2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang: Hassle Free Concert Experience with Trazy!

When I first knew that there will be Dream Concert in Pyeongchang, I didn’t feel like to go because it’s tooooo far. But then Trazy asked if I want to join its 2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang transport + ticket package, I checked the package and it’s awesome. It solves the transportation problem that I’m worried about the most and there’s also short visit to Yongpyong Ski Resort. I’ve been in Korea for more than 3 years, but I’ve never been to ski resort even once. LOL. This time I was sponsored by Trazy, but if I wasn’t sponsored I think I’d still take it because it’s such a great deal and the prize was good too!

Pyeongchang is located in Gangwon-do. It’s about 3-4 hours from Seoul. You may probably ask why the concert is not in Seoul. Why is it so far??? Whyyy? Well, the Dream Concert itself was held to celebrate D-100 of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Pyeongchang was selected to host 2018 Winter Olympic Games on 2011 and since then it has been preparing really hard for the event success. I can’t believe that 2018 Winter Olympic Games is in less than 100 days! 1 or 2 years ago, if I saw any 2018 Winter Olympic Games advertisement I was like “I don’t know if that time I’ll still be in Koreaㅠㅠ It’s still far away” But now I’m still here and with these years passed, Pyeongchang is now completely ready to host the big event. Can’t wait for it!

As I said before, I took the transport + ticket package from Trazy, so that morning I went to my meeting place choice which is in Hongdae. And there were already so many bus O_O I didn’t expect it to be that many so I was really surprised. I showed my confirmation email to the staff and got on the bus. As easy as that! The guide announced some stuffs like ticket distribution & meeting point after concert after the bus departed. After that I just slept and when I woke up, I was already near Yongpyong Ski Resort. LOL.

When we were dropped off at Yongpyong Ski Resort, the guide said we have around 1,5 hours to explore and she also offered discounted ticket of Gondola for only 5000 KRW because we took this package. Without thinking much, I took the offer and I think it was the best decision I made that day!

Before taking the gondola, I explored event zone in Yongpyong Ski Resort. There was a photo zone with that super famous drama, Goblin. If you wonder why, Yongpyong Ski Resort is one of Goblin filming location! If you’re a big fan of the drama, you should visit this place~! There’s also this photo zone with falling snow effect. So pretty! Other than photo zone, there were some games that visitor can join. I tried curling! It was not on real curling area, just in a table equipped with curling sheet. But I was happy enough that I could try sliding the curling stone. Haha. The staff said I was good (well, he said it to everyone lol) and gave me a small gift package for participating. Yeayy! I also tried playing tuho, Korean traditional arrow throwing game. I threw 1 of the arrow right inside the center one, but it went out again ㅠㅠ But anyway, I got a voucher by playing this game. Haha.


After joining the game, I rode the gondola. Actually I didn’t have any idea that the gondola here is 7.4km long which is the longest in Asia. When the guide said it’ll take around 1 hour for round trip, I was just like ‘Hmm, are you kidding me? It won’t be that long…’. But then I got on the gondola and when I didn’t see where it would end, I realized that what she said was true. Hahaha. The gondola was really amazing, I could see beautiful view of the area. And guess what, at the other end of the ride which is called Dragon Peak, it was already winter! Snow everywhere, it was so beautiful. My first snow in early November!

I was back to our meeting place right in time and we departed to the concert area. Arrived at the venue, I ate some food first and went inside at around 4:30pm. The stage was really big!

2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang Stage

The concert lineup includes EXO-CBX, VIXX, (the super famous) Wanna One, Sunmi, B.A.P, EXID, Red Velvet, ASTRO, NU’EST W, MONSTA X, Ailee, HALO, LABOUM, (my girlsss!) CLC, B.I.G, DIA, gugudan, PRISTIN, Weki Meki, TRCNG, DJ DOC, Baek Ji Young, and NRG. It had the right balance of male & female performers!

The performances were awesome. It was really cold that day, I applauded them for being able to perform well at that kind of weather. Especially for the girls, considering their outfit. I could see the performers felt so cold when waiting for their turn next to the stage but when they went up to the stage and perform, they did it like the weather is nothing. Being an idol is hard, huh?

It must be really cold ><

Some of my favorite performances

Wanna One

Ong, what are you doing??? Ahaha

TRCNG, they are rookie but I was impressed by their performance

Sadly my camera was easily run out of the battery because it was so cold, I couldn’t record much T_T

NU’EST W was awesome. The lighstick color was so pretty. I like them since NU’EST days because their songs are good. But I didn’t know that they faced that much hardship until they appeared on Produce 101. Glad they’re doing well now!

There’s also Pyeongchang promotional video with NU’EST W members. It was so cute especially the part when they tried to cook Memiljeon (Buckwheat Pancake) which is one of Pyeongchang specialty. It looks good, I want to try it too!

B.A.P was also great! Himchan with glasses was so handsome. T_T He also performed My Ear Candy with Baek Jiyoung



Since my seat was near the entrance to backstage, sometimes when the performers went back they’d look to our seat area and wave. Haha. And before the join stage, I could see some of Wanna One members waited for their turn next to the stage acting cutely and waving to the fans. One of the reason why attending a concert directly is much better and give more satisfaction than just watching it from video. It was cold but really great concert! It was finished late, but I can go back safely to Seoul that night. Thank you Trazy for the hassle free experience!

If you want to easily enjoy a K-Pop concert in Korea, you should check Trazy! Being a foreigner, it can be difficult to get a concert ticket because a lot of Korean ticket site only receives Korean card and most of the time you need to have registered Korean phone number too. Add that you have to compete on those ‘picketing’ a.k.a bloody ticketing… Compared to that, it’s really easy to book ticket on Trazy. Most of the time, Trazy sells special zone for foreigner which is usually located very close to the stage. Sometimes it also has special package like this transport package for Pyeongchang Dream Concert, or YG Tour with this BIGBANG Concert. Or if you want to attend music show, you can try book this SBS MTV The Show ticket through Trazy~ Do check their page for those great deals!

Not only K-pop related activity, you can also book so many activities on Trazy. Since it’s already winter, I’m thinking if I should try skiing because as I said before I’ve never tried it… Trazy has this page that helps me find the most suitable ski resort and what kind of activities I should choose based on my preference. You should check it too if you have any plan visiting Korea this winter!

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