Bukchon Hanok Village: Looking Inside The Hanok Houses

Bukchon Hanok Village is a famous spot in Seoul where you can see Korea traditional houses, hanok. Almost all the houses are privately owned so by default you can only look from outside. But last month I had a chance to enter some of the houses and see what’s inside. And it was really fascinating.

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Mr. Brainwash “Life is Beautiful” Exhibition – Ara Modern Art Museum, Seoul

I’m not really an art kind of person. But several days ago, I saw some interesting pictures on instagram. After a little bit of research, I found out that it’s from Mr. Brainwash “Life is Beautiful” exhibition in Ara Modern Art Museum. I just really like what I saw, so I decided to come to this exhibition. And I like it more than I expected, so here I’ll share how the exhibition was. Check it out~

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Places To Visit In Incheon (Part III) – Sorae Ecological Park (소래습지생태공원)

Back to place to visit in Incheon series! Let me introduce you to Sorae Ecological Park~


Sorae Ecological Park

Sorae Ecological Park was once Korea’s largest salt field. It was created during Japan colonial period and used until 1996. In May 2009, it was reopened as ecological park. This park has salt field, mud flat, and wetland as the bed of various living creatures and habitat for migratory birds. It enables observation of various marine creatures in marsh. It also has an exhibition hall that presents the information on the facility where salt was produced in the past.

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Trying The Unmanned Incheon Subway Line 2

I first read about Incheon Subway Line 2 on modernseoul blog last week. Yup, even though it’s constructed since 2009, it was my first time knew about this. Haha.

I was excited when I read that Juan is one of the station on the new line I saw some construction near Juan but didn’t know it was for this. I thought they only constructed new exit gate. xD

After checking the other stations, I realized that it saves more time and has less transfer compared to the one I usually take if I take airport line + this line from Incheon Airport. Which is perfect because it started its operation on July 30th and I’d arrive in Korea on August 1st! I found more information and got more excited when I knew that this line using unmanned train. Woahh, cool!

Sooo, I tried this line when I came back. I took airport line to Geomam and transferred to Incheon Subway Line 2. There’s roofed walkway for transfer between the lines. It took around 5 minutes to transfer.

This line is using two-car trainset. I was planning to take the most front or back area, but it was quite crowded and I brought heavy luggage so I gave up. I also couldn’t take any video or picture inside the train. But here are some videos I found in instagram:

The aboveground section after Asiad Stadium station:

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The train is comfortable and fast. But because it only has 2 cars, the seat is very limited and can be quite packed. Still okay though, compared to other line on its busy hour. Since it’s newly operated, some staffs are seen around the stations to help the passengers.


the train (source – more pictures on the link)

I only managed to take the route picture on Juan station. ^^v


Geomdan Oryu – Wanggil – Geomdan Sageori – Manjeon – Wanjeong – Dokjeong – Geomam (transfer to airport line) – Geombawi – Asiad Stadium – Seo-gu Office – Gajeong – Gajeong Jungang Market – Seongnam – West Woman’s Community Center – Incheon Gajwa – Gajaeul – Juan National Industrial Complex – Juan (transfer to Seoul Metro Line 1) – Citizens Park – Seokbawi Market – Incheon City Hall (transfer to Incheon Metro Line 1) – Seokchon Sageori – Moraenae Market – Mansu – Namdong-gu Office – Incheon Grand Park – Unyeon.

Seongnam will eventually have a free transfer with Seoul Subway Line 7.

The timetable on Juan Station, Geomdan Oryu direction:


It runs every 3 mins on busy hours and 5-12 mins during normal hours.

This line is not yet included in mobile Subway app that I use, but Naver Map already includes it. Even though when I tried to find a route via mobile app, logo for Incheon Line 2 is still a question mark.


More info about this line:

20 Space – The Mint Universe (New Cube Cafe)

Hiii! I just came back to Korea again after more than a month in Indonesia. And it’s so hot here. OMG!

So many things happened when I’m away. One of them is new cube cafe finally opened!!! Yeayy! I posted about cube cafe long time ago. And since Cube Ent moved its office, the cafe was closed. It’s now re-opened in Cube Ent new building but with a new name: 20 Space – The Mint Universe. I don’t know why it omits the Cube part on its name though.

20space seats

bigger space, yeayy!

Anddd I visited the cafe today~ The new cafe is much bigger than the old one. And on one side, it plays big size video using projector. Sometimes it plays Cube artists’ MV, but not when I came there. Just like the old one, It also has Cube artists’ merchandise display. But there’s only BEAST & BTOB stuff now.

Its main menu is coffee (4000-6500 KRW), but there are also different kind of tea (~5000 KRW), fruit ade, yoghurt smoothie, milkshake (5800 KRW), etc. It also serves Daquoise (1800 KRW) and Bottle Cake (4500 KRW) for you who have sweet tooth.

20space menu

20 Space Menu

Since I don’t really like coffee, I ordered yoghurt smoothie. For the price that relatively a lil bit more expensive than other cafes, it has proper size. It’s big! Well, I’m sure we know that almost everyone going here has that “hidden motive”. LOL. So that size is good enough if you want to stay longer.

yoghurt smoothie

bigger space, yeayy!

Talking about “hidden motive”, I saw Pentagon’s Shinwon! Haha. Read so many fanaccount that Pentagon members frequently visit the cafe but didn’t expect that any of them would come when I went there. Perfect timing!

pentagon shinwon

blur shinwon

Pentagon is cube’s upcoming 10-member boy group. They’re supposed to debut last July, but because of Cube’s internal problem their debut date is pushed back. Sigh… I watched their reality show, Pentagon Maker, and it’s really fun. They’re crazy and talented guys. I recommend you to watch some of their performances. Here are my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .

Shinwon was eliminated after a performance show which the recording I attended. We were asked to vote a team, but didn’t know that the result is used for elimination. Even though I believe this elimination thing is scripted, I felt really bad for Shinwon because I voted for another group. On the last episode of Pentagon Maker they were given mission to revive the eliminated member including Yanan and Edawn: their debut concert must be attended by minimum 2000 people. Which is ridiculous scenario because: First, if you call it debut concert then the album, music video, etc should be done which means the member is already decided. Second, that number is big for a rookie group. And now the debut concert is canceled. I don’t know how they’ll make the 3 members “smoothly” come back after getting eliminated. Sometimes I feel tired with kpop drama. Haha.

Anyway, I hope they’ll debut soon >< Jinho waited for 8 years to debut, he was SM trainee and once debuted under project SM The Ballad. Hongseok was YG trainee and was eliminated in survival show Mix & Match. This debut is something that they’re really long for.

Sorry for the long rant about Pentagon ^^v Please watch their show and support them. Anddd if you want to visit 20 Space, here’s the detail:

20 Space – The Mint Universe
Opens everyday, 10am-10pm.
Instagram: @20space_cube
Address: F2 Building. 83 Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 성동구 아차산로 83 F2빌딩)
How to get there: Take Seoul Subway Line 2 to Seongsu Station. Go to Exit 1 and walk straight for 300m.

Bucheon Million Rose Garden

I warned you that flower series has not ended yet. Haha. So here’s another one!

I read about rose festival in Bucheon before. So, I suggested my friend that we should also go to this festival after seeing poppy field in Sangdong Lake Park because they’re both in Bucheon. The festival is annually held in Million Rose Garden (백만송이장미원). For this year, it will be held until June 23rd, 2016.

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Poppy Field in Bucheon Sangdong Lake Park

Another flower edition, yeayy! And it’s not the end, yet~ xD

When my friend gave me a picture of flowers in Sangdong Lake Park and suggested that we should go there, I was curious what kind of flower it is. I think it was my first time seeing that kind of flower and it’s so pretty. I found out that it’s called 양귀비 in Korean, which is poppy in English. I was like.. what?? Isn’t it some kind of drug… How can they just freely grow there??? I searched about it and turned out poppy has so many species, not only the one that can be used as opium source. lol, sorry.

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Places To Visit In Incheon (Part II) – Songdo International Business District

It’s been a long time since I posted the part 1. Sorry  for neglecting this series. ^^;; So here I come with part 2!

Songdo International Business District is a new smart city built from scratch in Incheon area. It’s also a part of Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), along with Cheongna & Yeongjong. The construction started in 2005. Its goal is a city in perfect balance, combining the ideal mix of residential, cultural, business, retail, and recreational environments.

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Hangang Seoraeseom Canola Festival 2016

Seoraeseom is one of the artificial islands built on hangang riverside. It’s not that far from the famous Banpo Bridge.

Last week, me & my friend went to Seoraeseom to see canola flowers. We were afraid that it’d be very crowded since it was Sunday, so we went there around 9am. And I guess we were too early. It was really quiet, most visitors were ahjussi & ahjumma passing by after having morning jog and walk. 😀

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A Tropical Girl’s Spring

After long winter, the spring finally sprung! Because of the global weirding, half of the spring still felt quite cold. It’s only last week I started to left my coat at home, after several days of rain and strong wind.

When waiting for spring to come, I learned this phrase “꽃샘추위”. It literally means “Winter is Jealous of The Blooming Flowers”. It usually happens in March when the weather start getting warmer but then it’s back to freezing cold for several days. Cute, eh?

Some pictures from flower hunting~

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