Places To Visit In Incheon (Part II) – Songdo International Business District

It’s been a long time since I posted the part 1. Sorry  for neglecting this series. ^^;; So here I come with part 2!

Songdo International Business District is a new smart city built from scratch in Incheon area. It’s also a part of Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), along with Cheongna & Yeongjong. The construction started in 2005. Its goal is a city in perfect balance, combining the ideal mix of residential, cultural, business, retail, and recreational environments.

Here are some spots to enjoy in Songdo IBD

1. Central Park
Songdo Central Park is modeled after New York Central Park. It’s a nice place, especially for family. You may bump into Superman is Back’s triplets, Daehan Minguk and Manse, since they live in an apartment in this area. This park appeared several times on the show. 😀 This park also has seawater canal where you can ride the cruise.

Some uniquely music-themed shaped desks near the canal.

2. Oceanscope
You can observe Incheon Bridge which connect Yeongjeongdo and mainland from this place. I love the shape of the building It’s unique. It’s made of shipping container box.

3. NC Cube Canal Walk
It’s a mall in Songdo IBD area. It has water canal on the center. You can stroll alongside fountains in the canal, to find outdoor cafés, restaurants, and shops.


NC Cube


NC Cube Canal Walk (source)

You may also bump into the triplets here. 😉

4. Tribowl
Tribowl is a cultural space with unique 3 connected bowl-shaped building.


Watch this video to see what’s the inside of building looks like.

5. Compact Smart City
It’s a museum to showcase the Past, Present, and Future Incheon. The entrance is free!


Compact Smart City

Just beside the building, there’s Incheon Tourist Information Center.


Incheon Tourist Information Center

6. Convensia
Songdo Convensia is dubbed as state-of-the-art green convention center. And it also has beautiful design that will remind you a bit of Sydney Opera House.


Convensia (source)

7. Northeast Asia Trade Tower, G-Tower, etc
As part of IFEZ, Songdo is home of a lot of international company. Some of the office buildings here have unique design, such as the G Tower and currently the highest building in Korea, Northeast Asia Trade Tower.


G-Tower on the right




Central Park I Apartment

The apartment also has a quite unique shape. 😀

Songdo Map


To go there, you can take Incheon Subway Line 1. There are several stations, but I recommend to get off at Central Park Station. 🙂

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