Hangang Seoraeseom Canola Festival 2016

Seoraeseom is one of the artificial islands built on hangang riverside. It’s not that far from the famous Banpo Bridge.

Last week, me & my friend went to Seoraeseom to see canola flowers. We were afraid that it’d be very crowded since it was Sunday, so we went there around 9am. And I guess we were too early. It was really quiet, most visitors were ahjussi & ahjumma passing by after having morning jog and walk. 😀

It was my first time seeing canola in full bloom. It’s really pretty! Canola is famous for its canola oil which derived from the seed. Canola flower sometimes also referred as rapeseed flower. Yep, i know… the name is weird, right? xD But actually canola and rapeseed is a bit different. From this article, it’s said that Canola is created from rapeseed but with 2 elements removed.

1. seoraeseom

You can see Sevit Some from afar!

2. seoraeseom


3. seoraeseom


6. seoraeseom

Han River

Since it was festival period, there were some spots designed as photozone, such as this rainbow and colorful chairs zone. 😀

4. seoraeseom


5. seoraeseom

Colorful Chairs

And what do you do when you get pretty scenery? Yep, of course, taking photos! Haha. Even though I need to be careful of the bees. xD

7. seoraeseom

alert mode on

8. seoraeseom


9. seoraeseom


10. seoraeseom


11. seoraeseom

“I feel free~”

12. seoraeseom


The canola festival ended on May 15th since it was the peak. I checked pictures on instagram, and the flower now isn’t as much as I went there. But if you want to go there, you can go to Gubanpo Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit 2. Walk 370m towards the Olympic-daero Highway.  Just follow the sign to Banpo Hangang Park. 😀


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