Bucheon Million Rose Garden

I warned you that flower series has not ended yet. Haha. So here’s another one!

I read about rose festival in Bucheon before. So, I suggested my friend that we should also go to this festival after seeing poppy field in Sangdong Lake Park because they’re both in Bucheon. The festival is annually held in Million Rose Garden (백만송이장미원). For this year, it will be held until June 23rd, 2016.

I was really stunned when I see the garden. So many beautiful roses with various colors and species. There’s also information board about the species, even though description is only written in Korean.

2016 bucheon rose festival 1

Bucheon Rose Festival

2016 bucheon rose festival 13

Information Board

2016 bucheon rose festival 16

Bucheon Rose Festival

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Some designated photo zones:

I didn’t count if there was actually a million roses there. Haha. If it’s really true, Sooyoon can come to this place 10.000 times when he needs 100 roses. xD

If you want to go to this rose garden, take Seoul Subway Line 7 to Chunui Station. Go to exit 7 and take bus 661, 50, or 12 from there. Get off at KT북부천지사.365안전교육장 bus stop and walk about 400 m.

rose garden map



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