnya karena sudah malam, menu yang tersisa tinggal rasa soto dan rendang. Tapi karena sudah terlanjur kesana, kami pun memesan apa yang ada saja. Ini dia tampilannya:

Rasanya? Ya rasa mie instan. Kok tanya lagi. Hahaha. Kreatif yang bikin tempat ini. Meskipun di tempat lain ada juga yang jual mie instan sesuai dengan bungkusnya, si Telap 12 ini saya kasih nilai lebih buat brandingnya. Selesai makan, kami meluncur ke alun-alun selatan. Kami nggak lama disini. Cuma liat-liat keramaian dan nyobain jalan di antara 2 beringin lagi, tapi saya nyerah di tengah-tengah. Haha.

29 Desember 2013

Hari terakhir liburan. T__T Lokasi pertama yang dikunjungi adalah Pabrik Cokelat Monggo. Harapannya bisa lihat proses pembuatan coklatnya di workshop, tapi sayangnya saat kami datang mereka belum mulai kerja. Akhirnya cuma beli cokelatnya saja disini.

Dari Monggo, kami meluncur ke Pasar Beringharjo. Cari-cari batik disini, tapi susah cari yang sreg. Dasar picky xD Akhirnya nemu yang lucu di toko seberangnya Beringharjo. Mampir ke Mirota juga tapi nggak beli apa-apa. Setelah itu makan siang dan kembali lagi ke rumah Ananti. Packing karena malamnya mau pulang ke Bandung. Habis maghrib ke stasiun, nunggu kereta Malabar yang ternyata delay. Dan akhirnya liburan resmi berakhir saat kereta berangkat. Liburan yang menyenangkan karena hampir semua tempat yang diinginkan bisa dikunjungi. See you next time, Jogja!

Mujigae Now Serves Ddeokbokki, Finally \o/

Di review mujigae sebelumnya, saya sempat menyayangkan kenapa mereka nggak menjual ddeokbokki. Dan sepertinya mereka mendengar komplain salah satu pelanggannya ini. :””D Ya ya ya, anda benar! Seperti yang saya bilang di judul post ini, Mujigae sekarang menyediakan ddeokbokki.

Begitu melihat info di twitter kalau mujigae punya menu baru ddeokbokki, saya langsung pengen nyobain. Dan akhirnya kemarin saya kesana. Ada 3 macam ddeokbokki yang dijual, yaitu classic, yangnyeom, dan beef sausage ddeokbokki. Harga yang classic Rp 26.364 belum termasuk pajak. Isinya ddeokbokki, fish cake, dan entah 1 lagi apa namanya. Dari rasa dan bentuknya sih mirip telur yang digoreng kering seperti keripik. Yangnyeom ddeokbokki itu ddeokbokki yang disajikan dengan ayam goreng (yangnyeom) di atasnya. Harganya Rp. 35.455 belum termasuk pajak. Dan yang terakhir, beef sausage ddeokboki sudah jelas lah ya: ddeokbokki dan sosis. Harganya Rp. 33.637 belum termasuk pajak.

Karena kemarin pesan makanan lain juga, saya pesan ddeokbokkinya yang classic aja. Rasanya menurut saya lumayan oke, walopun kalo buat saya sih kurang pedes sebenernya. πŸ˜› Rasanya cenderung manis, tapi enak kok. Porsinya juga pas, kalo buat cemilan sih dibagi berdua juga cukup. Worth it lah. Ini dia penampakan ddeokbokkinya.


Classic Ddeokbokki

Selain ddeokbokki, saya akhirnya nyicipin korean sea salt yang udah dari lama bikin penasaran. Saya pesan yang red velvet. Sempet khawatir kalo rasanya aneh dan nggak enak, tapi ternyata lumayan kok. Rasanya mirip coklat, trus krimnya gurih gitu. Ini dia penampakan red velvet korean sea salt yang lucu banget itu.


Red Velvet Korean Sea Salt

Semoga nanti mereka juga nyediain jajangmyeon, naengmyeon, ato jigae apa gitu. Haha #banyakmaunya #diturutinsatumintayglain