Japan Trip – Part 2 : Fujiko F. Fujio Museum & All Royal Pirates Stuffs

It’s the second day! As you know, one of my (strongest) reason to come to Japan is to watch RP concert. Haha. The concert was in Kawasaki area. So I couldn’t really use my Tokyo Subway Ticket that day, I only used Suica. And since Fujiko F. Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum) is also in Kawasaki, I went to the museum in the morning. I already bought the ticket for 10am in the airport. Learn how to buy the ticket for Fujiko F. Fujio museum here. The admission to the museum is maximum 30 minutes after the time on the ticket. But, I was kinda late that day. I arrived at the Noborito Station around 10.25am. I run to find the shuttle bus to the museum. I was worried if I can’t make it before 10.30am. But at the end. I arrived at the museum around 10.35am and they still let me in. Fyuhhh.

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141219 BIGSTAR Cinema Fan Meeting (빅스타 영화관 팬미팅)

BIGSTAR is an idol group from Brave Entertainment. You may not know about them because I admit they’re not as popular as other Korean idol groups. But, when it’s about liking idol groups, i don’t really care whether they’re popular or not. I need to like their songs first and other things will follow. I’ve heard about BIGSTAR since their debut days in 2012. But it’s not until last year that I started becoming a fan after listening to their song Standing Alone (홀로서기). I liked it a lot that I played the song for days.

Last week, on December 19th, I had a chance to attend their fan meeting. They opened the registration 10 days before on their official fancafe. It was really easy because I only need to send a registration email. But I need to do that really quick after they started the registration period because only first 106 registrants will be chosen! That’s the challenge of being a k-pop fan. Not to mention that whole info in fancafe is in Korean. Thank you to Google Translate, I can get rough translation of it. Fyuhhh. Anndd, yup fortunately I was one of those 106 lucky fans. 😀



I was really glad that December 19th was also the last day of my final test for the semester. The fanmeeting was like a present for me after finishing the final test. 😉 The fanmeeting was held in CGV Yeokgok. CGV is a cinema chain here. Because it’s in the cinema, hence the name is cinema fanmeeting (영화관 팬미팅). I arrived there at 17.30. I joined the queue at the 6th floor lobby to buy the ticket. Yup, it’s not free but it’s just 5000 KRW which is very very cheap. I also wrote a message on a post-it and put it on a board. I thought that it was a message board. But later, I realized that it actually was a mission board. Ooops, sorry >_<

At first, I was quite worried if I’m too old to be there. LOL. All of the members are younger than me. So I guess most of their fans will be high school students. The oldest member, Baram, is one month younger than me. Well, it can also be counted as same age. (바람 씨, 우리는 동갑이에요 ^^) But, actually there are many older fans from Japan on the fanmeeting.

At 18.20, we were allowed to go upstairs. The cinema is on the 7th floor. BIGSTAR members were already behind the snack bar to sell what they called as BIGSTAR combo themselves. Woahh, that’s awesome. I read at the fancafe that there will be BIGSTAR combo coupon which costs 9000 KRW. But because I didn’t see it when I bought the ticket, I thought I can just buy it there. So I went to the snack bar. I initially wanted to go to Raehwan or Jude because I thought that they speak the best English among the members. But, I ended up going to Feeldog. This kid is so cute and handsome. He greeted me back enthusiastically when I said hi and waved my hand. He asked me about the ticket, and I showed my ticket. He said it was not that one. That time, I realized that they actually had the combo ticket but maybe it was sold out before I came. I tried to explain that I don’t know about that. And after asking his manager, he allowed me to take the combo. When I asked whether I could pay it there, he just told me to take it for free. I was taken aback, said thank you so much and then took it. The BIGSTAR combo consists of coke, popcorn, and ojingeo (squid) snack. Later, I kinda regretted why I took that >_<

2014-12-19 18.48.41


Many fans used that moment to interact with the members directly. They talked to the member when the members serve them. BIGSTAR members were so cute and kind. Sometimes they called 고객님 고객님~~ which means customer customer~~. It was so cute. Fans also took photos and videos of the members.

We entered the cinema at 19.00. BIGSTAR music videos were played on the screen. Later, BIGSTAR members also entered the room. Baram and Raehwan acted as MC for that day. They greeted us and because there were also non-Korean fans, mostly from Japan, Sunghak greeted in japanese and maknae Jude greeted in English. I guess they’re pretty popular in Japan because they just had tours in Japan. They also felt sorry for Korean fans because it’s been a long time since they last meet.

After that, Q&A video where they answer questions from fans were played. I only understand a bit, though. If I’m not mistaken, one male fan asked what they want to say to the male fans. And Jude was asked about his favorite hyung and he secretly answered that it’s Sunghak. 😛 Raehwan told us about covers he made. You should follow him in soundcloud, he sounds good. I’m not being biased.

They also did some missions asked on the mission board. It was really fun! Each members also sang a song. The vocal lines, Raehwan, Jude, and Sunghak did really well. The rap lines, Baram and Feeldong also sang a song. They’re not perfect but it was not bad. They just made fun of themselves when they made mistakes. LOL.

Overall, the fanmeeting was really fun. With my limited korean skill, I only understand like 30% or less what they said. But it’s still fun. It actually motivates me to learn Korean harder.

At the end of fan meeting, they randomly chose some lucky combo ticket holders. The chosen fan had a chance to take a picture using polaroid camera and got a couple shirt with a member. Woah, that’s really nice. The shirt was really pretty. There were also some fans chosen to get a sponsored product and take a group picture with the members. Too bad, I was not chosen. T.T

We coldn’t take picture during the fanmeeting, but there was separate photo time. Each fans were also given an autographed CD of 너를 지워본다, their newest single. (You should listen to this song, it’s nice!) We also did high five with the members when we headed outside the cinema. The first member I did the high five with is Jude. And I happily told him that it’s really nice to meet them. He answered “nice to meet you too”. Feeldog was next to Jude, I also said “nice to meet you”. After Feeldog, there were Raehwan, Sunghak, and Baram.

2014-12-19 20.39.38

high five session

2014-12-28 20.14.34

autographed cd

Okay, I need to say it again. This fanmeeting was soo fun. I got a lot. As it was my first fanmeeting and my Korean is still bad, I was clueless about many things. But it doesn’t make the fanmeeting less fun.

can you find me? xD

can you find me? xD

And today is their 900th day since debut. Congratulations to BIGSTAR! I sincerely wish they’ll be more successful in the future. 빅스타 화이팅! 우리 다시 만나요 ^^