Japan Trip – Part 3 : Tokyo Tourist Mode

It was my 4th day. RP had 2 fansigns that day, but I’ve had enough CDs and only had 2 more days in Tokyo before moving to Kyoto. So, I started my tourist mode. My first destination of the day is Asakusa area. I went to Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine. Near the Kaminarimon gate, there’s Nakamise Shopping Street where we can find a lot of food and unique stuffs for omiyage (souvenir). When I was taking picture near Kaminarimon gate, someone approached me and asked if I’m Indonesian. And we ended up taking picture for each other. Haha. Her name is Mbak Dewi and currently taking course in Nara Woman University. She was also there by herself. But too bad she already entered the temple area and need to move to next destination, so we can’t travel around together. But we exchanged facebook friend request. Hehe.

In Sensoji (and some other temple too), people can draw omikuji to check their fortune. If they get bad luck, they need to tie the result and leave the bad luck there. That’s quite interesting for me. I didn’t try it, though. Haha.

There is also a pair of Buddha statue (Nisonbutsu). The right one is said to bring mercy to the worshipper while the left one, wisdom.



These are pictures from Asakusa Shrine which is in the same complex as Sensoji Temple.

After walking aroung Sensoji and Asakusa Shrine, I went to Naritaya Halal Ramen. It’s not far from Sensoji Temple. I ordered Ramen and Chicken Karage Set for 1000yen. Price for ramen only is 700yen. It was really delicious, especially the karage! Btw, it has prayer room too.

Then I planned to go to Tokyo Skytree Tower. I walked through Sumida Park and enjoying the warm weather that felt like spring already. Even my thin coat is too thick for the warm weather. Since I can see Skytree Tower from Sumida Park and didn’t have plan to go to the observation deck, I canceled my plan to go to the tower.

I continued my trip to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. We can go to the observation deck for free on this building. Hahaha. I thought I can keep my money safe but then there’s Hakuhinkan Toy Park Store in the observation area. I found some Star Wars stuff that Moon likes. I found chopstick of his favorite character, Obi-wan Kenobi, and then decided to buy it. OTL. RP is my weakness. It’s written as chopstick but I’m not really sure if it can be used as chopstick though since it looks really big. Hahaha. I then continued exploring the observation area looking at Tokyo skycrapers view. After that I went to Ikebukuro where RP had their fansign that day to meet Yasuko and give the chopstick. Ikebukuro station was really big and confusing. I got lost at the station. LOL. But then finally found the place for fansign. It was open space. The boys looked so tired. Since I didn’t buy CD for fansign, I wasn’t sure if I can give the stuff to Moon directly. At the end, I gave it to him when they’re leaving the fansign area.

Yasuko and I then went to Harajuku area. There were some cosplayers and small idol group performing around the station. We planned to go to Meiji-jingu but it’s already closed. So we walked to the famous Takeshita Shopping Street. There’s camera in front of the street. You can see yourself on the entrance gate! We met cosplayers that Yasuko said quite famous in Harajuku area, she asked if I want to take picture with them. And yes, I took picture with them. Hahaha. We then walked around Omotesando Hills where we can find a lot of luxurious store. While Takeshita is like small Myeongdong, Omotesando maybe like the Gangnam of Tokyo.

After that, we went to Tokyo Tower to see the special light for valentine day. The color is a bit pinkish. It’s so pretty. There’s also one piece exhibition but I didn’t enter. Only taking picture outside. After that, I went back to the hostel. I need to pack my stuff since I had to check out from the hostel the next day. But I was so tired that I can only do it on the morning.

After check out, I went to Tokyo station to meet Ananti who just came back from Sapporo. I put my luggage on the locker. The big size is 600yen. Then we walked to Tokyo Imperial Palace and took some pictures there. It’s my first time I meet Ananti since her marriage last September. I met her the last time when I went back to Indonesia during summer break. She just moved to Japan because her husband works here.



After that, we went to Odaiba. Ananti said there’s halal soba restaurant in Diver’s City. But when we arrived there, Diver’s City was closed. Huaa, we were so hungry. We then went to Aquacity and finally eat at Subway. LOL. I love and miss Subway sandwich, but it’s kinda funny that I eat Subway in Japan. Turned out the weather that day was kinda bad. It was raining so hard. And I put on wrong clothes. I didn’t use my heattech because It was hot the previous day. But that day, It was really cold. I took picture near the iconic Liberty statue in Odaiba. There was also a kind of sakura bloomed near Aquacity even though it’s not spring yet. We then walked to Diver’s City to see the big Gundam and then see ferris wheel nearby.

Subway sandwich didn’t last long, we felt hungry again then decided to go to another halal ramen in Shinjuku area called Shinjuku-Gyoen Ramen Ouka. It opens at 6pm for dinner. The owner is really kind. Ananti practicing her japanese skill with her. Haha. But she can speak english well, too. So she sometimes talked to me in english. I ordered spicy ramen, which costed me 1700yen. Yep, quite expensive but it’s very delicious. And I was very happy I could find my level of spiciness! And it’s such a big meal so it’s worth it.

Spicy ramen

Spicy ramen

Ananti and I then parted ways. Hiks T.T I went back to Tokyo Station to get my luggage and then took the bus to Kyoto. That’s how I spent my days in Tokyo. It’s so different from what I initially planned though. Hahaha. It’s because of RP. *Blame them for everything* xDD I planned to go to Kawaguchi-ko on the 4th day, but it’d take a long time so I canceled it. I also planned to go to Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi (Yanesen) but not enough time. Planned to watch sumo practice in Arashi-Beya, but also failed since I need to go really early. My day usually started around 10-11am while in Tokyo. LOL. I thought I can travel in relaxed way, but turned out it’s more packed than I expected. Should really go back to Tokyo next time!

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