20 Space – The Mint Universe (New Cube Cafe)

Hiii! I just came back to Korea again after more than a month in Indonesia. And it’s so hot here. OMG!

So many things happened when I’m away. One of them is new cube cafe finally opened!!! Yeayy! I posted about cube cafe long time ago. And since Cube Ent moved its office, the cafe was closed. It’s now re-opened in Cube Ent new building but with a new name: 20 Space – The Mint Universe. I don’t know why it omits the Cube part on its name though.

20space seats

bigger space, yeayy!

Anddd I visited the cafe today~ The new cafe is much bigger than the old one. And on one side, it plays big size video using projector. Sometimes it plays Cube artists’ MV, but not when I came there. Just like the old one, It also has Cube artists’ merchandise display. But there’s only BEAST & BTOB stuff now.

Its main menu is coffee (4000-6500 KRW), but there are also different kind of tea (~5000 KRW), fruit ade, yoghurt smoothie, milkshake (5800 KRW), etc. It also serves Daquoise (1800 KRW) and Bottle Cake (4500 KRW) for you who have sweet tooth.

20space menu

20 Space Menu

Since I don’t really like coffee, I ordered yoghurt smoothie. For the price that relatively a lil bit more expensive than other cafes, it has proper size. It’s big! Well, I’m sure we know that almost everyone going here has that “hidden motive”. LOL. So that size is good enough if you want to stay longer.

yoghurt smoothie

bigger space, yeayy!

Talking about “hidden motive”, I saw Pentagon’s Shinwon! Haha. Read so many fanaccount that Pentagon members frequently visit the cafe but didn’t expect that any of them would come when I went there. Perfect timing!

pentagon shinwon

blur shinwon

Pentagon is cube’s upcoming 10-member boy group. They’re supposed to debut last July, but because of Cube’s internal problem their debut date is pushed back. Sigh… I watched their reality show, Pentagon Maker, and it’s really fun. They’re crazy and talented guys. I recommend you to watch some of their performances. Here are my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .

Shinwon was eliminated after a performance show which the recording I attended. We were asked to vote a team, but didn’t know that the result is used for elimination. Even though I believe this elimination thing is scripted, I felt really bad for Shinwon because I voted for another group. On the last episode of Pentagon Maker they were given mission to revive the eliminated member including Yanan and Edawn: their debut concert must be attended by minimum 2000 people. Which is ridiculous scenario because: First, if you call it debut concert then the album, music video, etc should be done which means the member is already decided. Second, that number is big for a rookie group. And now the debut concert is canceled. I don’t know how they’ll make the 3 members “smoothly” come back after getting eliminated. Sometimes I feel tired with kpop drama. Haha.

Anyway, I hope they’ll debut soon >< Jinho waited for 8 years to debut, he was SM trainee and once debuted under project SM The Ballad. Hongseok was YG trainee and was eliminated in survival show Mix & Match. This debut is something that they’re really long for.

Sorry for the long rant about Pentagon ^^v Please watch their show and support them. Anddd if you want to visit 20 Space, here’s the detail:

20 Space – The Mint Universe
Opens everyday, 10am-10pm.
Instagram: @20space_cube
Address: F2 Building. 83 Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 성동구 아차산로 83 F2빌딩)
How to get there: Take Seoul Subway Line 2 to Seongsu Station. Go to Exit 1 and walk straight for 300m.


K-Food Fair 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia

Lagi iseng liat instagram, eh kok nemu ini di instagramnya jisoo.

Lunch Box youtu.be/AAWwc_mNrHY

A post shared by Jisoo (@actor_jisoo) on

Jisoo ini aktor muda korea yang mulai dikenal publik setelah aktingnya di Angry Mom. Saya nggak akan bahas dramanya disini, kalo penasaran silakan googling sendiri. lol. Yang bikin saya tertarik sama postingannya si Jisoo ini adalah kok ada tulisan “surat yang lezat” di fotonya. Ada apaan nih? Jisoo main film di Indonesia?

Setelah saya buka linknya, jengjengjeng… Ternyata itu adalah sebuah web mini drama. Mini drama ini bercerita tentang Lia, mahasiswi asal Indonesia yang sedang belajar di Korea, dan Yong-I, seorang lelaki Korea yang suka masak dan jatuh cinta sama Lia. Yong-I pun berusaha mengambil hati Lia dengan keahliannya memasak. Lah gitu doang? Apa menariknya? Selain Jisoo (eaaa), yang menarik di mini drama ini (terutama buat saya) adalah karena di film ini tokoh Lia adalah seorang muslim dan berusaha untuk hanya mengkonsumsi makanan halal. Yong-I yang nggak sengaja melihat Lia belanja pun jadi belajar apa itu makanan halal supaya Lia nggak menolak dosirak (lunch box) yang dia masak. Namun, beberapa kali Yong-I memberikan dosirak secara sembunyi-sembunyi, makanannya selalu nggak dimakan karena Lia nggak yakin kalo itu halal dan nggak tau itu dari siapa. Ada adegan video call sama mamanya Lia dan mamanya nyuruh Lia hati-hati dan nggak makan sembarangan. Persis ibu saya. *Berasa jadi Lia* *Cari dosirak dari Yong-i?* xD

Mini drama ini dibuat untuk mempromosikan acara K-Food Fair 2015 yang akan diadakan di Jakarta tanggal 16-18 Oktober ini, makanya tokohnya adalah orang Indonesia dan diberi subtitle-nya pun berbahasa Indonesia. Pemeran Lia bernama Amelia Tantono, googling sedikit muncul kok berbagai socmednya di facebook, linkedin, twitter, atau instagram. Tujuan K-Food Fair ini adalah menjembatani industri makanan Korea dan perusahaan di Indonesia serta mengenalkan produk makanan Korea secara langsung ke konsumen. Selain di Jakarta, K-Food Fair sebelumnya diadakan di Malaysia dan berikutnya akan diselenggarakan di Uni Emirat Arab. Indonesia, Malaysia, dan UEA adalah negara dengan jumlah penduduk muslim yang besar dan peminat budaya koreanya (sebut saja k-pop & k-drama) juga lumayan besar. Pantes aja mereka menunjukkan soal pentingnya makanan halal di mini drama ini. Mereka mau menunjukkan kalau produk mereka ada kok yang halal dan mereka pun mau belajar tentang makanan halal ini. Dari sisi industri, tentu tujuannya supaya mereka juga bisa mengambil pasar konsumen muslim. Dan dengan cerdasnya mereka menarik penggemar k-entertainment untuk menonton drama ini sekaligus menunjukkan ke perusahaan Indonesia yang berminat mengekspor produk makanan korea kalau peluang pasar mereka terbuka lebar. Pinterann aja deh caranya. ㄱ_ㄱ

Kalo nggak salah, mini drama ini bakal ada 3 episode. Silahkan nonton episode 1 dan 2 disini:

지수야 누나랑 같이 먹을래? 😉 *ditendang*

[UPDATED] Episode 3

Info lengkap soal K-Food Fair 2015 Jakarta bisa dilihat disini
Official Website: http://www.kfoodfair2015.com/en/indonesia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kfoodfair2015
Instagram: https://instagram.com/korean_food_fair_2015
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfUDW46lvIvHFCgZWVeDnw

Konsultasi Ekspor B2B
16 Oktober 2015 (09.00~20.30) – Hotel Mulia Ballroom 3

Pameran makanan, Lomba, K-pop dance cover, Mencoba hanbok, dll
17 Oktober 2015 (10:00~20:00) & 18 Oktober 2015 (11:00~20:00) – Grand Atrium Mall Kota Kasablanka Lt. 1

**Fun Fact: Aktor yang memerankan jadi pemilik toko adalah Jo Jaeyun, aktor yang pernah saya pergoki *halah bahasanya* memakai batik di drama Liar Game! Saya pernah nulis soal itu disini. Jadi makin penasaran ada hubungan apa antara Jo Jaeyun dengan Indonesia. Haha.

Halal Food Near Inha University

Being Muslim in Korea can be hard sometimes. Especially about the food. It’s difficult to find halal food. It’s not about not eating pork or drinking alcohol. I make this post because Inha University Summer School will start soon. The new regular semester also will start at the end of next month. So, I hope this post will help new muslim students. 😉

Summer school students will live in the dormitory. As i know, breakfast & dinner are provided by the dorm. And here the problem begins. LOL. I lived at the dormitory on my first semester. At that time, the breakfast & lunch were included in dormitory fee, so I felt like it’s a waste of money if I don’t eat at the dorm. The rule was changed the next semester, the meal fee is not included but student can buy meal coupon from CU near the lobby. The coupon was only for lunch when I stayed there.

Most of the time, food at the dorm will contain pork, meat, or chicken. Well, some people still eat meat as long as it’s not pork. But, i choose not to eat them if it’s not mentioned as halal. So, if you’re like me, it’ll be kinda difficult. The menu will be posted outside the dorm cafetaria (english version available). You can check it beforehand and only take the food that you can eat. Mostly the vegetable, kimchi, fish, and other seafood like squid or shrimp. If you aren’t sure, ask the staff. Tell them that you don’t eat meat (고기먹어요 – gogi an-meogoyo) or i don’t eat pork (돼지 고기먹어요 – dwaeji gogi an-meogoyo). Most of them will understand and will tell you which one you can’t eat. Sometimes, when they have fried rice, they put spam or bacon inside. You can ask the staff to give you the white rice only (흰쌀 – hin-ssal). Sometimes the staff is kind enough to give me more seaweed (gim) when there isn’t much that I can eat there. Haha.

There’s a small kitchen at each floor of the dorm. There’s stove and microwave available. There’s fridge too. You can cook simple meal there.

For lunch, I guess you’ll eat around university area. There are some cafetarias in campus. For example, in Biryong Plaza (the building where Hana Bank located, across the pond) and Seohogwan (near the baseball field). They usually have more choices and the price is not expensive. I usually eat there for less than 3000 KRW. To eat at the cafetaria, take the tray, choose your food, and pay them at the cashier.

Another popular place is at the back gate area (humun). There are a lot of restaurants there. There are 2 self-proclaimed halal restaurant in this area. The first one is Mughal Mahal Restaurant, an Indian restaurant. To go to this place, from the street next to CU on back gate area just go straight to Rainbow PC Bang direction. It’s around 20m before the PC Bang, on the 2nd floor. It sells Mutton Biryani (10000 KRW), Chicken Biryani (8000 KRW), Chicken Tikka, and other Indian foods. The second one is Kebab Jib (케밥 집 – literally Kebab House). To go to this place, from CU walk in the right side and turn right on the first small street there. It’s before Caffe Benne. And then just go straight for around 100m(?). The restaurant is on the right side. The main menu is of course, Kebab. I forgot the exact price, but I think it’s around 5000 KRW.

Other than these halal restaurants, I usually go to 24 hour kimbab house, kim-ssi som-ssi kimbab, or some 4000 KRW restaurants like Yawoori. I usually eat bibimbab, chamchi (tuna) kimbab (ask them to remove the spam/ham – 햄 주세요 haem ppaejuseyo), shrimp fried rice, ojingeo deopbab, or fish (saengseon gui). Or alchon, the food is similar to bibimbab but with fish roe. Tell them to remove the meat too (고기 주세요 – gogi ppaejuseyo). If you’re using hijab, usually the staff will ask if you want the meat to be removed.

Sometimes I also eat sundubu jjigae at Kingkong Sundubu Jjigae. They have big squid (tong ojingeo) or clam option.

For fancier meal, I usually go to Pastario or Han’s Deli for their seafood pasta. For fastfood, I usually buy Shrimp Burger or Squid (Ojingeo) Burger in Lotteria. Ojingeo is better than the shrimp one! It’s cheaper too, only 2000 KRW. McD also have shrimp burger. I never tried it though. Nearest Lotteria is in Homeplus foodcourt.

Street food. There’s a lot of street food near the back gate area. My favorite is 1000 KRW waffle & juice, ddeokbokki, odeng, heotteok.

You’re only allowed to cook simple meal in dormitory kitchen. But if you want to buy some groceries like egg, cereal, soybean oil, etc you can go to Homeplus, Lotte 999, or Hameoni Mart. For you who live at Dorm 1, Homeplus is the closest one. Indonesian’s favorite Indomie and Bamboe instant fried rice seasoning is available on imported foods section for 500 KRW (yeaaa, three times more expensive than in Indonesia, with less msg too).

If you’re regular student and don’t live at the dorm, maybe you want to cook halal chicken/meat. You can buy it in Itaewon area. There are Foreign Food Mart, National Food Mart, or some other shops near the Mosque. There are a lot halal restaurants too. Mostly sell foreign food such as Indian, Turkish, Pakistan, etc. There’s Indonesian restaurant called Siti Sarah. Or you can buy online from gmarket. Just search “halal” on the search box. Or if you want some indonesian products, you can buy in Ansan. There are a lot Indonesian restaurants there. Or buy online in Indorasa. Summer school student may not need it though, the program is only 3 weeks. I bet you bring enough food from home. 😉 And to buy online you will need korean bank account, so it will be a little difficult. (You can ask your buddy’s help if you want to buy it).

There’s a super small mosque near the university called Ashrafia Mosque. My friend usually goes to this mosque for Jumat prayer. My friend told me that we can order halal meat from the imam masjid. But I never did it.

I put the map to make it easier.

Well, one thing that should be noted, almost all of the restaurant use the same cooking utensils for all the food. So, it may be contaminated with non-halal food. Cooking by yourself is still the safest option.

I’m not in Korea during summer break. But you can ask me anytime if you have question. ^^

[update] Mughal Mahal restaurant is closed now. There’s new (non-halal) restaurant in its building when I went back to Korea. T.T

Tongin Market

Tongin Market (통인시장) is famous for its Dosirak (Lunchbox) Cafe. I saw it for the first time on C-Clown KAN-ON Show. It also has appeared on some other shows and dramas such as Running Man and 1 Night 2 Days. The most recent one is in drama Plus Nine Boys.

You can taste various korean traditional foods with relatively cheap price here. Just go to the Dosirak Cafe on the second floor, pay 5000 KRW, and you’ll get a string of old coins and an empty lunchbox. Go back to the market area, find sellers with Dosirak Cafe sign. You can buy food with your coin there. Most of the foods will cost 1-2 coins.

I recommend you the old style ddeokbokki. You won’t find the usual ddeokbokki with gochujang sauce here. The ddeokbokki will be fried in a wok with some red pepper. The seller put so many pictures of Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi from 1N2D when they visited the shop.

old style ddeokbokki

old style ddeokbokki

There are a lot of food choices there. There are mandu (dumpling), meat, kimbab, jeon, pickled vegetables, etc. If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, this place will be a heaven. But for me who can’t eat meat, it’s kinda difficult. But, I was lucky that I met a very kind seller. When I told her that I don’t eat meat, she helped me choosing the food. I bought small crab in pepper paste, vegetables salad, and egg from her. And she gave me tofu as service (bonus). I think I’ll buy from her again when I visit Tongin Market next time. 😛 Her shop is not far from the Customer Center where the Dosirak Cafe located. Just go straight around 2-3 shops, it’s located on the left side (Dosirak Cafe is on the right side).

Most of the sellers here don’t speak english. But at least they can tell you how many coin you need to pay. After you fill up your lunch box, you can go back to the Dosirak Cafe. There are rice, spoon, chopstick, and water available. Just take them, choose your seat, and enjoy your meal. 😀

Here’s what I bought there:

my lunchbox

my lunchbox

There are ddeokbokki – tofu – i don’t know what but i guess it’s made from rice flour nokdumuk or cheongpomuk (mung bean jelly) – small crabs – eomuk (fish cake) – egg – sugar glazed sweet potato – vegetable salad. I like ddeokbokki and small crabs the most.

Tongin Market
3, Pirundae-ro 6-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 필운대로6길 3 (통인동)

featured in purlou

Yoseob’s Parents’ Restaurant, For The First and Last Time

BEAST Yoseob’s parents own a Naengmyeon (Cold Noodle) restaurant. A lot of B2UTIES (what BEAST’s fans called) come there. It’s located quite far from where I live. That’s why I’ve been postponing my visit to the restaurant. But on September 16th, Yoseob’s sister posted a tweet announcing that the contract of the place will be end soon. Because of some conditions, it’s difficult to renew the contract and they decided to close it down after September 21.  That time, i didn’t know whether I can visit it before it closed or not.

Suddenly Kak Anda, my senior in informatics and also a fan of Gikwang who lives in Seoul, replied my message on facebook. I informed her about Yoseob’s parents’ restaurant and we made appointment to go there on Friday.

The restaurant is located near Seokgye Station, it’s almost 40 stations away from Juan Station. It took 2 hours for me to reach there. My appointment was supposed to be on 3:00 PM but I arrived at Seokgye at 3:30 PM. I texted Kak Anda but fortunately she was gonna be late too because some immigration thingy. She told me to go to the restaurant first.

When I almost reached the restaurant, I saw Yoseob’s dad left the restaurant. I entered the restaurant and Yoseob’s mom brought me the water, glass, and the menu. She’s so pretty. I ordered 1 bowl of naengmyeon. A group of customer came and because there’s no more seat for them, she asked me to move to another seat. So I moved there. And not that long, the naengmyeon was coming. It was my first time eating naengmyeon.

a big bowl of naengmyeon

a big bowl of naengmyeon

On my previous table, i saw scissors. But i didn’t see it there. Maybe because I looked confused, Yoseob’s mom approaching me, took the scissors from a girl beside me and helped cutting the noodle with it. Wah, she is so kind. I thanked her and start eating the noodles. At the first time, it’s kinda difficult to eat it because the noodle is very chewy. I cut it again to make it easier to eat. I like the taste, it’s refreshing.

The portion was very big, so it took a lot of times to eat it. Then, Kak Anda came. She often comes to the restaurant so yoseob’s mom recognizes her. Kak Anda ordered naengmyeon too. She puts vinegar and korean mustard to the naengmyeon. Ah, I missed that part. I saw it on EatYourKimchi but didn’t do the same. It was our first meeting, so we talked about this and that. Some fans that she recognized as BEAST’s fans were also there. They gave some presents to yoseob’s mom before leaving. Some regular customers also there. Kak Anda told me that this Naengmyeon is tasty, that’s why not only BEAST’s fans especially yoseob’s, are coming there.

When we are leaving, I took a picture with yoseob’s mom. Ah it’s sad. That was my first and last time there. But I hope Yoseob’s parents can rest well and have their holiday after closing down the restaurant.

Mujigae Now Serves Ddeokbokki, Finally \o/

Di review mujigae sebelumnya, saya sempat menyayangkan kenapa mereka nggak menjual ddeokbokki. Dan sepertinya mereka mendengar komplain salah satu pelanggannya ini. :””D Ya ya ya, anda benar! Seperti yang saya bilang di judul post ini, Mujigae sekarang menyediakan ddeokbokki.

Begitu melihat info di twitter kalau mujigae punya menu baru ddeokbokki, saya langsung pengen nyobain. Dan akhirnya kemarin saya kesana. Ada 3 macam ddeokbokki yang dijual, yaitu classic, yangnyeom, dan beef sausage ddeokbokki. Harga yang classic Rp 26.364 belum termasuk pajak. Isinya ddeokbokki, fish cake, dan entah 1 lagi apa namanya. Dari rasa dan bentuknya sih mirip telur yang digoreng kering seperti keripik. Yangnyeom ddeokbokki itu ddeokbokki yang disajikan dengan ayam goreng (yangnyeom) di atasnya. Harganya Rp. 35.455 belum termasuk pajak. Dan yang terakhir, beef sausage ddeokboki sudah jelas lah ya: ddeokbokki dan sosis. Harganya Rp. 33.637 belum termasuk pajak.

Karena kemarin pesan makanan lain juga, saya pesan ddeokbokkinya yang classic aja. Rasanya menurut saya lumayan oke, walopun kalo buat saya sih kurang pedes sebenernya. 😛 Rasanya cenderung manis, tapi enak kok. Porsinya juga pas, kalo buat cemilan sih dibagi berdua juga cukup. Worth it lah. Ini dia penampakan ddeokbokkinya.


Classic Ddeokbokki

Selain ddeokbokki, saya akhirnya nyicipin korean sea salt yang udah dari lama bikin penasaran. Saya pesan yang red velvet. Sempet khawatir kalo rasanya aneh dan nggak enak, tapi ternyata lumayan kok. Rasanya mirip coklat, trus krimnya gurih gitu. Ini dia penampakan red velvet korean sea salt yang lucu banget itu.


Red Velvet Korean Sea Salt

Semoga nanti mereka juga nyediain jajangmyeon, naengmyeon, ato jigae apa gitu. Haha #banyakmaunya #diturutinsatumintayglain