Japan Trip – Part 5 : Amazing Osaka and How It Ended with Another Drama

I arrived in Osaka at my 7th day night. My hostel is near Dobutsuen-Mae Station. It’s called Hostel Backpacker Toyo. This time I took a single room instead of the dorm one. I slept really well that night. My condition got a lot better the next day. As I told you on the previous post, I didn’t prepare my Osaka trip well. I didn’t have exact plan for that day. Since I already bought Osaka Amazing 2-Day Pass and asked TIC staff in Kyoto for recommended places, I checked whether the place I want to visit was open or not. All the places I visited in Osaka are already included in Osaka Amazing Pass. The pass also covers subway and bus fee. It’s super awesome. Check more about the pass here.

The first place I visited was Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. TIC staff told me that I can have Kimono experience for only 300 yen in this museum. That’s super cheap, I saw kimono rental costs around 3000 yen before. The museum is near Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Station, Exit 3. Well, I got confused when I tried to find this museum. No English sign outside, only Japanese one. I need to take elevator to the museum since it’s on the 8th floor. I only need to show my Osaka Amazing Pass and the staff scanned the barcode. It was only 11.40 am, but the staff told me that kimono experience ticket was sold out. What??? The only available time was for 4pm and it’s very limited too. I didn’t want to wait for so long tho, so I passed the kimono experience. If you want to try it, better come there super early!

In this museum, we can see neighborhood set during Edo Period. There were different kind of buildings and the lighting changed just like morning to night time. It’s pretty interesting. But there were too many people, so taking picture was really difficult. Haha. And There were too many Koreans, I questioned myself if I really was in Japan. Hahaha.

Another floor shows the development of more modern neighborhood throughout the years. It’s shown in miniature form.

07-osaka museum of housing and living

Osaka Neighborhood

I then moved to Dotombori area because I wanted to take the cruise. I exchanged my ticket for 4pm since it’s the available slot for that time.


Dotombori River Cruise

I still had 2 more hours, so I went to Tennoji Zoo. It’s near Dobutsuen-mae Station, Exit No.1. It has quite a lot of collection. But I felt bad for some animals, rather than preserved it felt like they’re there for show. But other than that, the zoo is interesting. I saw big penguins and seals catching their food.

I went back to Dotombori after that, and made just in time before the cruise departed. There’s guide in the cruise, she explained using Japanese and Korean. I didn’t know if she actually spoke in English too, couldn’t really catch what she said. Some things I understand are the wedding hall venue nearby, the new Don Quijote store which is superrr big, the bridge which shape resembles okonomiyaki pan, the dancing squid in front of takoyaki store, and Glicoman. Hahaha. Overall, the cruise was pretty nice.


Dotombori River Cruise

After getting off the cruise, I walked around the area. Taking picture with Glicoman, shopped (again) in Don Quijote, and just looked around the shops.

When the sun started to set, I went to Umeda Sky Building. There was queue to take the elevator to the observation. I think I arrived there on the right time. The queue wasn’t that long. There’s also long escalator to reach the observation deck. The Osaka night view from the top was beautiful. There’s also cafe there. So, I bought cheesecake. When I finally went down, the queue for the elevator was superrr long. Glad that I didn’t need to experience that!

The next day was my last day in Osaka, and in Japan too. I packed all my stuff and checked out from the hotel. I put my luggage on the locker in Osaka Station. And then heading to Tempozan Ferris Wheel. I wanted to take the transparent one. Since there’s only 4 transparent cars from total 60 cars, the waiting time is a bit longer. But it didn’t matter. I did a short video call with my friends when I took the ferris wheel. Hahaha. I loved the ferris wheel!

Done with ferris wheel, I moved to Osaka Castle. I didn’t have much time there so I didn’t really read the description about the collections, which I kinda regret.

Then I rushed to Osaka station and took my luggage. Kinda confused which  train that I should take to the airport since I didn’t see the same line as Google Map suggests, but then I followed the sign in the station. I went inside the train even though the departure time is different from the one in google map. There’s no sign whatsoever on the train that I could understand. Suddenly the train stopped by a station that was not on the list based on google map… I started to worry. I asked a passenger, but she didn’t really understand English and just say yes if it’s heading to the airport. So I sat down and the next station was 20 minute after that. I checked on google map again, the train seemed going further from the airport. I asked another passenger and he said I took the wrong one. OMG, I was going crazy! I get off the train and waited for the opposite direction. Based on the schedule, if I take the next train I’ll arrive at the airport 1 hour before my flight. That’s late… So I got panicked and asked my friend to help if she can reschedule my flight. I couldn’t make a call since my simcard is data only. But even the customer center couldn’t be reached. And other flights are hella expensive. So I decided to just go to the airport first and see how it will end up. I just hope my Indonesian card can be accepted if I need to make a payment. Since it’s the only one with VISA sign and I didn’t have enough cash on my hand.

I arrived at the airport an hour before my flight. I run like crazy to the check in counter, ready to beg them if it’s still possible to take the flight. But I saw there were a lot of people. Turned out the flight was delayed. OMG, Thanks God! Actually they sent the delay information to my email but I didn’t realize it. The flight was delayed for 4 hours, so I got some compensation money and 1000 yen meal voucher. Wow, It was my lucky day I guess. But still feel sorry to my friends for the trouble because I was so panicked before.

I found an airport guide for muslim leaflet and saw that one of halal restaurant is applicable for the meal voucher. So, I exchanged the meal voucher there. It’s a Soba restaurant called Soba Sojibo. I ordered cold soba with chicken donburi. Quite confused how to eat the soba noodles. Hahaha. But the chicken donburi was delicious!

33-soba sojibo kansai airport

Halal Soba at Kansai Airport Osaka

My flight finally departed around 12am and I safely arrived in Incheon at 2.15am. Even though my Japan trip started and ended with drama, plus getting sick in the middle, glad that at last everything went well. Those things that make the trip more unforgettable, right? Haha. Can’t wait for another trip!

34-kansai airport

Bye Osaka! Bye Japan!

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