Bukchon Hanok Village: Looking Inside The Hanok Houses

Bukchon Hanok Village is a famous spot in Seoul where you can see Korea traditional houses, hanok. Almost all the houses are privately owned so by default you can only look from outside. But last month I had a chance to enter some of the houses and see what’s inside. And it was really fascinating.

There was an event called 행복작당 and by joining the event you’ll be able to visit 14 places in Bukchon Hanok Village. I was lucky that my housemate invited me to join her attending the event. 😀

What’s more interesting, there was collaboration with artist or product on each places. So it was like a small exhibition.

Collaboration with printing company.
Collaboration with hat designer Park Gyueun at Cheongchunja
Collaboration with cosmetic brand Sooryehan
Collaboration with cosmetic brand Whal Myung
Collaboration with cosmetic brand Whal Myung
Collaboration with cosmetic brand Whal Myung
Modern furniture inside hanok house
“Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” – Estee Lauder
The view is so pretty!
Collaboration with Switzerland watch brand, RADO
Collaboration with furniture company
Lovely view

One of the places I visited was Bae Ryeom’s house. Bae Ryeom is a modern Korean painter and he lived in the house from 1959 until his death in 1968. Before him, Korea’s first archivist Song Seokha lived in the house and used it as an office for Korean Folklore Society. The house is now a registered cultural heritage and a public venue for art and culture events.

Bae Ryeom’s House
Hands-on experience inside Bae Ryeom’s house

There’s also Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine where I saw how complicated royal cuisine is.

One of the alley had this event where they put store owner photograph in front of their own store.

Neighborhood mart owner photograph in front of their store!

Since the participating places are scattered across the area, I happened to see some interesting spots around the area too 😀

I had always thought that inside a hanok house must be very traditional, but looking at these house I realized that hanok house also matched well with modern looking furniture. The company participated on the event also did well with the display. Overall, it was a great experience! It’ll be nice if they do it regularly, and hopefully I can also visit it next time. 😀

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