A Tropical Girl’s Spring

After long winter, the spring finally sprung! Because of the global weirding, half of the spring still felt quite cold. It’s only last week I started to left my coat at home, after several days of rain and strong wind.

When waiting for spring to come, I learned this phrase “꽃샘추위”. It literally means “Winter is Jealous of The Blooming Flowers”. It usually happens in March when the weather start getting warmer but then it’s back to freezing cold for several days. Cute, eh?

Some pictures from flower hunting~

Incheon Grand Park

Last year, I went to Yeouido Hangang Park. Since I know it’s really crowded during the day and I was too lazy to go early, I didn’t go there this year. Instead, I went to Incheon Grand Park. It was a nice park. There’s Cherry Blossoms path and even though it’s crowded, It’s not as bad as Yeouido.

In Korea, flower viewing (hanami) is called 꽃놀이. Jinhae, near Busan, is one of the famous place to see the Cherry Blossoms (벚꽃). Booked the bus to southern part but was cancelled because lack of participant. I was too lazy to rearranged it, so at the end didn’t go at all.

Seokchon Lake, Jamsil

Kinda passed the peak and it was raining the day before.

Wonmisan Azalea Festival, Bucheon

Well, spring is not only Cherry Blossoms. There are so many kind of flowers. Azalea (진달래) is one of them. I went to this festival in Bucheon. Actually I went 1 day after the festival finished. It was not that crowded and the flower was still there. Hehe.

Conclusion: I need better camera. HA!


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