Singapore Trip: Day 2

Yeay, it’s the 2nd day!

Our main agenda was visiting Universal Studios Singapore. We had our breakfast at the hostel. The hostel gives free breakfast until 10 a.m. There were toast, jam, oat, milk, tea, and coffee. After breakfast, we went to Lavender Station. It was around 6.30 a.m and Singapore still so quiet. We headed to Vivo City Station. We spent some times finding the way to Sentosa Island. Thanks to the map, we can find it. We then entered Vivo City to reach Sentosa Boardwalk. We walked to Sentosa Island, there are some travelators along the way. Arrived in Sentosa Island, we paid 1 SGD entrance fee with ez-link card. We then walked to Universal Studios, took some photo in front of Universal Studios Globe. I find it smart they make the globe rotating because people who want to take photo are not centered in just one spot. They can take photo from every side of the globe. Universal Studios opens at 9 a.m, so we spent our time taking photos around there. We took photos in front of Hershey & Candylicious. Before that, we put our bag in the locker. There are automatic lockers in front of USS.

And finally it’s time to enter USS. We queued in front of the gate. There was Poo from Kungfu Panda entertaining us. Haha. He’s so cute. After entering USS, we ran to Transformers 4D. Actually, i was really scared. I never ride any roller coaster before. It was my first time. After queuing, we got into the roller coaster. We used the 4D glasses. Even though i was scared, i can say it was awesome! Super awesome! I felt like I was in the movie. You should try it and you’ll know what i mean. 😛

After Transformers 4D, we went to Revenge of The Mummy. The labyrinth to the roller coaster was soooo long. I chose to sit on 2nd row because I was scared. They describe it as a high-speed roller coaster that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping, and backwards motion. Intense special effects used including fog, strobe lighting, and fire. And yes, they don’t lie. I spent most of the time there closing my eyes and mumbling “Allahuakbar”. I grasped the lap bar so hard. Haha. And the worst thing was, outside the arena, they put our photo while riding the roller coaster. I can see myself closing my eyes and looking really scared there. So ugly. Hahahahah.

Then, we went to ride Canopy Flyer. And yes, I also closed my eyes when it speeds up. Haha. Thanks God, I sat on the back. I can’t see what will happen next. After that, we went to watch Shrek 4D. And too bad, because of the wind effect from it I felt unwell. So, when my friends taking Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure I just sat outside waiting for them and watching out the bags. It’s weird that I can stand the roller coasters but not the 4D cinema where I just sat down. Haha.

After that we had our lunch. Using the 10 SGD meal voucher, I added around 5 SGD for Chicken Rice and Orange Juice. Yes, the food is quite expensive here. Then, we prayed. There’s a prayer room near Battlestar Galactica. After that, we walked around. Next, we watched Open Sesame performance. It was very entertaining. It felt like the performers were absorbed to the costume they used. So professional.

Then, we watched Water World. It’s a live water show, full of death-defying stunts and explosions. Before the show starts, the performers were playing with the visitors. If you choose wet area, be prepared that they will shower or spray you anytime. It was awesome. They even use speed boat & airplane as show property. After that, we went to Lights, Camera, Action! Here, we can watch those awesome movie effects.

After that, my friends bought some souvenirs. I didn’t buy anything tho. Then, we headed outside. Alvin, Gisca, and Dara were leaving for the airport. While Iponk, Icha, and I stayed in Sentosa Island. We took the train from Waterfront Station to Beach Station. Yes, it’s free. Thanks to MySentosa app, we can easily get information how to get around Sentosa Island. And we can use it without connected to the internet. Perfect.

From Beach Station, we took a tram to Southernmost Point of Continental Asia near Palawan Beach. We should pass the suspension bridge to get into the tiny islet. It’s kinda scary. lol. After that, we’re back to the beach station and headed to Siloso Beach. We enjoyed the sunset there while eating snacks that we bought in Old Changkee stand. After a while, we’re back to the Beach Station. And because of Song of The Sea performance, there was no tram. We walked to the station. There, we took a bus to Resort World Sentosa. Then, we walked to Crane Dance area to watch the laser show. The laser, water, and light effect was awesome. It’s just 10 minutes but it was great.

After Crane Dance, we took a train back to Vivo City and then took MRT back to the hostel. It was very very tiring, but super awesome day. Transformers 4D was the most memorable one. I can say it’s a must ride roller coaster.

I flew back to Bandung the next morning. It was a short trip but very memorable, thanks to my friends. Let’s have another trip together! 😀

Singapore Trip: Prologue & Day 1

Last October I went to Singapore with my friends: Alvin, Dara, Gisca, Iponk, and Icha. It’s started because of AirAsia promo on March. We always want to have a trip together, but most of the time all plan we talk about will always be a plan a.k.a wacana saja. Haha. So, I booked my ticket first and told them to buy the ticket too. >:-D I got my BDO-SIN round trip ticket for 673.000 IDR. Quite cheap, but later my friend, Iponk, got the same flight ticket from another promo only for 450.000 IDR. LOL

We really anticipated this trip. One month before the D-Day, we met up in Bandung to finalize our itinerary. Okay, actually we met up because Dara was coming to Bandung from Medan. 😛 Ananti was planning to go with us too, but later something happened and she couldn’t go. That time, we decided which hostel we will stay at. Agoda is really helpful to list the hotel with location/price/facility we want. Actually, it’s kinda hard to decide which hostel and room type to book because there are 7 of us: 1 man and 6 women, 4 of us will stay for 1 night and the others for 2 nights. We planned that girls will stay in 1 room. But, the hostel only had mixed room available, so we kinda worried that there will be men in our room after some of us back to Indonesia. We booked the hostel, Traveller@SG, via this site one week before the D-Day. We only need to pay 3% deposit fee. Because we also planned to visit Universal Studio Singapore, we searched for the cheapest ticket possible and found this site. The company is based on Singapore and because of some conditions it’s kinda difficult if we buy from them, but fortunately they have Bandung branch. And we bought our ticket from it. We got the ticket for 68 SGD, include 10 SGD meal voucher and 5 SGD retail voucher. Cheaper than 74 SGD in official site. We planned to take public transportation, and really help us to plan our route.

So it’s the D-Day, my flight was at 5.40 AM. Ok, I haven’t told you. We are consisting of 3 teams: Bandung (Me, Iponk, Icha), Jakarta (Alvin, Gisca) and Medan (Dara). Bandung & Jakarta Team departed almost at the same time. We then met up in Changi, thanks to free wi-fi at Changi Airport that we easily contact each other via whatsapp. While waiting for Dara, we walked around the airport.

Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden

First, we visited Cactus Garden in Terminal 1. You know, I loved cactus sooo much. I was so happy being there, even just for a short time. Too bad, it was raining that time. I can’t see the cactus from a close distance.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Then, we had our breakfast. My friends bought Chicken Rice. I tried it, it tastes so good. The original one is much much better than the BBQ Chicken Rice. It was actually the best chicken rice I ate in SG during the trip. Then, we headed to the transit area. It is very big and comfortable, has lots of chair, and equipped with electric socket to charge our phone/camera/tablet etc. There’s also computer with free internet. We browsed changi airport website and then decided to visit the gardens. Changi has so many interesting gardens and attractions.

First, we went to the Sculptural Tree Garden. Then, we went to Terminal 2 via Sky Train. In T2, we visited Sunflower Garden. It’s so prettyyyy. I love it. And then Orchid Garden. Orchid Garden is indoor garden. There’s also a pond there. Fabulous! I was amazed with how Changi Airport makes its visitors feel comfortable.

And then it’s time to meet Dara. We almost rode the sky train when we saw Dara on another side of our place. It’s “I can see you, but I can’t reach you” moment. LOL. We contacted Dara but we can’t find the way to her place, so she just asked us to meet outside. So we went to immigration area. After queuing a bit, we headed outside. There are free booklet/brochure about singapore map and tourist attractions. I took some. Then we contacted Dara again and finally meet each other.

We then headed to the MRT station. Gisca & I bought the ez-link card first, while the others who already have the card did top up. Then we took MRT to Bugis Station. We went to Sultan Mosque, not too far from Bugis Station. We prayed there. The mosque is beautiful from the outside. But after I went inside, it’s not that great. I think it’s a little bit dirty. The carpet looks old. Then we had our lunch in Singapore Zam-Zam Restaurant, just across the Sultan Mosque. It’s a famous restaurant that sells Indian Food. We had Mee Goreng, Beef Murtabak, and Chicken Briyani there. We spent SGD 25 for the food & drinks. Not bad.

Famous SGD 1 Ice Cream

After that, we headed to the hostel. We took a bus then walked for quite a distance because the hostel is in another end of the road. The hostel located in 3rd floor of a building. Fiuh, we must take the stairs to reach it. We checked in then rest for a bit. After that, we went to Lavender MRT Station. It’s 5 minute walk from our hostel. We then went to Orchard Station. We went to Lucky Plaza to buy some souvenirs. I bought key chains there. I also bought chocolate in Choc Spot, Lucky Plaza. There are lots of chocolate choice there and it’s quite cheap. We then walked to find the famous $1 Ice Cream. We found it near Paragon. I chose the mint chocochip flavored one. It’s so good, i can taste the mint’s freshness. Then we back to the MRT station and headed to Chinatown.

In Chinatown, we just went to the Chinatown Garden Link Bridge. Looking at the colorful lanterns, chinese-style buildings, and cars below the bridge. After that, we headed to Clarke Quay. As you know, we only had 2 days in Singapore. That’s why we try to visit places as many as possible. Hehe. In Clarke Quay, we just sat at the riverside enjoying sunset. I also saw the Extreme Swing that BTOB boys took when they were in Singapore. It looks scary, lol. After a while, we went to Esplanade. We had our dinner in Makan Sutra Glutton Bay. Because all of us are moslems, we can only eat halal food. And we can only find it in a thai food stand. They put “No Pork No Lard” sign there. The sellers also promoting the food as halal food when we walked in front of the stand because we use jilbab. Haha. So we ordered Thai Fried Rice, Seafood Tom Yam, Squids, and Kangkung. We also had mango with sticky rice as dessert. It’s such a big meal that we spent almost SGD 60 for the food.

After dinner, we stopped by a performance in riverside. They sang disney style songs, it’s so fun. Then walked to Merlion Park, we took some photos while waiting for the laser performance near Marina Bay Sands. The laser performance is pretty but not that special I think. I expect it to be more dramatic. 😛 Actually, there’s 1 place left in our agenda, Gardens By The Bay, but it’s already too late that we decided to just back to the hostel. It’s a tiring but fun day! I’m happy that we can reach our destinations easily using public transportation.

Can’t wait to write about the second day. Please wait a little bit ^^