Free K-Pop Events October 2016

October is just a week away~ If you love k-pop or korean music in general including k-indie, k-hiphop, k-band, k-rock, or even the old style music and you’ll be in Korea on October 2016~ Check these events out:

Mu:con Seoul 2016 (

Mu:con is conference, networking, and biz-matching events for people in music industry. But it also has showcase events which you can apply to attend. The performers are from wide variety of genre: k-pop idols, soloist, rapper & hiphop, disco/funk band, jazz band, electronic band, rock band, etc. You can check it here.

You can apply for showcase on October 7-8. Basically, there are 3 showcases on 3 different places everyday: MBC Open Hall (18:30-22:30), Sangsangmadang, and Muv Hall (19:00-23:00). The performer list in MBC Open Hall is not fixed yet. But here’s the performer list in Sangsangmadang and Muv Hall. I put video link on the performer name so you can easily check their music out beforehand. 😉

Hongdae KT&G Sangsangmadang

October 7th, 2016: Gonne Choi,  단편선과 선원들 (Danpyunsun and the Sailors), 바버렛츠 (The Barberettes)Sunwoo Jungah, Nucksal

October 8th, 2016: Lydia Lee (look at the number of views! she was invited to Ellen DeGeneres show after her cover of Adele’s Hello went viral), O.When, Yoon Seokcheol Trio, Jung Jinwoon Band (Jung Jinwoon, the ex-member of 2AM), Drug Restaurant (Jung Junyoung Band)

How to get there: Hongdae (Hongik University) Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5.

Hongdae Yes24 Muv Hall

October 7th, 2016: Raw By Peppers (로바이페퍼스), Life and Time (라이프 앤 타임), THE KOXX (칵스), Sultan of The Disco (술탄 오브 더 디스코), Clazziquai Project

October 8th, 2016: From The Airport, Thornapple, Samuel Seo, Royal Pirates, iamnot (아이엠낫), The Monotones (더모노톤즈), MC Sniper

How to get there: Go out of exit 3 @ Hapjeong station (Line 2 / 6) and walk straight in the direction of Seogyodong intersection. At BoBo Hotel (보보호텔) turn right and walk straight for about 200m. Cross the road at the crosswalk.

You can apply ticket for the showcase here from September 19th. It’s first come first served basis. One winner will get 2 tickets. The ticket will be sent as mobile ticket. Bring your ID card and mobile ticket on the day. Take note that the showcases will be on the same time. So, even though you’re lucky to win several events on the same day you probably can only attend one event for each day.

– DMC Festival 2016 (

DMC Festival 2016 dubbed itself as Asia’s Biggest Broadcasting Culture Festival. It will be taking place for 11 days (October 1-11). And there’s performance event everyday. Check the detail and updated information here.


All events will take place in Sangam Cultural Plaza (MBC HQ Sangam). You can apply for the ticket here. You must have an imbc account to apply, create one here if you don’t have it.


You can choose up until 3 events and you can only apply once. The winner is decided by lottery (not first come first served basis). Make sure you have your phone number set on your imbc account profile because winner confirmation text will be sent to your phone. Prepare your ID Card, confirmation text, and imbc ID to exchange  for the ticket. The ticket can be used for 2 people. Audience of King of Masked Singer must bring mask as dress code.

For MBC Radio DJ Concert (Oct 7), you can apply separately here. If you want to participate as voter in Mask of The Singer, you can also apply it here. For AMN Big Concert, you can choose which day you apply for here (you can choose both date).

For Oct 1-3 performances: Sept 25
For Oct 4-7 performances: Sept 28
For Oct 8-11 performances: Oct 3

Keep in mind that performers are subject to change depending on the condition.

Busan One Asia Festival (


KTO is recruiting foreigners to participate in Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) K-POP Concert Opening & Closing Ceremonies.

☞ Event period
October 1 (Sat), 2016 / 17:20-20:00 (Korea Standard Time)
October 23 (Sun), 2016 / 18:00-20:00 (Korea Standard Time)
☞ Venue: Busan Asiad Main Stadium in Busan Metropolitan City
☞ Number of participants: 1,500 each for October 1 & October 23 (first-come, first-served basis; exclusively for foreigners)

☞ Artists Line Up

Date Artists
October 1 (Saturday) PSY, Girls Generation, CNBLUE, INFINITE, Block B, BTS, B1A4, Apink, Girl’s Day, BAP, T-ARA, IOI, Lyn, DIA, LABOUM
October 23 (Sunday) BTS, SHINee, AOA, TWICE, GFriend & 10 other idol groups (TBA)

☞ Application period
-October 1 (Sat) Opening Ceremony: September 19-28, 2016 at 10:00
-October 23 (Sun) Closing Ceremony: September 19 – October 18, 2016 at 10:00

Check detailed info and how to  apply here.

Daegu 2016 Rookie Asia M Style Show (

If you’re in Daegu or willing to travel to Daegu, there’s an event called Rookie Asia M Style Show. It’s a mix of fashion show, dance performance, and k-pop singers.


Date/Time: October 2nd, 2016/6PM
Place: Daegu EXCO Exhibition Hall 1 (1F) / 대구 엑스코 전시 1홀 (1F)
How to get there:
Lineup: B1A4, Boyfriend, Gugudan,, Just Jerk, Boin, Genius Nochang, DJ Kisoo

It’s free but you need to book it from this link. One person can apply for 2 tikets. Basically, you just need to select date, time, and click “예매하기” button. Then select available seat and proceed to next step. It’s easy but maybe quite complicated if you don’t understand Korean or not used to Korean ticketing system. But you can use google translate to get the rough idea. (I’m sorry, but I won’t answer any question related to how to book this event). Once the reservation is complete, you can just exchange the ticket on the venue~

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11 thoughts on “Free K-Pop Events October 2016

  1. Hi..may i ask about AMN Showcase@MBC Open Hall on 7th October 2016..i didn’t found anything that i could apply for the ticket..can you help me? Thank you in advance (=

    • Hi Dewi,
      As i mentioned on the post, the deadline for Oct 7 event (AMN) is Sept 28. So the application is already closed. You can apply the rest until Oct 3

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