K-Drama Lucky Romance Filming Location

The sign when I really really like a drama is when I’m trying to search for its shooting locations. Just like what I did with Monstar, Warm and Cozy, Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty, etc.

So, there’s a new drama that I’m currently crazy of. It’s called Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스), starred by Ryu Junyeol and Hwang Jungeum. The drama is currently aired in MBC every Wednesday & Thursday at 10pm KST. It is a romance comedy drama about a woman who believes in superstition and a genius man who doesn’t believe it all. Their lives get entangled when the woman needs a man who was born in year of tiger to save her sister in comatose state.

I was interested to watch this drama because I’m a big fan of Hwang Jungeum. (Look at the dramas I mentioned before, 2 of them had Hwang Jungeum in it!) People said that her characters lately are too similar. I did agree about that when I read the synopsis and watch the preview, but when I watch her acting I don’t really think that’s true. While for Ryu Junyeol, I first saw him on Reply 1988 as Junghwan. He’s not the typical Korean handsome flowerboy, but his acting was awesome. He’s full of charm! And when watching Lucky Romance, I fall harder for him. LOL.


Enough with the intro, here is the compilation of Lucky Romance shooting locations that I found!

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What’s inside 2015 SBS Awards Festival (SAF)?

I didn’t expect that I’ll receive so many response for my SBS Awards Festival post. Some people even asked detail questions, which I can’t answer confidently because I’m not part of the organizer. I only posted it based on info on its official website. ^^v

I finally visited the event this Sunday, December 27th. I went to KTO booth across gate C3 and exchange my ticket there. It was fast and super easy.

Tiket Booth - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

KTO Ticket Booth

Ticket - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com


After that, I went to the entrance gate in C2. The staff asked me to go to hall for conference rooms across and queue there. I’ve visited several exhibitions on COEX and there were no queue at all to enter the venue. So, I was surprised that I need to join the queue, which turned out to be a SUPER LONGGGGG queue! Well i can understand because it was weekend and the day for gayo daejun. But then I need to queue for 2 hours before entering the hall. It made me so tired and actually killed my excitement. Moreover I couldn’t watch TWICE and Red Velvet on the special stage.

Long Queue - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

Long Queue

It was around 16.30 when I finally enter the exhibition hall. Because the other special stage performances that I want to watch will start at 18.00, I looked around the exhibition arena first.

Hyunbin - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

Hyunbin says hi!

The first one is Running Man experience! At this area, there are shirts (+ name tags) and shoes used by Running Man members. Visitor can also try name-tag ripping and rope jumping game here. It looks fun!

The next one is Law of The Jungle experience arena. People line up for a game where they need to spin a lucky wheel. And they can try food based on what they get on the wheel. There are coconut, banana, papaya, etc. As a girl from tropical country, I can only laugh when I saw it. Haha, sorryy.

And then TV Animal Farm. There are stuffed animal dolls and real animal such as parrots, rabbit, and hedgehog. The animals dolls are cuteee, and the staff teased a visitor telling her that it’s real animal when she asked him. LOL.

TV Animal Farm - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

This is cooking experience arena which was closed. The boards said that the experience was sold out.

Drama Experience Arena!

You Who Came From The Stars - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

You Who Came From The Stars

Finally, I found the Yongpal arena where visitor can try to re-enact Kim Taehee lying-in-hospital-bed scene! The set looked so real and equipped with camera to take the photo. So the photo will be professionally taken.

Kim Taehee - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

There’s also Six Flying Dragons drama set!

The next one is special effect make up. There are several type makeup that visitor can use: ghosts, joseon era, wound effect, and even surgery effect. So many people tried the scratch on the face effect. Before I knew about this arena, I met several people with scratches on their face. I was thinking why these people attended the exhibition with their face scratched??. Why don’t they just rest at home??! And turned out it was just special makeup. Okay, that makes sense because Korean really conscious about their appearance and I doubt they’ll go out like that in real life. xD The surgery effect is kinda scary, though. Btw, you need to pay if you want to try the special effect makeup, I think it’s around 3000-10000 won depends on which effect.

And then, make up experience arena. This is the place where you can have your make up professionally done!

There’s also green screen experience which enables you to take a picture as if you’re in You Who Came From The Stars set. You only need to pay 1000 won if you want to print out the picture.

Green Screen Experience - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

Balcony Scene

Radio experience set! You can have experience as radio DJ here.

Radio Experience - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

Radio Experience

News broadcasting experience set! You can use blazer provided there, read the text from the screen as if you’re a news anchor and get your video recorded.

News Broadcasting Experience  - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

News Broadcasting Experience

“I’m an actor” experience. This arena is super cool. You’ll use costume from drama and act with green screen on the back. The video processed will change real actor in the drama to video you recorded. I saw a girl acted as Shin Sekyung in Six Flying Dragons, and the video result was combined with Yoo Ah In. It was so great that she kept smiling. xD

I'm actor experience - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

I’m an Actor

There’s also “I’m a dubber” arena where you can experience being a dubber for anime.

I'm dubber experience - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

I’m a dubber

Virtual reality area! The special glasses can make you see  360 degree video.

Hologram live  hall! I want to try this but didn’t have enough time T_T

Hologram Experience - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

Hologram Experience

There’s also souvenir store.

SAF Shop - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

SAF Store

And finally, the special stage arena. It was veryyy crowded.

Special Stage - SBS Awards Festival - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

Special Stage

There’s a big monitor near radio experience if you don’t want to get squeezed while watching the stage. My short height prevented me from watching anything directly with my own eyes. Fortunately, I brought my monopod and quite good camera that my roommate let me use for the day. So, i can get some video. I uploaded a short video from special stage. Enjoy!

Yup, other than special performance by BAP, Monsta X, and Girlfriend, I thought I can see red carpet, but no it was just 무대 인사 or stage greeting by B1A4 and A Pink. That was my mistake actually. It was written 무대 인사 since the beginning. Sorryyy. So for Entertainment and Drama awards, I think it’ll be the same. Only some representatives will greet visitor from the special stage!

Overall the content was satisfying. There are a lot of things to try, but because I didn’t have much time I didn’t try any and just taking picture. The additional fee for some experience is reasonable. The major minus point is the long queue. But i guess it won’t be that long in weekdays or when there is no awards ceremony on that day. If you want to see special stage and want to get front area, you can come early!

How to apply for 2015 MBC Entertainment, Drama, and Music Awards Ticket

mbc year-end festivals - blognyamukti.wordpress.com.PNG

MBC has several of my favorite dramas this year: Kill Me Heal Me, Warm and Cozy, and She Was Pretty! I went to Hongdae to watch open shooting of that epic scene where Ahn Yona and Oh Rion met. And my trip to Jeju was basically visiting places that appear on Warm on Cozy. That’s how much I love these dramas.

It’ll be great if I can see my favorite actors & actresses on MBC Drama Awards. And after a little search, I found that MBC opens application for its Entertainment and Drama Awards! For Music Awards (Gayo Daejejeon), the application will open after the final lineup is confirmed. (Music Awards application is now open!) And because I’m a nice person, I’ll tell you how. Haha. Okay, so here’s how to apply:

You can also vote for the Entertainment Awards and Drama Awards.

Good Luck!

How to apply for 2015 SBS Awards Festival (+ Ceremonies) Ticket

Hellooo! (It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet) #plakkk

It’s been so long since my last post. I was quite busy with school work and other things. But now fall semester has ended! Yeayyy, time to have fun for a while before thesis thingy. \o/

Time sure flies really fast, it’s almost end of 2015. OMG! Do you know what time is it? It’s time for year-end festivals! Haha. In Korea, public broadcast stations usually have this kind of year-end awards festival. SBS is no exception, it has 2015 SBS Awards Festival. I think it is the biggest event among the others. It has exhibition, music awards (Gayo Daejun), entertainment awards, and drama awards!

2015 SBS Awards Festival

2015 SBS Awards Festival

Attending year end festival is one of my wishlist. And getting the ticket is quite competitive. So when I heard that i can get SBS Awards Festival free ticket, I registered as soon as possible. You can register, too! It’s first come first served basis, so make sure to register soon. This ticket is for the exhibition. It has program zone from famous programs and dramas such as Running Man (we can play as the 8th running man member with augmented reality) and Yongpal (we can reenact Kim Tahee lying on the hospital bed scene here, HA!). It also has experience zone including digital media hall equipped with virtual reality, augmented reality, hologram, etc, makeup, and cooking show. There’s also special stage where we can see various performance from idols, band, ballad singer, dance cover, make up show, traditional performance, etc. The lineup includes EXID, BTS, GOT7, Hong Jinyoung, Jung Junyoung Band, Urban Zakapa, and many others. You can see the full lineup and schedule here.

When I first applied for the ticket, I didn’t read the terms and condition carefully. LOL. I thought ticket for awards nights is included. Turned out it’s not, but it’s possible to see red carpet stage greeting by celebrities attending the awards. Moreover there’s special stage too. So, it’s still worth to attend. 😀

sbs 2015 awards - blognyamukti.wordpress.com

But if you’re greedy *just like me* and want to attend the awards nights too. I’ll tell you how! It’s easy, you can just go to each awards page, find “티켓 신청” menu and register. (Make sure you create an account on SBS website first http://www.sbs.co.kr/). That’s all!

You can also apply by joining the SNS event too, you can share info about the festivals on your facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, blog, etc and submit the link. Make sure to include the hashtag for each events on your SNS post.

Registration Period: until December 22nd, 2015
Winner Announcement:  December 23rd, 2015

Easy, isn’t it? The winner will be notified through SMS and 1 person get 2 tickets! Good luck! (And wish me luck, too! :D)

[UPDATE] I went to SAF last Sunday. You can check this post if you want to know what’s inside the exhibition ^^
On-site registration for SAF is possible. The ticket booth for foreigner is across gate C4.

K-Food Fair 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia

Lagi iseng liat instagram, eh kok nemu ini di instagramnya jisoo.

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Lunch Box youtu.be/AAWwc_mNrHY

A post shared by Jisoo (@actor_jisoo) on

Jisoo ini aktor muda korea yang mulai dikenal publik setelah aktingnya di Angry Mom. Saya nggak akan bahas dramanya disini, kalo penasaran silakan googling sendiri. lol. Yang bikin saya tertarik sama postingannya si Jisoo ini adalah kok ada tulisan “surat yang lezat” di fotonya. Ada apaan nih? Jisoo main film di Indonesia?

Setelah saya buka linknya, jengjengjeng… Ternyata itu adalah sebuah web mini drama. Mini drama ini bercerita tentang Lia, mahasiswi asal Indonesia yang sedang belajar di Korea, dan Yong-I, seorang lelaki Korea yang suka masak dan jatuh cinta sama Lia. Yong-I pun berusaha mengambil hati Lia dengan keahliannya memasak. Lah gitu doang? Apa menariknya? Selain Jisoo (eaaa), yang menarik di mini drama ini (terutama buat saya) adalah karena di film ini tokoh Lia adalah seorang muslim dan berusaha untuk hanya mengkonsumsi makanan halal. Yong-I yang nggak sengaja melihat Lia belanja pun jadi belajar apa itu makanan halal supaya Lia nggak menolak dosirak (lunch box) yang dia masak. Namun, beberapa kali Yong-I memberikan dosirak secara sembunyi-sembunyi, makanannya selalu nggak dimakan karena Lia nggak yakin kalo itu halal dan nggak tau itu dari siapa. Ada adegan video call sama mamanya Lia dan mamanya nyuruh Lia hati-hati dan nggak makan sembarangan. Persis ibu saya. *Berasa jadi Lia* *Cari dosirak dari Yong-i?* xD

Mini drama ini dibuat untuk mempromosikan acara K-Food Fair 2015 yang akan diadakan di Jakarta tanggal 16-18 Oktober ini, makanya tokohnya adalah orang Indonesia dan diberi subtitle-nya pun berbahasa Indonesia. Pemeran Lia bernama Amelia Tantono, googling sedikit muncul kok berbagai socmednya di facebook, linkedin, twitter, atau instagram. Tujuan K-Food Fair ini adalah menjembatani industri makanan Korea dan perusahaan di Indonesia serta mengenalkan produk makanan Korea secara langsung ke konsumen. Selain di Jakarta, K-Food Fair sebelumnya diadakan di Malaysia dan berikutnya akan diselenggarakan di Uni Emirat Arab. Indonesia, Malaysia, dan UEA adalah negara dengan jumlah penduduk muslim yang besar dan peminat budaya koreanya (sebut saja k-pop & k-drama) juga lumayan besar. Pantes aja mereka menunjukkan soal pentingnya makanan halal di mini drama ini. Mereka mau menunjukkan kalau produk mereka ada kok yang halal dan mereka pun mau belajar tentang makanan halal ini. Dari sisi industri, tentu tujuannya supaya mereka juga bisa mengambil pasar konsumen muslim. Dan dengan cerdasnya mereka menarik penggemar k-entertainment untuk menonton drama ini sekaligus menunjukkan ke perusahaan Indonesia yang berminat mengekspor produk makanan korea kalau peluang pasar mereka terbuka lebar. Pinterann aja deh caranya. ㄱ_ㄱ

Kalo nggak salah, mini drama ini bakal ada 3 episode. Silahkan nonton episode 1 dan 2 disini:

지수야 누나랑 같이 먹을래? 😉 *ditendang*

[UPDATED] Episode 3

Info lengkap soal K-Food Fair 2015 Jakarta bisa dilihat disini
Official Website: http://www.kfoodfair2015.com/en/indonesia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kfoodfair2015
Instagram: https://instagram.com/korean_food_fair_2015
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfUDW46lvIvHFCgZWVeDnw

Konsultasi Ekspor B2B
16 Oktober 2015 (09.00~20.30) – Hotel Mulia Ballroom 3

Pameran makanan, Lomba, K-pop dance cover, Mencoba hanbok, dll
17 Oktober 2015 (10:00~20:00) & 18 Oktober 2015 (11:00~20:00) – Grand Atrium Mall Kota Kasablanka Lt. 1

**Fun Fact: Aktor yang memerankan jadi pemilik toko adalah Jo Jaeyun, aktor yang pernah saya pergoki *halah bahasanya* memakai batik di drama Liar Game! Saya pernah nulis soal itu disini. Jadi makin penasaran ada hubungan apa antara Jo Jaeyun dengan Indonesia. Haha.

My Love From The Star Exhibition

Have you ever heard of My Love From The Star or You Who Came From the Stars? This drama aired last year and it’s super popular. Even an Indonesian production house plagiarized this drama #ehemkauyangberasaldaribintang. This drama is about Do Minjoon (Kim Soohyun), a handsome alien who landed on earth 400 years ago but never ages, and a top Hallyu star Cheon Songyi (Jeon Jihyun). Because it’s romantic drama, yeah you know at the end they fall for each other. But it’s not easy for them to be together, there are second leads, evil brother of the male second lead (which i think the best part of this drama) that make the thing more complicated. Well, it’s DRAMA afterall! lol. I watched this drama even though I couldn’t finish it. A lot of people think Cheon Songyi’s personality is adorable, but I found her personality is kinda annoying sometimes xD. And I ended up liking the male second lead character, Park Haejin, much more than the main lead, Kim Soohyun. Hahaha… #secondleadsyndrome

But when I read that there’s an exhibition where we can see the drama set, I was curious. The last time I went to Ilsan for Show Champion recording, I passed by KINTEX where the exhibition located. But I didn’t have enough time to visit it. So, when I saw there’s 1+1 promo for 20.000 KRW in Trazy and shuttle bus is included, I booked it in a second.

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Woot, Batik in Korean Drama!

I was watching korean remake of popular japanese drama, Liar Game, when I spotted this

Yup! The actor, Jo Jaeyun, was wearing batik! I was surprised because the setting place is not in Indonesia and the character is not Indonesian. It was on episode 2. The same batik also appeared on episode 7 and 9.

I’m so proud of this. Is the fashion stylist Indonesian? I hope Lee Sangyoon, the main character, will wear batik, too. He’ll look good on it. 😉

Seolchan’s School in Monstar: Gyeongbok High School

Imagine Your Korea. That is Korea Tourism Organization promotion tagline for this year. It wants you to imagine your Korea. As some of you may already know, I have a thing for k-pop, k-drama, and other form of k-entertainments. You probably think it’s childish whatsoever, but it has some influence on how I imagine “My Korea”. xD

I want to see k-entertainment office, I want to attend music shows or concert, I want to see shooting location with my own eyes, I want to attend fansign. There are so many things on my bucket list. Hahaha.

When I was planning my chuseok getaway, I remembered some scenes in Monstar were took place in a palace. I googled it and it’s Gyeongbokgung. But I found another thing, the school in Monstar is located not far from Gyeongbokgung! It’s called Gyeongbok High School (경복고등학교). Monstar is one of my favorite drama, I even posted about it here. So I was very excited and decided to go there.

If you want to go there, here is the direction.

direction to gyeongbok high school

direction to gyeongbok high school

Just go to road on the left side of Gyeongbokgung, walk until you find Cheongwadae Sarangchae Museum. You will see a park near there. Cross the street and go to the park. Just walk straight until you find smaller street. Walk straight again then turn left, walk a little bit. Cross the street when you see SECOM sign on the alley. Go to that alley, walk straight. Gyeongbok High School is not far from there.

I didn’t set my expectation high about this school. It’s a school, not a tourist destination, so It’s okay if I can’t go inside. But when I went there, there’s no one in the guard office. So I just went inside and looked around. Maybe because it was holiday. I saw some students though. Here are some pictures I took.

It is where Seolchan’s fan pretended to be hit by his car.

The garden where Seolchan and handsome Sunwoo argued.

I think this is where Seolchan’s car was parked. Remember when he dragged Seyi to his car?

And, uhmm, basket court & football field.

I’m so happy to be there. This school is very cool and pretty. There are some statues in the garden. I wish my school has something like this.

2014-09-09 16.36.01

one of the statue in the garden

I think I should go there again with this tour by Seoulmate and go inside the class. Hope they have this tour scheduled again. >.<

If you want to go there, please keep in mind that it’s a school. Don’t disturb the student. Maybe you can try your luck and go there on holiday or weekend.


Musical drama with a lot of hearts, cute moments, great casts, great musics, and other great things. Junhyung as idol turned actor doing his job well. I assure you i’m not being biased. Other characters are also good, Kang Haneul as Jung Sunwoo, Ha Yeonsu as Min Seyi, Kang Ui Shik as Park Kyudong/Radio. All of them. The musical pieces are not placed randomly. They match well with the story. The singing or instrument playing scene looks real. Here are some my favorite cuts:

They are good, huh? Give this drama a try and you’ll get frustrated every Friday because you’re curious what will happen next week xD

Wednesday/Thursday Drama Face Off


Yeah, 7th Level Civil Servant vs IRIS II vs That Winter The Wind Blows! It’s so exciting to see who will win the competition at the end. Hahaha. 7LCS started airing 3 weeks earlier than IRIS II and TWTWB so it had built its fanbase before IRIS II and TWTWB airing. IRIS II as the sequel of successful IRIS gave viewer so much expectation. And TWTWB with Jo In Sung and Song He Gyo as 2 of most beautiful actors/actresses in Korea plus it’s their comeback drama made this drama was highly anticipated.

When IRIS II and TWTWB started airing, IRIS II got 1st place on the rating race, 7LCS got 2nd place, and TWTWB with 2 episode back-to-back strategy on the 3rd place. The next day, IRIS II and TWTWB tied for 1st place. But at the second week of airing, IRIS II rating dropped so much that it got the 3rd place after TWTWB as the 1st and 7LCS as the 2nd.

Put the rating aside, 7LCS is still my favorite. The romantic comedy genre sold me on it.  I don’t need to think too much watching this drama. The acting and the actors’ chemistry is so good. Joowon & Choi Kang Hee 10 year age difference does not show at all. They match each other well. Joowon’s puppy eyes is so much entertainment. And Chansung, as idol turned actor, does his job suprisingly good. Eventhough sometimes i’m bothered with the spies’ stupidity, such as spoiling water while doing mission, telling the parents about the job, accidentally shooting the gun, etc etc, this drama is still fun to watch. Don’t think about it as a spy drama but pure romantic comedy, i suggest. And this drama has good soundtracks. I’ll Be There For You by LED Apple is on my playlist now. And i don’t know this song will be on their OST or not but i like this song when they played it as Gong Do Ha scene’s BGM, Not Over by Eric Faber.

I haven’t watched IRIS, so i don’t have any expectation on IRIS II. Actually, action drama is not my thing. I watch IRIS II because Doojoon is starring on it. And so far, i think this drama is quite good. The cinematography is beautiful. They even went to Hungary and Cambodia for shooting. It shows how serious the production team creating this drama. I don’t understand why netizens keep nitpicking on every little thing about it. Netizens whine about the black clothes on snow mission, the fake gun,  the cast, and so much more. I’ve watched until episode 2 and i love the NSS team’s dynamic. But i like how IRIS team works more, they’re so badass. Im Soo Hyang’s really cool. I think she’ll be my favorite character. Doojoon acting is okay, but his soft voice there not really matches with NSS vibe. It’s somehow mesmerizing, lol, but when he speaks the drama pace feels like changing. I think he should use his normal tone.

And the last, TWTWB. I haven’t watched this drama but i read the recaps. Watching melodrama needs more energy than any other dramas. That’s why i haven’t watched it. 😛 But the drama casts, Jo In Sung, Song He Gyo, Kimbum, and Jung Eunji make this drama so tempting. People seems to like it because of the beautiful actors and beautiful cinematography. The plot also interesting. But since it’s melodrama, i know the story will become much more complicated and maybe will end with sad ending. T__T

Eventhough TWTWB is currently leading on rating, it’s still too early to say that TWTWB will win this wed/thu drama face off. There are still many episodes left and situation may change. Let’s just see how this “war” will end ^^v