How to apply for 2015 MBC Entertainment, Drama, and Music Awards Ticket

mbc year-end festivals -

MBC has several of my favorite dramas this year: Kill Me Heal Me, Warm and Cozy, and She Was Pretty! I went to Hongdae to watch open shooting of that epic scene where Ahn Yona and Oh Rion met. And my trip to Jeju was basically visiting places that appear on Warm on Cozy. That’s how much I love these dramas.

It’ll be great if I can see my favorite actors & actresses on MBC Drama Awards. And after a little search, I found that MBC opens application for its Entertainment and Drama Awards! For Music Awards (Gayo Daejejeon), the application will open after the final lineup is confirmed. (Music Awards application is now open!) And because I’m a nice person, I’ll tell you how. Haha. Okay, so here’s how to apply:

You can also vote for the Entertainment Awards and Drama Awards.

Good Luck!

How to apply for 2015 SBS Awards Festival (+ Ceremonies) Ticket

Hellooo! (It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet) #plakkk

It’s been so long since my last post. I was quite busy with school work and other things. But now fall semester has ended! Yeayyy, time to have fun for a while before thesis thingy. \o/

Time sure flies really fast, it’s almost end of 2015. OMG! Do you know what time is it? It’s time for year-end festivals! Haha. In Korea, public broadcast stations usually have this kind of year-end awards festival. SBS is no exception, it has 2015 SBS Awards Festival. I think it is the biggest event among the others. It has exhibition, music awards (Gayo Daejun), entertainment awards, and drama awards!

2015 SBS Awards Festival

2015 SBS Awards Festival

Attending year end festival is one of my wishlist. And getting the ticket is quite competitive. So when I heard that i can get SBS Awards Festival free ticket, I registered as soon as possible. You can register, too! It’s first come first served basis, so make sure to register soon. This ticket is for the exhibition. It has program zone from famous programs and dramas such as Running Man (we can play as the 8th running man member with augmented reality) and Yongpal (we can reenact Kim Tahee lying on the hospital bed scene here, HA!). It also has experience zone including digital media hall equipped with virtual reality, augmented reality, hologram, etc, makeup, and cooking show. There’s also special stage where we can see various performance from idols, band, ballad singer, dance cover, make up show, traditional performance, etc. The lineup includes EXID, BTS, GOT7, Hong Jinyoung, Jung Junyoung Band, Urban Zakapa, and many others. You can see the full lineup and schedule here.

When I first applied for the ticket, I didn’t read the terms and condition carefully. LOL. I thought ticket for awards nights is included. Turned out it’s not, but it’s possible to see red carpet stage greeting by celebrities attending the awards. Moreover there’s special stage too. So, it’s still worth to attend. πŸ˜€

sbs 2015 awards -

But if you’re greedy *just like me* and want to attend the awards nights too. I’ll tell you how! It’s easy, you can just go to each awards page, find “ν‹°μΌ“ μ‹ μ²­” menu and register. (Make sure you create an account on SBS website first That’s all!

You can also apply by joining the SNS event too, you can share info about the festivals on your facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, blog, etc and submit the link. Make sure to include the hashtag for each events on your SNS post.

Registration Period: until December 22nd, 2015
Winner Announcement:Β  December 23rd, 2015

Easy, isn’t it? The winner will be notified through SMS and 1 person get 2 tickets! Good luck! (And wish me luck, too! :D)

[UPDATE] I went to SAF last Sunday. You can check this post if you want to know what’s inside the exhibition ^^
On-site registration for SAF is possible. The ticket booth for foreigner is across gate C4.

Hanok Stay Fall 2015 Event by Korean Tourism Organization

Hanok (ν•œμ˜₯) is Korean traditional house. It has environtment-friendly characteristic considering its surrounding, lands and seasons. It’s shown from structure’s inner layout to building material which were used. Hanok house has special design for cooling interior in summer and heating the interior in winter. You may already heard about Ondol, a floor-based heating system used in Hanok. Hanok house use natural materials such as soil, timber, and rock which are recyclable and do not cause pollution.

If you want to see hanok house, you can come to Bukchon Hanok Village or Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul. You can also see hanok that remodeled into cafe or restaurant in Gahoe-dong and Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Here’s compilation of recommended hanok restaurants in Seoul: link. There are also some hanok villages in other cities, such as Jeonju Hanok Village, Hahoe Folk Village (Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do), and Korean Folk Village (Yongin, Gyeonggi).

You can stay on this hanok house, because there are a lot of hanok house operated as guesthouse. Just google “Hanok Guesthouse” and you’ll get a lot of results or you can also go to this link. If you’re personal blogger, have many interest in Hanok house, and will be in Korea during October 22-23, here’s a chance for you to stay on hanok house! Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) currently has this Hanok Stay Fall Event.

Hanok Stay Fall Event 2015 – KTO

Who can participate? Everyone who has big interest in Hanok and has personal blog
Event period: October 1-20, 2015
How to join?
1. Post about the event on your blog
2. Leave your post link on the comment section of this page *it’s easy, isn’t it?*
PutΒ ν•œμ˜₯μŠ€ν…Œμ΄λ‘œ λ– λ‚˜λŠ” 가을 μ—¬ν–‰ as your post title or you can also #ν•œμ˜₯μŠ€ν…Œμ΄ and #ν•œμ˜₯μŠ€ν…Œμ΄ κ°€μ„μ΄λ²€νŠΈ as tag.
Winner announcement: October 21, 2015 18:00
1. 1N2D Hanok Stay Tour (15 people)
2. Mobile Giftcon (30 people)
Tour period: October 22-23, 2015

Let’s joint the event! πŸ˜€

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo Seoul

Who doesn’t know Doraemon? I don’t know about other countries, but in Indonesia Doraemon is veryyy popular. Even now, I still remember its airing time in RCTI: every Sunday at 8am!

2015-09-24 09.27.08

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

When I heard that there’s a Doraemon Expo in Seoul, I told myself not to miss it. So several days ago, I made a short visit to this 100 Doraemon Secret Gagets Expo. As the title suggests, there are 100 Doraemons here, each of them holding different secret gadgets. There are my favorite take-copter (baling-baling bambu), big light (senter pembesar), copying toast (roti penghafal), etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s anywhere door (pintu kemana saja) that makes me hope that it’s a real thing because that day was eid al-adha and it’d be nice if I can go home for awhile to celebrate the day. LOL.

2015-09-24 09.12.18

Anywhere Door

The stairs nearby is painted with characters from Doraemon. And the time machine is there!



Time Machine

Time Machine

The expo is free. You can also buy some souvenirs, but I came too early and the souvenir shop was not open yet. There’s also Doraemon cafe in 5th floor of IPark Mall.

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop

If you’re around Seoul, you still have time to visit this expo. πŸ˜€

Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo
August 28 – October 4, 2015
IPark Mall
Yongsan Station, Exit 1

Pasar Seni ITB 2014

Pasar Seni ITB datang lagi! Yak setelah 4 tahun berlalu, Pasar Seni ITB akan kembali diselenggarakan pada tanggal 23 November ini.

Acara besutan mahasiswa seni rupa ITB ini merupakan acara turun temurun yang diadakan sejak tahun 1972. Acara ini adalah acara langka yang diadakan 4 tahun sekali dan 1 hari saja! Buat mahasiswa atau alumni ITB, Pasar Seni punya kenangan tersendiri. Soalnya mahasiswa ITB yang lulus sebelum jatah habis cuma bisa bertemu 1 kali Pasar Seni ITB semasa kuliah. Jadi, banyak alumni yang memanfaatkan Pasar Seni sebagai ajang reuni. Tapi tenang, acara ini dibuka untuk umum. Semuanya boleh datang, dan yang paling penting acaranya gratis! //teteup

Dalam acara yang disebut-sebut sebagai perhelatan seni terbesar se-Asia Tenggara ini, kampus ITB dan sepanjang Jalan Ganesha akan dihiasi dengan berbagai instalasi seni. Selain itu, akan ada lebih dari 373 stand produk, makanan, delegasi dan seniman disana.


Dikutip dari Pasar Seni ITB 2014, wahana Pasar Seni ITB tahun ini antara lain:

Kotak Kontak

Maksud hati mengusir sepi, malah diobok-obok begini. Untung bertemu kau di sini, anugerah Tuhan yang patut disyukuri. Wahana di mana pengunjung akan masuk ke kotak sendirian lalu begitu keluar sudah punya teman baru. Mengapa bisa begitu? Periksa sendiri dengan datang langsung.

Fast Art

Lebih dashyat dari mie instan, lebih sehat dari kripik setan. Karya seni instan! Wahana ini bagaikan kedai, kedai bukan sekedar kedai. Pengunjung dapat memesan seni, cepat saji, jaminan mutu.

Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang

Kenal hari ini, sayang di masa depan. Terimakasih Pasar Seni, tak perlu lagi ke Klinik Tong Fang.Wahana bertajuk menggelitik ini memberi pengunjung ‘jodoh’ semudah mesin ticketing mencetak karcis. Menarik, bukan?


Pelukismu agung, siapa gerangan? Bukan Si Agung, ini ciptaan Tuhan.Mungkin kamu tidak sadar kamu sebenarnya berpijak di mana. Di wahana ini, pengunjung akan dibuat takjub akan keagungan semesta.

Kompleks Karya Raya
Segerombol seniman sekonyong-konyong memboyong pemikiran mereka. Tumpah ruah di pinggir jalan bagai lautan jemaat sholat Jumat.Jalan raya yang biasanya hanya jadi tempat parkir kuda kini disulap menjadi tempat memamerkan seni bagi para seniman. Diimpor dari penjuru tanah air!

Aih seru banget kayaknya.

Buat sedikit gambaran, berikut ini adalah foto-foto dari Pasar Seni ITB yang diadakan tahun 2010 lalu. Wah, 4 tahun nggak berasa ya ternyata. Tau-tau tambah tua aja. Saya inget banget tanggal waktu itu 10/10/10 dan acaranya cuma diadakan selama 10 jam.

Seru kan, jadi yuk ah yang ada di sekitaran Bandung mampir ke Pasar Seni ITB 2014 hari Minggu ini. Atau yang dari Jakarta mau ke Bandung juga boleh loh. Saya titip salam aja buat Rangga. Semoga bisa ketemu di Pasar Seni berikutnya :”D

mas rangga. aku tunggu ada yang ngongkosin ke indonesia dulu mas, sama kayak kamu

2014 Incheon K-Pop Concert

On my first week at school, there was orientation for foreign student. One of the speakers is from Incheon International Relation for Foreigner (IIRF). This organization provides tailored programs for international students in Incheon like homestay, making traditional food, learning k-pop dance, and watching k-pop concert. This is the application form. Guess what did i choose? πŸ˜‰

application form

application form

Yup, you’re correct. One of them is watching k-pop concert. Hahaha. And fortunately, i didn’t wait too long to make it happens. There was 2014 Incheon K-Pop Concert which is part of Incheon Asian Games on September 17th and IIRF gave us free tickets. Yeayy!

The concert was held in Songdo International Business District. There are cool buildings around there. I wanted to go earlier and look around but I had to do my assignment. Hiks. I arrived at the venue around 4 PM then went to the ticket booth to collect my ticket. International students’ area is F1, which is the nearest to the stage.

The concert started at 7PM with performances from K-Pop Dance Cover finalists. Finalists from Thailand, India, and Indonesia impressed me. Finalist from Thailand is kinda cute, one of them slightly resembles L. India’s performance had cool concept. Actually I’m quite surprised that k-pop is well-known in India. And there was loud cheering when Indonesian team performed. Why? Because they’re males but they covered AOA’s mini skirt. Hahaha. It was fun but embarassing at the same time.

After short break, performance from the k-pop idols started. BTS was the first performer. They performed Danger and Boy In Luv. I don’t know much about several next performers. There was BESTIE with their cutesy concept, ZEST, Boys Republic, HIGH4, JJCC, and Red Velvet. I only know that HIGH4 did a collaboration with IU and JJCC is a group created by Jackie Chan. JJCC impressed me with their acrobatic moves. Red Velvet is the newest group from SM Entertainment. I don’t remember the members’ names except Joy because she looks like Kim Yoojung. They performed their debut single, Happiness.

After Red Velvet, there was 100%. They are one of my favorite group. Since leader Minwoo leaving for the military service, i set my eyes on jonghwan. And yup, he’s kinda charming. My focus that night was on him. πŸ˜› Next performer was G.Na! BEAST’s labelmate. I love her. She performed G.Na’s Secret and Black & White. Next, member of first generation idol H.O.T Jang Woohyuk. His performances were enjoyable. I like them. Funny when he was talking, there was “oppa! oppa!” screaming from the audience and he said “geumanhae!” which means “enough!”. lol

After that, SECRET performed. Sunhwa was very energetic. And her fan service was good. She was throwing love sign everywhere. Next, Jay Park performed So Good and Joah. Loveee it!

Next one, T-Ara. I thought their popularity is decreasing because that bullying scandal. But people sitting next to me were their fansite masters. Those people brought their expensive cameras with very long lenses to capture the performance. And they kept cheering “hwaaa hwaaa”. Hahaha. My ears hurt. It was nice experience tho. Btw, Soyeon’s face changed so much. o_O T-Ara performed Sugar Free and Roly Poly. I think I will enjoy it more if it was before the scandal. I liked Roly Poly.



Next, 4Minute. I don’t really like their songs. But I like Sohyun and Jihyun. They performed Come In and What’s Your Name. And after that Teen Top! Ohh, I like them. I watched their live performance for the first time on Music Bank in Jakarta last year. And I can say that I like their live performances. They always have stable and enjoyable performances.



After that, KARAΒ  performed Mamamia. They’re pretty, but I think they need to interact more with the audience. And the last, EXO-K performed Overdose & Growl. The audiences who sat obediently before, now stood on their chair. I did it too because i couldn’t see anything if i just sat there. lol

It was a nice concert, although my top favorite groups like BEAST and B1A4 weren’t there. I wish I can watch more free concert here. #nggakmodal xD

Btw, is there any organization like IIRF in Indonesia?

MBC Show Champion Free Ticket

Do you like k-pop? Do you want to watch music show recording at least once in your life? If you’re planning to go to South Korea between May 2014 – February 2015, you better check this event. It’s an event held by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and MBC Plus for k-pop fans living outside Korea. Once or twice a month between May 2014 – February 2015, there will be around 100 selected people to attend studio live recording of MBC Show Champion.

How to apply? Easy. Just click the link above, read the notice and term & conditions. You can see whether there’s upcoming event or not. If you meet the criteria and agree with the term & conditions, go to Event Details part and click Event Application button. There will be a form in a popup window. Just fill it with your data.



After clicking OK. You will get an application number. There will be also an email sent to your email address.

Go back to the site on scheduled announcement date. Go to Check the Results part, fill your application number and click check button. If you’re failed to get the ticket, you’ll see this.

failed T.T

failed T.T

But if you get this one. Congrats! You successfully won the ticket.



Click Print Ticket button and you will see this

print ticket

print ticket

Print the ticket and bring it on the D-Day. Don’t forget to also bring your passport. Read the notice carefully so you won’t miss any information. Easy, right?


  • you can register using more than 1 email πŸ˜›
  • if you’re going with your friends, you can write their name on companion data (max. 4 persons). one person can apply for maximum 5 tickets.

I won the ticket for last Wednesday recording, but too bad I can’t go. The studio is quite far, It was raining, and I had something to do at the campus between 3-6 PM. If only it’s on weekend T.T It’s stated that if I get the ticket but I don’t go, I can’t be selected again on future events. But let’s try for next events, lol. xD

Lesson Learned: K-Pop Concert

Sejak tahun lalu, sepertinya semakin banyak promotor yang berhasil membawa artis k-pop ke Indonesia. Entah itu untuk konser, showcase, fanmeeting, atau sekedar jadi bintang tamu. Tapi, nggak semua berhasil melangsungkan acara yang dikenang baik-baiknya saja oleh penonton.

GBK, 9 Maret 2013

Ada yang seenaknya mengubah layout panggung dan seating plan + menambah kelas dengan harga super murah menjelang hari-H. Ada yang membuka presale tiket jauh-jauh hari diiming-imingi benefit khusus tapi buktinya nol. Ada yang menjajikan area dan pintu masuk khusus untuk pembeli tiket melalui promo tertentu tapi nggak dipenuhi. Ada yang tidak memberikan penjelasan mengenai pintu masuk masing-masing kelas, dan tidak ada yang bisa memberikan jawaban pasti mengenai hal itu. Ada juga yang petugas pengamanannya sangat sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan penontonnya. Dan lebih gilanya ada yang melakukan semua hal bodoh yang saya sebut barusan. Yes, i’m pointing at you promotor yang bikin acara bulan Maret lalu di GBK. ^^

special area? pfftttt

Ada lagi yang bikin fanmeeting dengan harga gila-gilaan, menjanjikan benefit yang jujur sangat menggiurkan buat para fans tapi hasilnya jauh dari harapan. Mulai sempat diundur, hampir batal, pindah venue sampai akhirnya bisa kejadian tapi seadanya. Fans yang sudah terlanjur beli tiket pun akhirnya cuma bisa merelakan dapat seadanya daripada nggak dapet apa-apa.

Tapi ada juga yang promotornya sudah oke, fansnya yang bikin malu. Dorong-dorongan dan teriak-teriak saat sang artis sedang tampil sampai acara mesti dihentikan sementara untuk menenangkan penonton. Nggak perlu teriak-teriak, your oppars won’t notice you. Even tho they notice you, it’s for a bad thing. Congrats ^^

Kadang saya merasa bodoh sudah membayar mahal untuk menonton konser tapi pelayanan yang diberikan promotor nggak sebanding. Ditambah lagi posisi yang didapatkan lebih sering jauh dari panggung dan cuma bisa nonton secara jelas dari layar. Tapi pikiran kapan bisa nonton lagi secara live kadang membutakan nalar. I blame you, oppars xD //i know fellow k-pop fans know how it feels//

Nah, biar nggak dibodohi sama promotor dan nggak menyesal nantinya berikut ini beberapa lesson learned saya mengenai konser k-pop di Indonesia:

  1. Perhatikan track record promotor, bagaimana konser-konser yang pernah diadakan sebelumnya. Apakah berjalan dengan baik? Jika promotor adalah pemain baru, cari tahu track record orang-orangnya. Kalau terlalu banyak janji yang mereka berikan, justru kamu harus curiga. Nggak nonton 1-2 konser nggak bikin kamu kenapa-kenapa kan? Kalo jodoh, nggak bakal kemana kok. πŸ˜› Promotor yang saya percaya sejauh ini sih Marygops Studios & Big Daddy.
  2. Harga tiket memang mahal, sesuaikan dengan budget, posisi, dan benefit yang diinginkan. Jangan lupa, menjelang hari-H akan ada makin banyak promosi (mis. menggunakan kartu kredit tertentu). Silakan bersabar kalau mau dapat tiket dengan harga yang lebih murah. Kuis berhadiah juga biasanya banyak, tapi kamu nggak bisa pilah pilih mau tiket kelas apa dan butuh usaha super supaya bisa menang. Biasanya di venue akan ada banyak calo yang menjual tiket dengan harga lebih murah, apalagi kalau acara sudah mulai. Tapi saya sih nggak menyarankan untuk beli di mereka karena takut kalau tiketnya palsu.
  3. Tertib. Nggak perlulah dorong-dorongan atau teriak-teriak. Malu. Toleransi sama penonton yang lain. Apalagi kalau join concert, nggak perlu meneriakkan nama bias kamu ke kuping orang lain sampai urat leher kamu mau putus. Bisa jadi orang itu malah sebel sama bias kamu gara-gara kamu. Bukannya nggak boleh teriak, well fun-nya konser memang disitu, tapi ya dikontrol bisa kan. Kalau pegang banner, cardboard atau kamera, jangan sampai menutupi pandangan orang lain. Orang lain juga bayar kok supaya bisa nonton yang di atas panggung.

Sementara itu dulu sih, ntar kalo inget ditambahin lagi. Maaf kalo agak offensive, sengaja πŸ˜›

BEAST Beautiful Show in Indonesia 2012

In my previous post about 2PM concert, i said that if BEAST hold a concert in Indonesia, i’m going to watch them. Anddd, yes i keep my promise. I watched them live last week on BEAST Beautiful Show in Indonesia!!! Aaaaaa, my dream comes truueeee xD

Not just because i promised it, actually the biggest reason i wanna watch them live is because i really wanna see them in person, sing along their songs, and shout their names out loud. xD I’ve been a B2UTY for a year, and in this last one year the amount of love i have for them is just too big.

This is prologue part, telling you how i started to love them. You can skip this if you’re not interested. xD Okay, let’s just start it. I have a hardcore ELF friend. Last year, she flew to Singapore & Malaysia just to watch SS3. And this year she already flew to Singapore and Thailand to watch SS4. That time, i didn’t know much about suju or kpop. I watched korean dramas, but i had no interest in kpop. Seeing her like that, i was thinking so hard how can a person spend a lot of money just for kpop stuff like that. So, in one quiet night (i still remember the date, it was February 21st, 2011) i browsed kpop boyband/girlband youtube accounts. Listened to their songs and watched their MVs. That time, i thought their music is just weird, too noisy, weird dance, and something like that. No one can hook me up. Yeah, you know i’m a hardcore fan of that asian balladeer. I love ballad and slower song so much. But, then i found BEAST youtube account. And, weird enough, i love their songs. All of the songs posted there. And their songs are not ballad, but electronic noisy dance track that i used to not like. That time, i was currently watching My Princess, where one of BEAST member, Lee Kikwang, had a role on that drama. One little role, but successfully stole my attention. He played a dumb chef there. But when i saw him on BEAST MVs. I saw a really different person, he has something people called charisma. And because of him, I started to learn more about BEAST. And hey, they have good ballad songs too. I love all the songs they have. Actually, it took around few weeks to remember other BEAST members’ name because i was too focused on Kikwang. LOL. But then i watched their reality shows such as MTV B2ST, Idol Maid, and B2ST Almighty. It made me love all af them. Their personalities are so great. You can’t not love them, really. With their release of first studio album Fiction And Fact, my love just grows so much. Seeing their performance & achievement in this one year is a precious experience. I’ve been kpopped, or specifically, I’ve been BEASTed in this one year. It changes my life. Yet I don’t have any regret xD

When BEAST announced that they’ll have a WORLD TOUR, yes it’s a WORLD TOUR, people!!!, and Indonesia is on the list of the country they’ll visit, I was so damn happy. One promotor tweeted that if they get 5000 followers, they will hold BEAST concert in Indonesia. But, at last they didn’t manage to get that much followers and decided not to hold it because they doubt BEAST popularity in Indonesia. Ah, how sad I was at that time T_T There goes my hope T_T But then, some other promotors gave hint about artists they plan to bring to Indonesia. They even mentioned kpop or BEAST clearly. When they tweeted about specific date, i compared it to BEAST schedule. Actually, that was a frustrating moment. But i still prepared my money, i still had a little hope to see them live because rumour said they’ll come to Indonesia. One promotor was doing their survey. They said, it’s March or never. It’s too sudden, but i knew that it’s the only available schedule for BEAST. And finally, Marygops confirmed it. BEAST will have their Beautiful Show in Indonesia on March 17 at JITEC, that 2PM concert venue. Ticket will be sold soon. Whooaaa, i’m so excited. When the ticket sales started, i asked my friends to help me booked the ticket just in case i didn’t get it. I got mini heart attack that time because they said they will start selling it at 10 AM but rajakarcis opened it at 10.15 AM. I thought i couldn’t get it ToT But finally i got it from rajakarcis! \o/

Waiting for the D-Day is really a dujun-dujun moment *dugun dugun i meant xD* There was a project held by a fanbase to give BEAST members a gift. And i had a chance to give to Dongwoon. Actually I wanna give some present to Kikwang because he’s my bias and his birthday is coming soon. But it’s okay, Dongwoon is my 2nd bias. xD I gave him a t-shirt with AKU GANTENG and yeah meme on it. I custom made it in Villour, quite expensive but yeah i’m blinded by love. LOL. Because it’s too embarassing, i bought another t-shirt from I also put a letter & Kikwang bday card on the gift. And i put salonpas gel too on it because i heard that they’ll hold highfive event and i was feeling bad for them. LOLOLOL. I’m feeling so embarassed now for doing this. What i regret is i should pay some money if i wanted to give it to them. The money was for project donation actually. But still.. Because later i know that there’ll be gift corner on the venue. Fuuu. I should just put it on the gift corner -_-

Because there’ll be gift corner, i bought Kikwang a birthday present. A cap. Not that expensive and i know he usually buys much more expensive cap than it but i just hope it shows my sincerity. Halah xD I found an uno card pack with Thomas & Friends character on it, wanna buy it for Yoseob but it’s quite expensive. So i didn’t buy it. Sorry Yoseob >_< It’s for preschooler though, so don’t feel that bad xD For this concert, I also buy new pocket camera because my old pocket camera is not that good in dark room, I proved it in Kahitna concert. And i don’t want to get poor quality photos from Beautiful Show, so that i buy a new one. Yeah, the impulsive me wins -___-

On the D-Day, I went to Jakarta with B2UTY Bandung, they said they’ll depart on 8AM but we actually departed on 9AM. -___-” The only people I knew there is Lala. We arrived at JITEC around 12 PM. I exchanged my voucher to the real ticket at the lobby, then went to musholla, then to 3rd floor. Whoaa, it was crowded there. And it was still around 1 or 2 PM. The open gate will be on 6PM, though -___- I bought Kikwang slogan from Meet The Universe there. I also met Ai, from Surabaya, my t-shirt buyer. Then I put my remaining t-shirt that i sold, selling it to people there. But that’s not for a long time, the security asked us not to selling goods there. Fuuu. And because of that, i ended up bring the t-shirt to the concert. It’s quite heavy. Boys, help meee bring those ToT

My ticket was festival right, we queued at parking lot on 8th floor. It was so damn hot there. At 6.15 PM, i finally got into the venue. I changed my sandals into wedges because I’m quite short. xD But because of this, Lala & I lost our good spot. Huaa, i’m so sorry la. >_< We were like on the 4th or 5th row. Not that close to the boys ToT Before concert started at 8PM, BEAST video greeting to Indonesia was played. And their songs also played too. We sang along their songs. I prepared my lightstick, cameras, and fanboard on my jacket.

inside the venue

And at 8PM the concert finally started! They played intro video. And then BEAST boys appeared with Special!. I still have goosebump everytime I listen to Special, I remember that moment when the boys appeared. Boys, i miss you all ;A;

i'm readyyy

finally ;A;

They continued Special with Soom & Shock. Aaaa, i can’t see them clearly. Too many cameras there! Even my camera didn’t get good video because i kept moving it to get a better position. If i can choose, i prefer no camera rule in the venue. Fuuu. I can’t tell if the boys are more handsome in real life because i can’t see them clearly. I also can’t tell if Kikwang is like a little prince because he’s short. I can’t even see him from head to toe. It was really different from 2PM concert. I can see them clearly. Maybe because the stage is different. On 2PM concert, there was outer stage. But in BEAST concert, there was only inner stage. And people centered on that spot. Fuuu. I’m mad!


everyday i shock, shock!

After that, they did talking session. They introduced themselves in Bahasa. OMG, asdahsdgashdg! So cuteeee >_< When Kikwang asked us to answer his Are you readehhh, he even said BAGUS! OMG, my baby, i love youuu! I was afraid he wouldn’t smile a lot at the concert because what i read on twitter is he didn’t smile much at the presscon and people calling him rude for doing that. But he smiled a lot, i’m so happy TTATT Bagus kiki, bagus sayanggg. cup cup muahhh :* When the boys expressed their thanks and love for Indonesian B2UTy, i kept saying gomballl. Hahaha. xD Boys, you’re so gombal but i like it xD xD

Soon, their Mistery MV is played. I’ve watched it, but seeing it again on a bigger screen. OMG, the boys are so handsome >_< After that, they sang Easy with standing mic. OMG, they were so damn gorgeous. Too bad, most of the time i saw it from the big screen T_T After that, Clenching A Tight Fist, we held a paper with The One and Only BEAST in hangul. One of that fanbase projects.


There’s also Yet performance. Yoseob came closer to my area. And in I knew It performance, i love the dance but I can’t see it clearly. I keep my fancam focused to Kikwang :3

kikwang ❀

I forgot the exact song list so sorry if i mix it, but there was Hyunseung solo performance with Amurut. He is the jonna sexy, hyperactive, 4D Prince. He is soooooo beautiful in real life. I managed to get a glimpse detail of real life Hyunseung. Handsome is not the best term for him. He is beautiful. Period

hyunseung & tiger jacket, rawrrr

And Junhyung solo performance with Living Without You. Full of swag. And at the end, pwahaha, he dropped his mic. Gwenchana junhyungie :3 #pukpuk

When The Door Closes, Doojoon & Dongwoon performance. Dongwoon’s voice cracked a bit and later i knew people talking about it. But don’t you know that Hyunseung voice was also cracked during his solo performance? You can see it in my fancam. Why don’t people talking about it? Oh, my poor dongsaeng. Let me hug you Son Nam Shin xD On this performance, Doojon is on the right stage so my focus was on him. At the end, they raised the stage where the boys stand. In seoul, there was wings effect during that part. But it can’t be found in Indonesia. I was hoping for the wings effect though -___-


Then, Let It Snow. My baby Kikwang and Hyunseung turn. With that home-like aquarium set and touch my own sexy body dance movement. And Kikwang was on right side, yeayy! Even i knew that they didn’t bring dancers to Indonesia, i was still worried that there will be female dancer touch my Kikwangie. Nooo, i just can’t imagine that happened in front of me. But, yeah there was no dancer. Fiuhhh xD At the end, there was snow effect. Ummm, not really snow, because it was sprayed from the bottom part.

fierce kikwang

Next was Thanks To from Junseob. Ahhh, they’re cute. I can see a bit of Junhyung detail. He’s really white and he had freckles (?) on his skin because he’s too white (?) I don’t know. Their interaction after the song is cute. Aaaa xD xD xD I kept screaming everytime I saw Junhyung, he’s so gorgeous in real life xD


Then Should I Hug Or Not, i wish they bring their dancers on this song. I wanna see it so bad. Hiks. Btw, I love Kikwang’s shirt during this performance. His body fit the shirt and he looked good. Ah, my baby boy xD When he said dugun dugun and did that chest touching movement. That’s so cute. xD Doojoon’s Pulau teibuuuu is also so cutee. xD And If i’m not mistaken, they gave flowers when they sang this song. When the flower flew near my area, people trying to grab it and I was like swept away with the people wave. At that moment, i was thinking should i just fell so that the BEAST boys help me to stand. Pwahaha, bad girl xP


junhyung's face, lol

And when they took a girl to the stage for You performance. They took it from festival left and didn’t even bother to see the festival right TTATT I was holding my fanboard with jeoyo! jeoyo! (Me! Me!) written on it. They didn’t see it. Ah, i’m sad. Kikwangie put his hand on the girl mouth and kissed his own hand. Hyunseung put her head on the girl’s lap, Yoseob did back hug, Doojoon gave her teddy bear and flower. Mmm, i don’t really remember the details. Ah, all I know is I envy her >_<

neo, nappeun namja!

junhyung must be jealous

boys, you...

Then The Fact, Fiction, On Rainy Days, and Freeze. Aah, I love it so much >_<


Then VCR shown, video from their predebut, debut, first win, etc. There’s a moment when Kikwang’s style similar to JB of Dream High 2 and i shouted JB because of it. But it was awkward because maybe people next to me thought that I mistakenly said JB for AJ. LOLOLOL

They also sang I Like You The Best, one of my favorite songs. <333 Hyunseung danced randomly on the center stage. Pwahaha, this 4D prince. xD Then Oasis, last before encore πŸ˜₯

before encore

On encore, they changed their clothes to Beautiful Show t-shirt. They sang VIU & Beautiful with that fun dance. I was happy & sad at the same time. It’ll end soon TAT That time, i held my 2 sides fanboard. 1st side is my birthday greeting to Kikwang, the other side is son nam shin. But i think Kikwang & Dongwoon didn’t see it. T_T They come closer to my side, but too bad, my camera was already off during that time. Aaaa. ToT They also bowed to us. Ahhh, my humble and kind boys. Thank youuuu <333


thank you biseuteu :")

Anddd at the end, i can say that i’m not satisfied with the concert. Not because their performance is bad. Their performance is really good. But i can’t see it clearly because my position was not good. T_T And I feel like watching them from DVD is much better. But still, i wanna see them in person again. Weird enough? Yes. I wanna see them in more detail! And one thing that i notice, they moved from one spot to another spot too fast. T_T

Ah boys, reminiscence this makes me miss you. I wanna see you again T_T Please come back to Indonesia, okay T_T

Andd please don’t mind my english & the grammar mistakes. I know my english is bad orz

2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Jakarta 2011

Well, this isn’t a new story. It happened more than a month ago. But, it’s one of my precious memories. That’s why I wanna share about this πŸ˜›

I’ve been into k-pop since 10 months ago. Honestly, I’m not paying much attention to many boy/girlbands. I only keep my eyes on BEAST/B2ST. And for otherΒ  boy/girlbands, I listen to their songs but I can say that I’m not really a fan. That’s why when I knew that south korean boyband, 2PM, will hold a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, I didn’t really care. You know, the ticket concert was really expensive. At least, for me. The cheapest one was 500.000. I won’t spend that much money just for a night. Hahaha

But, someday i found that Kartu As held a contest prized 2PM concert ticket. Without too much hope, I entered this contest. I just filled a form and shared about this on facebook. After that, I really forgot about this. I don’t know much about 2PM or their songs.Β  Just some their hits songs. And I know some members, but not from their 2PM activities. I know them from kdrama/show they starred in, such as Taecyeon in Cinderella’s Sister & Dream High, Wooyoung & Chansung in Dream High, and Nichkhun in WGM. So, I thought it was really okay if i didn’t win. But, guess what? A week later, on November 8th, i got sms from T*LKOMSEL telling me that i won a ticket from the contest. WOW! I thought that i have no more luck in this kind of contest/quiz. lol

But, there was a problem. I should come to Jakarta bringing that sms to take the ticket on 9th or 10th. The concert will be on beautiful date 11/11/11, though. That time, I just started my work life and I can’t go to Jakarta that easy. Beside that, how much it will cost to go to Jakarta for taking ticket and watch the concert. *Oh yeah, i’m quite stingy* XD So, i tried to ask everyone if they want it. I will lend my simcard if they want to go to jakarta and take it themselves. I’ll give it for free. But, because it’s too sudden, no one can take it. Then, i found someone from Bandung who also got the ticket. I asked her if she willing to take my ticket for me while she take hers. And she answered yes. Yeay.

Skip to D-Day. The concert held in JITEC Mangga Dua Square at 19.30. I booked Cipaganti to Mangga Dua Square for 14.45 departure. But, i was late for it and asked for waiting list for next departure. But, i didn’t get it. Finally i got the one that departed at 16.45. I arrived in Mangga Dua Square at 20.10. Oh, really late. Then I took the ticket in Cipaganti office there because the one i ask to take the ticket has entered the concert venue first. That’s why i ended up watching the concert alone. Huhuhu.

After taking ticket, i went to JITEC which located not too far from there. It was around 20.30. And because of that, i didn’t need to take a long queue to enter the venue. lol. And fortunately, the concert started late. I just missed 1 or 2 songs. πŸ˜€ And i didn’t miss their Hands Up performance which was fun. Some songs they perform: I Can’t, Give It To Me, Hate You, 10 Points Out Of 10, My Valentine (Nichkhun & Taecyeon), Alive (Junsu Solo), I’ll Be Back, Only You, Thank You.

Eventhough i didn’t know most of their songs, i enjoyed their performances. The songs are good. They sang & danced live really well. That time, i was amazed that they can perform so many songs. Their stamina was amazing. I got festival ticket worth 800.000. And festival area is located right between main stage and vip area. So that I can see Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Junho, Junsu from a close distant because they run around the stage and vip area. XD Their fanservice is sooo lovable. On side note, I’m used to not like Taecyeon, because I think his expression is quite scary. But when i look at 2PM live, he’s the member that i wanna see the most because somehow i found he’s really good looking on person. His shy smile is sooooo adorable. XD And angel Nichkhun with wings effect on the end of concert is wow. And, abs? Chansung showed off his. Too much -___-” Taecyeon also did. He threw his shirt to vip area at the end of concert. Oh, i shouldn’t look at this. I’m a pure & innocent girl. #eh

Btw, I don’t remember the concert rundown, but you can read it here. Here are some fancams that i took. Hope you like it!

2PM introduced themselves in bahasa

2PM – I Can’t

2PM – Give It To Me

This is my favorite fancam because it shows how close i was with wooyoung, taecyeon, junsu, and junho. XD And at the end, you can see junho junsu (2jun) interaction. That was cute XD

2PM showed off their talent: beatbox, chansung solo (and sexy) dance

Taecyeon & Nichkhun – My Valentine

Bonus: Chansung said “I Love You Guys” ^^

After this concert, i listen more to their songs and I like it. No, not that i become a Hottest. Can you imagine if i say “Hey, i’m a kpop fan. I’m a Beauty (what Beast fan called) and Hottest” *feeling like someone will slap me* Hahaha

And because the concert was amazing, I think if BEAST holds a concert in Indonesia, I must attend it even though it costs much. I just can’t wait to sing with them and shout their names. Okay, time to save money. XD

Ouch, my english is really bad X(