Japan Trip – Part 2 : Fujiko F. Fujio Museum & All Royal Pirates Stuffs

It’s the second day! As you know, one of my (strongest) reason to come to Japan is to watch RP concert. Haha. The concert was in Kawasaki area. So I couldn’t really use my Tokyo Subway Ticket that day, I only used Suica. And since Fujiko F. Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum) is also in Kawasaki, I went to the museum in the morning. I already bought the ticket for 10am in the airport. Learn how to buy the ticket for Fujiko F. Fujio museum here. The admission to the museum is maximum 30 minutes after the time on the ticket. But, I was kinda late that day. I arrived at the Noborito Station around 10.25am. I run to find the shuttle bus to the museum. I was worried if I can’t make it before 10.30am. But at the end. I arrived at the museum around 10.35am and they still let me in. Fyuhhh.

After admission, I got an English audio guide. But no earphone provided. I brought my earphone so I could use it conveniently. I saw other people using it by putting it near their ears and it looks so inconvenient. Btw, we can’t take picture on exhibition area! The exhibition shows Fujiko F. Fujio works, his philosophy, his daily life, etc. It’s not only Doraemon, you know. I think it’s quite interesting. There was also video promotion for Doraemon newest movie.

Outside exhibition, there are Doraemon and Dorami pachinko, photobooth, and other games. There’s also theater. The ticket for theater is included on 1000yen entrance ticket. There’s no English translation though, but it was still fun. After watching on the theater, I went to the park. There are anywhere door and park where Nobita & friends usually play. I took picture there. Hehe. There’s also cafe, but I didn’t have enough time so I didn’t visit it. I visited the souvenir shop for a while. The stuffs were cute but expensive. Haha.

After that I went to Kamata Mosque to pray. It’s one station away from Kawasaki station by JR Keihintohoku Line. I know about this mosque from Ananti, my friend who now lives in Kawasaki. The prayer room for woman is on the first floor.


Kamata Mosque

Then I went back to Kawasaki Station since the concert venue was near there. It’s called Club CITTA, but not really a club just a performance hall. I met Yasuko who helped me a lot during my Japan trip, especially for RP-related stuff. I got my ticket from Yasuko and then entered the venue. I think that was around 2.30pm. The day show was fanmeeting. It started at 3pm. And it was reallyyy fun. Kinda worried because Yasuko said the fanmeeting the day before was not that fun since the translator couldn’t understand English well. So when James and Enik said something, the translation was kinda off. But turned out it’s better that day. RP performed all songs from 3.3 album with Let U Go in Japanese version. During talk session they talked about previous night, they ate 20 plates sushi each person. Haha. They also did Q&A sessions with questions sent from fans. They also had word guessing game and It was super funny. They gave out roses to some lucky fans. They need to give it romantically and it made the others envy. Including me. LOL. Even though the fanmeeting was in 3 languages that were not my first language: Japanese, Korean, and English, I still had a great time. Yasuko helped me when they started talking in Japanese. For Korean, I could understand it even though not 100%.

After fanmeeting, we had hi5 session. That’s what I like about Japanese events, full of fanservice. Enik was the first one and he recognized me. James asked “You come all the way here?” Wow, I didn’t know that he’ll recognize me. I met them in Korea for several  events and recordings, but it’s still surprising that he recognized me. I will always remember that one sentence from James. Too bad, I didn’t have much time with EXSY and Moon. So I only told Moon “See you later” because they had concert at night that I would attend too.

I had early dinner after that, which actually also my breakfast and lunch for that day. Yes, if you haven’t realized I hadn’t eaten anything before because I need to keep everything on schedule. That’s my bad habit during traveling, skipping meals. I had seafood curry at restaurant nearby. Yasuko helped me to choose the food. I also met Yasuko’s friend there.

We then go back to the concert venue for live show at 7pm. I got closer seat to the stage. And the concert was awesome. They performed 3.3 albums, Shout Out, Love Toxic, Drawing The Line, Cuttling Crew’s Died in your Arms, One Direction’s Perfect, The Killers’ Somebody Told Me, etc. EXSY did cover of I Love You by Ozaki Yutaka. It was beautiful. They also had dance time to entertain us. LOL. I really had great time at the concert! At the end, they gave out some balloons. I got one but with no sign. And after that we had hi5 session again. They asked if I’d come to the next day event in Tower Records and if I had fun during concert. Wanted to ask for sign on my balloon but not enough time.


RP Japan Come Back Stage

I went back to Akihabara Station and walked around the area. Akihabara is famous for its electrical shop, anime, manga and otaku stuffs. I passed by AKB48 Cafe and Shop, also Gundam Cafe. But most of the stores were closed since it’s already late. I went to Don Quijote which sells almost everything that you could and couldn’t imagine. I bought some kitkat with different flavors there. There’s AKB48 theater too in this branch.

The next day, I went to Shibuya Tower Records because RP had fansign events that day. I bought 3 CDs of 3.3 japanese version album for me and my friends. After that, I walked around Shibuya area. Oh, before coming to Tower Records I also went to see Hachiko Statue! I crossed the famous Shibuya Crossing and took some videos from nearby building. Haha.

After that I went to Shinjuku to find prayer room in Takashimaya Department Store. I found the information from here. The prayer room is so clean and nice, there’s ablution facility too. Japan is definitely more muslim-friendly than Korea!


Prayer Room in Takashimaya Shinjuku

Then, I went back to Tower Records. There was talk event before fansign, but I couldn’t hear them clearly so I didn’t really care. The fansign was in Japanese style which means very strict. We could only ask sign on the last page of the booklet and no name. Kinda disappointed tho. I told Moon and James it’s my first time in Japan. Haha. And then I went lined up again for the 2nd cd for my friend.

After the first fansign, I went to had early dinner (+breakfast & lunch again) with Yasuko. We went to Napoli Pizza nearby. It has delicious and cheap pizza. Thank you Ananti for the recommendation! Too bad we couldn’t order only 1 pizza, each person need to order 1. So we had margherita and tuna pizza. It was too much for us, so I ended up take the rest packed.

After that we went to Tower Records again for the 2nd fansign. This time, it’s less strict. Enik wrote my name on the cd. Yeay! Since it’s my 3rd time that day, He told me that I should have master his drawing by then. LOL. Told James that we’re both programmer, but I’m the computer one. (He’s sound programmer). Asked EXSY if they’d come back to Korea the next day. Moon read my name on CD. Haha, he finally knows my name. He always forgot my name when I asked, which is understandable since he meets a lot of fans, so I don’t bother to tell him my name after that. He asked me if I had dinner, I told him I had pizza and will have dinner again later on Cafe Event. Haha.

2016-02-14 09.20.21

Signed CDs!

After the 2nd fansign, I waited for the next event which is Tower Records Cafe Event. On this event, we got CD, food, talk event, and photo event. The talk event was really fun and I finally could take picture with RP! We made a big love pose. Haha, I don’t know why it’s the first thing that came on my mind when Moon asked.

Sorry, but I have to censor my face here xDD.


Photo Session

It was ended around 9.30pm. Yasuko asked me where I want to go. I told her I want to go to the light illumination in Caretta Shiodome since it’ll end the next day. And she’s really kind to accompany me there. We arrived at Caretta Shiodome just in time. The light illumination was beautiful. And I also took picture with Yasuko. Hehe.

And yeah that’s how I spent 2nd and 3rd day by being crazy fangirl mode. I dedicated that 2 days for RP stuffs. Haha. It was the most budget consuming but I don’t have any regret. xD

And now I’m excited for their Korean concert next week! Can’t wait!

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