Places To Visit In Incheon (Part III) – Sorae Ecological Park (소래습지생태공원)

Back to place to visit in Incheon series! Let me introduce you to Sorae Ecological Park~


Sorae Ecological Park

Sorae Ecological Park was once Korea’s largest salt field. It was created during Japan colonial period and used until 1996. In May 2009, it was reopened as ecological park. This park has salt field, mud flat, and wetland as the bed of various living creatures and habitat for migratory birds. It enables observation of various marine creatures in marsh. It also has an exhibition hall that presents the information on the facility where salt was produced in the past.


Sorae Ecological Park Map


Birds you can find on the park


One of the bird I found!


Pretty! Look at the sky, there’s someone paragliding~


Kids exploring the mud flat


Observation Deck


Exhibition Center. Information is only in Korean,though.


Observation Deck (3rd Floor)


Salt Field view from Observation Deck


What do you call this?

Theoretically, it’s such a great place. But you may think that it’s quite boring, eh?  Sooo, here’s the highlight~


See what I see? Windmills!

Sorae Ecological Park is famous for its windmill! There are exactly 3 windmills in the middle of the park. Seems so random, but it’s quite popular spot for taking photos. If you love taking picture, you’ll definitely love this!


Let’s go to the windmill~


Random windmills


Mystical windmill


Is it Korea?


Windmill and beautiful sky

Psst, the celeb couple Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea also did a photoshoot here~

Some interesting videos I found:

How to get there: Subway Suin Line, Soraepogu Station, Exit 2. Walk ~15 minutes


Sorae Ecological Park is not far from Sorae Port and Sorae Fish Market, if you love exploring traditional fish market try to make a visit too!

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