Free K-Pop Concert September 2016

Ohh, it’s starting~! During fall until beginning of winter, there’s usually a lot of free k-pop concerts. Well, at least once a month… xD

So here I’ll share 2 free concerts for September 2016

– 2018 Pyeongchang K-Pop Festival


As the name suggests, the concert aims to promote 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Date/Time: September 8th, 2016/7pm-9:30pm
Place: Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome (Seoul Metro Line 1, Guil Station, Exit 2)
Line Up: BEAST, Shinee, Wonder Girls, Boys Republic, BAP, Monsta X, WJSN, Gummy, Jingoo
Apply the ticket here until Sep. 2 (Tues) 12:00!

– Incheon K-Pop Concert 2016


Date/Time: September 24th, 2016/7pm-10pm
Place: Incheon Munhak Stadium
Line Up: AOA , BAP, EXID, GFriend, GOT7, IOI, Monsta X, Red Velvet, Shinee, Twice

The ticket application for the first term is currently closed, but you can register again from August 30th, 9am here.

Actually, there’s another one called 2016 Incheon Airport Sky Festival but the registration for the k-pop concert is already closed. *well, i grabbed my ticket though xD* Sorry, should post about this sooner. But if you’re interested in classical music, you probably want to attend the classical concert hosted by the same festival on September 4th. Click here to book your ticket (it’s free, don’t worry!).

Korea Sale Festa Opening Ceremony
Date/Time: September 30th, 2016 / 18:00-20:00
Place: Yeongdeongdaero (Bongeun-intersection-Samseong station intersection)
Line up: Wonder Girls, SHINEE, 2PM, CNBLUE, Sistar, Infinite, Girl’s Day, Dalshabet, APink, BAP, Ailee, VIXX, AOA,GOT7, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Laboum, Lovelyz, Sonamoo, GFriend, WJSN, I.O.I, Gugudan
Website: (Check website for updated information)
Free admission in order of arrival.

20 Space – The Mint Universe (New Cube Cafe)

Hiii! I just came back to Korea again after more than a month in Indonesia. And it’s so hot here. OMG!

So many things happened when I’m away. One of them is new cube cafe finally opened!!! Yeayy! I posted about cube cafe long time ago. And since Cube Ent moved its office, the cafe was closed. It’s now re-opened in Cube Ent new building but with a new name: 20 Space – The Mint Universe. I don’t know why it omits the Cube part on its name though.

20space seats

bigger space, yeayy!

Anddd I visited the cafe today~ The new cafe is much bigger than the old one. And on one side, it plays big size video using projector. Sometimes it plays Cube artists’ MV, but not when I came there. Just like the old one, It also has Cube artists’ merchandise display. But there’s only BEAST & BTOB stuff now.

Its main menu is coffee (4000-6500 KRW), but there are also different kind of tea (~5000 KRW), fruit ade, yoghurt smoothie, milkshake (5800 KRW), etc. It also serves Daquoise (1800 KRW) and Bottle Cake (4500 KRW) for you who have sweet tooth.

20space menu

20 Space Menu

Since I don’t really like coffee, I ordered yoghurt smoothie. For the price that relatively a lil bit more expensive than other cafes, it has proper size. It’s big! Well, I’m sure we know that almost everyone going here has that “hidden motive”. LOL. So that size is good enough if you want to stay longer.

yoghurt smoothie

bigger space, yeayy!

Talking about “hidden motive”, I saw Pentagon’s Shinwon! Haha. Read so many fanaccount that Pentagon members frequently visit the cafe but didn’t expect that any of them would come when I went there. Perfect timing!

pentagon shinwon

blur shinwon

Pentagon is cube’s upcoming 10-member boy group. They’re supposed to debut last July, but because of Cube’s internal problem their debut date is pushed back. Sigh… I watched their reality show, Pentagon Maker, and it’s really fun. They’re crazy and talented guys. I recommend you to watch some of their performances. Here are my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .

Shinwon was eliminated after a performance show which the recording I attended. We were asked to vote a team, but didn’t know that the result is used for elimination. Even though I believe this elimination thing is scripted, I felt really bad for Shinwon because I voted for another group. On the last episode of Pentagon Maker they were given mission to revive the eliminated member including Yanan and Edawn: their debut concert must be attended by minimum 2000 people. Which is ridiculous scenario because: First, if you call it debut concert then the album, music video, etc should be done which means the member is already decided. Second, that number is big for a rookie group. And now the debut concert is canceled. I don’t know how they’ll make the 3 members “smoothly” come back after getting eliminated. Sometimes I feel tired with kpop drama. Haha.

Anyway, I hope they’ll debut soon >< Jinho waited for 8 years to debut, he was SM trainee and once debuted under project SM The Ballad. Hongseok was YG trainee and was eliminated in survival show Mix & Match. This debut is something that they’re really long for.

Sorry for the long rant about Pentagon ^^v Please watch their show and support them. Anddd if you want to visit 20 Space, here’s the detail:

20 Space – The Mint Universe
Opens everyday, 10am-10pm.
Instagram: @20space_cube
Address: F2 Building. 83 Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 성동구 아차산로 83 F2빌딩)
How to get there: Take Seoul Subway Line 2 to Seongsu Station. Go to Exit 1 and walk straight for 300m.

Japan Trip – Part 2 : Fujiko F. Fujio Museum & All Royal Pirates Stuffs

It’s the second day! As you know, one of my (strongest) reason to come to Japan is to watch RP concert. Haha. The concert was in Kawasaki area. So I couldn’t really use my Tokyo Subway Ticket that day, I only used Suica. And since Fujiko F. Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum) is also in Kawasaki, I went to the museum in the morning. I already bought the ticket for 10am in the airport. Learn how to buy the ticket for Fujiko F. Fujio museum here. The admission to the museum is maximum 30 minutes after the time on the ticket. But, I was kinda late that day. I arrived at the Noborito Station around 10.25am. I run to find the shuttle bus to the museum. I was worried if I can’t make it before 10.30am. But at the end. I arrived at the museum around 10.35am and they still let me in. Fyuhhh.

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What’s inside 2015 SBS Awards Festival (SAF)?

I didn’t expect that I’ll receive so many response for my SBS Awards Festival post. Some people even asked detail questions, which I can’t answer confidently because I’m not part of the organizer. I only posted it based on info on its official website. ^^v

I finally visited the event this Sunday, December 27th. I went to KTO booth across gate C3 and exchange my ticket there. It was fast and super easy.

Tiket Booth - SBS Awards Festival -

KTO Ticket Booth

Ticket - SBS Awards Festival -


After that, I went to the entrance gate in C2. The staff asked me to go to hall for conference rooms across and queue there. I’ve visited several exhibitions on COEX and there were no queue at all to enter the venue. So, I was surprised that I need to join the queue, which turned out to be a SUPER LONGGGGG queue! Well i can understand because it was weekend and the day for gayo daejun. But then I need to queue for 2 hours before entering the hall. It made me so tired and actually killed my excitement. Moreover I couldn’t watch TWICE and Red Velvet on the special stage.

Long Queue - SBS Awards Festival -

Long Queue

It was around 16.30 when I finally enter the exhibition hall. Because the other special stage performances that I want to watch will start at 18.00, I looked around the exhibition arena first.

Hyunbin - SBS Awards Festival -

Hyunbin says hi!

The first one is Running Man experience! At this area, there are shirts (+ name tags) and shoes used by Running Man members. Visitor can also try name-tag ripping and rope jumping game here. It looks fun!

The next one is Law of The Jungle experience arena. People line up for a game where they need to spin a lucky wheel. And they can try food based on what they get on the wheel. There are coconut, banana, papaya, etc. As a girl from tropical country, I can only laugh when I saw it. Haha, sorryy.

And then TV Animal Farm. There are stuffed animal dolls and real animal such as parrots, rabbit, and hedgehog. The animals dolls are cuteee, and the staff teased a visitor telling her that it’s real animal when she asked him. LOL.

TV Animal Farm - SBS Awards Festival -

This is cooking experience arena which was closed. The boards said that the experience was sold out.

Drama Experience Arena!

You Who Came From The Stars - SBS Awards Festival -

You Who Came From The Stars

Finally, I found the Yongpal arena where visitor can try to re-enact Kim Taehee lying-in-hospital-bed scene! The set looked so real and equipped with camera to take the photo. So the photo will be professionally taken.

Kim Taehee - SBS Awards Festival -

There’s also Six Flying Dragons drama set!

The next one is special effect make up. There are several type makeup that visitor can use: ghosts, joseon era, wound effect, and even surgery effect. So many people tried the scratch on the face effect. Before I knew about this arena, I met several people with scratches on their face. I was thinking why these people attended the exhibition with their face scratched??. Why don’t they just rest at home??! And turned out it was just special makeup. Okay, that makes sense because Korean really conscious about their appearance and I doubt they’ll go out like that in real life. xD The surgery effect is kinda scary, though. Btw, you need to pay if you want to try the special effect makeup, I think it’s around 3000-10000 won depends on which effect.

And then, make up experience arena. This is the place where you can have your make up professionally done!

There’s also green screen experience which enables you to take a picture as if you’re in You Who Came From The Stars set. You only need to pay 1000 won if you want to print out the picture.

Green Screen Experience - SBS Awards Festival -

Balcony Scene

Radio experience set! You can have experience as radio DJ here.

Radio Experience - SBS Awards Festival -

Radio Experience

News broadcasting experience set! You can use blazer provided there, read the text from the screen as if you’re a news anchor and get your video recorded.

News Broadcasting Experience  - SBS Awards Festival -

News Broadcasting Experience

“I’m an actor” experience. This arena is super cool. You’ll use costume from drama and act with green screen on the back. The video processed will change real actor in the drama to video you recorded. I saw a girl acted as Shin Sekyung in Six Flying Dragons, and the video result was combined with Yoo Ah In. It was so great that she kept smiling. xD

I'm actor experience - SBS Awards Festival -

I’m an Actor

There’s also “I’m a dubber” arena where you can experience being a dubber for anime.

I'm dubber experience - SBS Awards Festival -

I’m a dubber

Virtual reality area! The special glasses can make you see  360 degree video.

Hologram live  hall! I want to try this but didn’t have enough time T_T

Hologram Experience - SBS Awards Festival -

Hologram Experience

There’s also souvenir store.

SAF Shop - SBS Awards Festival -

SAF Store

And finally, the special stage arena. It was veryyy crowded.

Special Stage - SBS Awards Festival -

Special Stage

There’s a big monitor near radio experience if you don’t want to get squeezed while watching the stage. My short height prevented me from watching anything directly with my own eyes. Fortunately, I brought my monopod and quite good camera that my roommate let me use for the day. So, i can get some video. I uploaded a short video from special stage. Enjoy!

Yup, other than special performance by BAP, Monsta X, and Girlfriend, I thought I can see red carpet, but no it was just 무대 인사 or stage greeting by B1A4 and A Pink. That was my mistake actually. It was written 무대 인사 since the beginning. Sorryyy. So for Entertainment and Drama awards, I think it’ll be the same. Only some representatives will greet visitor from the special stage!

Overall the content was satisfying. There are a lot of things to try, but because I didn’t have much time I didn’t try any and just taking picture. The additional fee for some experience is reasonable. The major minus point is the long queue. But i guess it won’t be that long in weekdays or when there is no awards ceremony on that day. If you want to see special stage and want to get front area, you can come early!

How to apply for 2015 SBS Awards Festival (+ Ceremonies) Ticket

Hellooo! (It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet) #plakkk

It’s been so long since my last post. I was quite busy with school work and other things. But now fall semester has ended! Yeayyy, time to have fun for a while before thesis thingy. \o/

Time sure flies really fast, it’s almost end of 2015. OMG! Do you know what time is it? It’s time for year-end festivals! Haha. In Korea, public broadcast stations usually have this kind of year-end awards festival. SBS is no exception, it has 2015 SBS Awards Festival. I think it is the biggest event among the others. It has exhibition, music awards (Gayo Daejun), entertainment awards, and drama awards!

2015 SBS Awards Festival

2015 SBS Awards Festival

Attending year end festival is one of my wishlist. And getting the ticket is quite competitive. So when I heard that i can get SBS Awards Festival free ticket, I registered as soon as possible. You can register, too! It’s first come first served basis, so make sure to register soon. This ticket is for the exhibition. It has program zone from famous programs and dramas such as Running Man (we can play as the 8th running man member with augmented reality) and Yongpal (we can reenact Kim Tahee lying on the hospital bed scene here, HA!). It also has experience zone including digital media hall equipped with virtual reality, augmented reality, hologram, etc, makeup, and cooking show. There’s also special stage where we can see various performance from idols, band, ballad singer, dance cover, make up show, traditional performance, etc. The lineup includes EXID, BTS, GOT7, Hong Jinyoung, Jung Junyoung Band, Urban Zakapa, and many others. You can see the full lineup and schedule here.

When I first applied for the ticket, I didn’t read the terms and condition carefully. LOL. I thought ticket for awards nights is included. Turned out it’s not, but it’s possible to see red carpet stage greeting by celebrities attending the awards. Moreover there’s special stage too. So, it’s still worth to attend. 😀

sbs 2015 awards -

But if you’re greedy *just like me* and want to attend the awards nights too. I’ll tell you how! It’s easy, you can just go to each awards page, find “티켓 신청” menu and register. (Make sure you create an account on SBS website first That’s all!

You can also apply by joining the SNS event too, you can share info about the festivals on your facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, blog, etc and submit the link. Make sure to include the hashtag for each events on your SNS post.

Registration Period: until December 22nd, 2015
Winner Announcement:  December 23rd, 2015

Easy, isn’t it? The winner will be notified through SMS and 1 person get 2 tickets! Good luck! (And wish me luck, too! :D)

[UPDATE] I went to SAF last Sunday. You can check this post if you want to know what’s inside the exhibition ^^
On-site registration for SAF is possible. The ticket booth for foreigner is across gate C4.

141219 BIGSTAR Cinema Fan Meeting (빅스타 영화관 팬미팅)

BIGSTAR is an idol group from Brave Entertainment. You may not know about them because I admit they’re not as popular as other Korean idol groups. But, when it’s about liking idol groups, i don’t really care whether they’re popular or not. I need to like their songs first and other things will follow. I’ve heard about BIGSTAR since their debut days in 2012. But it’s not until last year that I started becoming a fan after listening to their song Standing Alone (홀로서기). I liked it a lot that I played the song for days.

Last week, on December 19th, I had a chance to attend their fan meeting. They opened the registration 10 days before on their official fancafe. It was really easy because I only need to send a registration email. But I need to do that really quick after they started the registration period because only first 106 registrants will be chosen! That’s the challenge of being a k-pop fan. Not to mention that whole info in fancafe is in Korean. Thank you to Google Translate, I can get rough translation of it. Fyuhhh. Anndd, yup fortunately I was one of those 106 lucky fans. 😀



I was really glad that December 19th was also the last day of my final test for the semester. The fanmeeting was like a present for me after finishing the final test. 😉 The fanmeeting was held in CGV Yeokgok. CGV is a cinema chain here. Because it’s in the cinema, hence the name is cinema fanmeeting (영화관 팬미팅). I arrived there at 17.30. I joined the queue at the 6th floor lobby to buy the ticket. Yup, it’s not free but it’s just 5000 KRW which is very very cheap. I also wrote a message on a post-it and put it on a board. I thought that it was a message board. But later, I realized that it actually was a mission board. Ooops, sorry >_<

At first, I was quite worried if I’m too old to be there. LOL. All of the members are younger than me. So I guess most of their fans will be high school students. The oldest member, Baram, is one month younger than me. Well, it can also be counted as same age. (바람 씨, 우리는 동갑이에요 ^^) But, actually there are many older fans from Japan on the fanmeeting.

At 18.20, we were allowed to go upstairs. The cinema is on the 7th floor. BIGSTAR members were already behind the snack bar to sell what they called as BIGSTAR combo themselves. Woahh, that’s awesome. I read at the fancafe that there will be BIGSTAR combo coupon which costs 9000 KRW. But because I didn’t see it when I bought the ticket, I thought I can just buy it there. So I went to the snack bar. I initially wanted to go to Raehwan or Jude because I thought that they speak the best English among the members. But, I ended up going to Feeldog. This kid is so cute and handsome. He greeted me back enthusiastically when I said hi and waved my hand. He asked me about the ticket, and I showed my ticket. He said it was not that one. That time, I realized that they actually had the combo ticket but maybe it was sold out before I came. I tried to explain that I don’t know about that. And after asking his manager, he allowed me to take the combo. When I asked whether I could pay it there, he just told me to take it for free. I was taken aback, said thank you so much and then took it. The BIGSTAR combo consists of coke, popcorn, and ojingeo (squid) snack. Later, I kinda regretted why I took that >_<

2014-12-19 18.48.41


Many fans used that moment to interact with the members directly. They talked to the member when the members serve them. BIGSTAR members were so cute and kind. Sometimes they called 고객님 고객님~~ which means customer customer~~. It was so cute. Fans also took photos and videos of the members.

We entered the cinema at 19.00. BIGSTAR music videos were played on the screen. Later, BIGSTAR members also entered the room. Baram and Raehwan acted as MC for that day. They greeted us and because there were also non-Korean fans, mostly from Japan, Sunghak greeted in japanese and maknae Jude greeted in English. I guess they’re pretty popular in Japan because they just had tours in Japan. They also felt sorry for Korean fans because it’s been a long time since they last meet.

After that, Q&A video where they answer questions from fans were played. I only understand a bit, though. If I’m not mistaken, one male fan asked what they want to say to the male fans. And Jude was asked about his favorite hyung and he secretly answered that it’s Sunghak. 😛 Raehwan told us about covers he made. You should follow him in soundcloud, he sounds good. I’m not being biased.

They also did some missions asked on the mission board. It was really fun! Each members also sang a song. The vocal lines, Raehwan, Jude, and Sunghak did really well. The rap lines, Baram and Feeldong also sang a song. They’re not perfect but it was not bad. They just made fun of themselves when they made mistakes. LOL.

Overall, the fanmeeting was really fun. With my limited korean skill, I only understand like 30% or less what they said. But it’s still fun. It actually motivates me to learn Korean harder.

At the end of fan meeting, they randomly chose some lucky combo ticket holders. The chosen fan had a chance to take a picture using polaroid camera and got a couple shirt with a member. Woah, that’s really nice. The shirt was really pretty. There were also some fans chosen to get a sponsored product and take a group picture with the members. Too bad, I was not chosen. T.T

We coldn’t take picture during the fanmeeting, but there was separate photo time. Each fans were also given an autographed CD of 너를 지워본다, their newest single. (You should listen to this song, it’s nice!) We also did high five with the members when we headed outside the cinema. The first member I did the high five with is Jude. And I happily told him that it’s really nice to meet them. He answered “nice to meet you too”. Feeldog was next to Jude, I also said “nice to meet you”. After Feeldog, there were Raehwan, Sunghak, and Baram.

2014-12-19 20.39.38

high five session

2014-12-28 20.14.34

autographed cd

Okay, I need to say it again. This fanmeeting was soo fun. I got a lot. As it was my first fanmeeting and my Korean is still bad, I was clueless about many things. But it doesn’t make the fanmeeting less fun.

can you find me? xD

can you find me? xD

And today is their 900th day since debut. Congratulations to BIGSTAR! I sincerely wish they’ll be more successful in the future. 빅스타 화이팅! 우리 다시 만나요 ^^

MBC Show Champion Recording

Do you remember that I told you about MBC Show Champion free ticket? Last month, I tried my luck and applied for the free ticket (again).

BEAST was having their comeback and I hoped that I could watch them on the show recording. I successfully won on one of two dates that I applied for, it was for October 29th. But too bad, BEAST had prerecorded their performance and didn’t come to the studio on that day because they went to Mexico the day before. I knew about this, but decided to come anyway. The studio, Bitmaru,  is located in Ilsan. It took around 2 hours to go there by bus from Incheon. I was crazy enough to go there even though i would have mid-test the next day.

I took off in KINTEX and walked to the studio. It’s around 20 minutes-walk. There’s a bus from KINTEX to Onemount, the nearest bus stop from Bitmaru. But I missed the bus and It would be late if I waited for the next bus. It’s only 1 stop, though. So, I decided to just walk to the studio.



I arrived at the studio at 16.30, which is the time limit stated on the ticket. But the queue for the entrance from KTO was still very long, so I just joined the queue. I exchanged my passport with a visitor tag there. We then went to the 3rd floor and waited there until 17.20. While waiting, I heard rookie singers greeted their seniors for several times. You know, with that kind of group greeting. After that, we went upstairs, queued again, and finally entered the studio around 17.40. I could see waiting room for the singers when I went upstairs. I saw VIXX’s. And inside the studio, I was really close to the stage!

VIXX N, Hongbin, and Ken were MCs for that day because Super Junior Kangin was in Japan. Before the show, N greeted starlights and recorded them. He even asked them to say “VIXX fighting!”. So cute. The show started by paying respect for veteran singer Shin Hae Chul who just passed away.

The artist lineup for that day were VIXX, Secret’s Song Jieun, Strawberry Milk (sub-unit of Crayon Pop), Juniel, Legend, B.I.G, DGNA, Topp Dogg, UNIQ, Madtown, JL, A.Cian, Lee Hwan Hee, D.Holic, Almeng, Cho Hyung Woo, Hi.Ni, Nam Young Joo, and Purfles. BEAST and Red Velvet had prerecorded their performances. Actually, I only knew VIXX, Jieun, Strawberry Milk, and Juniel. For other groups/singers, I only knew their name or listened to their songs once. For some others, I didn’t even know that they exists. //rude~ xD

The first performer was Lee Hwanhee. The song was okay, but I was not comfortable looking at her clothes. It was too… revealing? I don’t remember the order. But I think the next performer was D.Holic. If I’m not wrong, it was debut performance for D.Holic. That’s why I never heard of them. They prerecorded their performance, so when the performance video was played they just performed casually on stage. The song was not my type, though.

I was impressed with JL. She looked so young but her voice was so good. She sang OST from My Spring Day, titled Rain Tears (눈물 비). She sang live! Amazing. Purfles was also good. I like their song. One of the member looks like Indonesian singer, Rosa. 😛

Even though they just debuted, Madtown already gained fans. Fans shouted the fanchant when Madtown performed. UNIQ was cute. There are too many people in TOPP DOGG, and they used back dancer too. o_O And Legend impressed me. I became their fans. Hahaha. Strawberry Milk fans, mostly males, were very interesting. They use strawberry milk carton on their head and shouted the fanchant very loud. It was very entertaining. Most of the performers had prerecorded  for the show, but they still danced on the stage for audiences in the studio. And several times, the crew would just cut the performance for the next singer’s turn. BEAST won for that day. They received the award on the airport before they flew for Mexico the day before. The video of them giving winning speech was played on the screen.

Actually, we weren’t allowed to take picture inside the studio. But I saw some people taking picture. I was worried I’d be kicked out if I take picture. So I waited till the end and finally also took some pictures with my phone. 😛

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the page event and apply for the free ticket 😉

Yoseob’s Parents’ Restaurant, For The First and Last Time

BEAST Yoseob’s parents own a Naengmyeon (Cold Noodle) restaurant. A lot of B2UTIES (what BEAST’s fans called) come there. It’s located quite far from where I live. That’s why I’ve been postponing my visit to the restaurant. But on September 16th, Yoseob’s sister posted a tweet announcing that the contract of the place will be end soon. Because of some conditions, it’s difficult to renew the contract and they decided to close it down after September 21.  That time, i didn’t know whether I can visit it before it closed or not.

Suddenly Kak Anda, my senior in informatics and also a fan of Gikwang who lives in Seoul, replied my message on facebook. I informed her about Yoseob’s parents’ restaurant and we made appointment to go there on Friday.

The restaurant is located near Seokgye Station, it’s almost 40 stations away from Juan Station. It took 2 hours for me to reach there. My appointment was supposed to be on 3:00 PM but I arrived at Seokgye at 3:30 PM. I texted Kak Anda but fortunately she was gonna be late too because some immigration thingy. She told me to go to the restaurant first.

When I almost reached the restaurant, I saw Yoseob’s dad left the restaurant. I entered the restaurant and Yoseob’s mom brought me the water, glass, and the menu. She’s so pretty. I ordered 1 bowl of naengmyeon. A group of customer came and because there’s no more seat for them, she asked me to move to another seat. So I moved there. And not that long, the naengmyeon was coming. It was my first time eating naengmyeon.

a big bowl of naengmyeon

a big bowl of naengmyeon

On my previous table, i saw scissors. But i didn’t see it there. Maybe because I looked confused, Yoseob’s mom approaching me, took the scissors from a girl beside me and helped cutting the noodle with it. Wah, she is so kind. I thanked her and start eating the noodles. At the first time, it’s kinda difficult to eat it because the noodle is very chewy. I cut it again to make it easier to eat. I like the taste, it’s refreshing.

The portion was very big, so it took a lot of times to eat it. Then, Kak Anda came. She often comes to the restaurant so yoseob’s mom recognizes her. Kak Anda ordered naengmyeon too. She puts vinegar and korean mustard to the naengmyeon. Ah, I missed that part. I saw it on EatYourKimchi but didn’t do the same. It was our first meeting, so we talked about this and that. Some fans that she recognized as BEAST’s fans were also there. They gave some presents to yoseob’s mom before leaving. Some regular customers also there. Kak Anda told me that this Naengmyeon is tasty, that’s why not only BEAST’s fans especially yoseob’s, are coming there.

When we are leaving, I took a picture with yoseob’s mom. Ah it’s sad. That was my first and last time there. But I hope Yoseob’s parents can rest well and have their holiday after closing down the restaurant.