Royal Pirates Fansigns (+ General Guide on How to Attend a K-pop Fansign)

Call me lame, but yeah, attending a fansign is one of my kpop wishlist. But it’s really difficult to get into my most favorite groups, BEAST and B1A4, fansign because their fans are way too many. I can’t buy only one CD and hope to get selected for fansign. So at the end, I just give up for the chance. Sorry boys, I love you but I’m not a rich girl who can spend much money for your stuff. xD

[WARNING! It will be a very long post!] [skip to  fansign guide part]

But at the beginning of this month, I had a chance to attend my first fansign! Not the one for those groups I mentioned before though, but a Korean rock band called Royal Pirates (RP). I know RP since Drawing The Line era, around January 2014. I listened to their music after that and even sang their song on karaoke, haha. But I didn’t really follow any update about the group.

When RP released new album at the beginning of this month, I was interested to listen because it’s a comeback after James, the bassist, got an accident and almost had her hand amputated. That was a very terrible incident and he needs to give up the bass for this comeback and play keyboard instead. He still needs to go on rehab till now. So, I watched their latest MV. It’s a cool MV, full of symbolization of their own struggle. James with his bass, Moon with his brother’s death, and Exsy (previously known as Sooyoon) with his mom. I downloaded the album on Melon. And the album RAWKKKSS! I like all the songs. The album shows that their music have been upgraded!

Since RP is a rock band, different from most of Korean groups which people considered the member as pretty boys, RP is on the manlier side. xD I show their pictures to my friends and they agree. Especially James, on this picture, he’s the one with beard.

Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates

And then I heard that they’d have fansign event. It was in YP Books Jongno Branch. Only for first 100 people who buy the physical album at the bookstore during designated period. I went there 2 hours before the fansign, and fortunately I still got #75! After that, I walked around the bookstore and bought a post-it to put my message for them. Haha.

Even after RP members came to that fansign event, actually I only knew James… When there are only 3 members in this group. Really sorry guys ^^v I searched about their profile and told myself not to mix their names up. Moon is the black-haired guy and Exsy is the grey-haired one, the Korean Jack Frost! I wrote my name on post-it and put messages for each member.

The fans were called based on the number. And finally, it was my turn! The first member I met is Moon. Oh okay, I think I forget to mention. All RP members lived in the US for at least 10 years, so their English are really good. I spoke to them in English. No communication barrier at all! And there were a lot of foreign fans at the fansign too.

I asked Moon to give me a Korean name. I was worried that my request is too much. But after a little silence, Moon came up with a name that I really like: 이가영. Thank you so much Moon! I told him that I live in Incheon because I read that his hometown is in Incheon. He said “Oh you live around my neighborhood!”. Even though I know that Incheon is big and prepared myself if he say it himself. LOL. Thank you again for being nice, Moon!

The next member was James. I wrote a really long message for James, encouraging him about the accident. And he tried to read it all. Because the time is limited, I couldn’t ask him to give me a Korean name. xD But I really appreciated that he read, or at least tried to read, my message. Thank you, James! I love you!

And then Exsy! When I waited for my turn, Exsy was the member that left the best impression on me. He kept smiling to the fans and had this kind of warm and calm looking vibe. I asked him to give me a Korean name. But I think it’s really hard for him. LOL. It’s just too weird and sudden. Sorry xD And he ended up writing 엑카, which is my real name in Korean. Well, it should be 에카 though, but the pronunciation is similar anyway. So, I’m okay with that. Haha.

After all fans got their turns, we took a group picture. And the fansign ended. T_T It was quite fast, 1 hour for 100 fans. So you can imagine how short the time I had with each RP members, but it was really fun!

Find me!

Find me!

A short video from Jongno fansign

The fansign left a great impact on me. I definitely became their fan. I followed their updates more and decided to join their last fansign. They only had 3 fansigns during this promotion. I couldn’t go to the second one because I was preparing for my paper and final exam during that time. The last fansign was in IFC Mall Yeouido. I bought their album again in YP Books IFC Mall 1,5 hour before the fansign and I got #66! It’s my first time buying more than 1 same album. But it’s okay because my spot on fansign is guaranteed. Haha.

The fansign was 30 minute late. And on this fansign, Enik joined the fansign table. Enik is producer/musician that has been helping RP during this album promotion. He also joins RP on their stage performance during this promotion. On this fansign, Enik is the first one. I thanked him for helping RP and asked him whether he’s the one that managed his band’s instagram account because that day it left comment in my instagram. Turned out he isn’t. But he said, he’ll always reply if anyone left him message through his personal account. Kind Enik, kkk.

Next was James. I asked him about his resolution for next year. Basically he said it’s related to music. A lot of silence and awkward moment when I talked to James. T.T I should ask easier question. My question is not fun at all. #lessonlearned James wrote an early happy new year message after signing the album. Thank you, James!

And then I met Moon. I asked him if he remember me and took the post-it with my name on it. Actually, I didn’t expect him to remember me. We only met once and he met many other fans too. I understand if he can’t remember me. But then he said that he remember me and guess if my name starts with P. NAH, Moon! You’re wrong but it’s okay. Kkkk. I told him my name and reminded him about 2 weeks ago when he gave me Korean name. He then said “Ah! 이가영!” and signed the album with my Korean name written on it. I asked him if he already watched Star Wars because he’s fan of the movie. He said he watched it but it’s not as good as he expected. Moon is the most fun member during fansign. I felt like teasing him a lot. Haha, sorry!

The last one is Exsy, I told him happy belated birthday and wishing him wonderful years ahead. He returned the same wish for me and wrote it on the album after signing it. The moments I talked to Exsy were always calm. Maybe because both of us are quiet type of person! xD #yesiamacalmperson #noobjectionplease #yesthankyou

Video from Yeouido fansign.

I waited until all fans got their turns and we took a group picture again. But too bad, this time I wasn’t in frame xD Both fansigns are great, I love the way they interact with fans. And I’m happy because it’s pretty easy to join the fansign. But at the other hand, kinda sad because it means RP is not that popular with public. Hope they’ll be more successful in the future but still easy for me to have a chance like this. xD Try to listen to their album guyss, it’s awesomeee! Too Fast is my favorite song in this album.

I’ve been only in 2 fansigns. But let me share a little general guide I know about how to join a fansign. Most singers will have their fansign event when they’re promoting/having new album. They’ll announce the event beforehand. So if you like a specific singer or group, follow their social media account and join official daum fancafe if they have one. I’ll just assume that you know how to do it. Some artists provide a little or even no information in English. So if you can’t speak Korean, it’ll be kinda hard to get the info. And the info about fansign is usually not translated by fansubbers. You can use google translate to get rough translation, then.

Most fansigns require you to buy the artist’s CD on a specific store during designated date. After you buy, you need to fill a form with your name and phone number. It also has your application number written on it. You’ll get a part of the form, the other part is given to the store. Less popular group and girl group usually pick the winner on first come first served basis. For more popular groups, the winners are randomly picked. That’s why fans buy bulk of CDs, to make their chance to be picked higher. For this type of selection, on the winner announcement date you need to check if your name is on the winner list. It can be announced in group’s fancafe or the store’s website. The detail about where to buy the CD, the sales and winner announcement period, when and where to check the result, when and where the fansign, how many people is in the quota must be available on the fansign announcement. So check the info carefully.

If you’re one of the winner, bring your part of application form on the d-day. Show it to the staffs, they will check again if you’re eligible to join the fansign. If you’re confirmed, you can enter the fansign area. Join the other fans and wait for your turn. Most companies allow fans to bring gift to the artist, so if you want to give something directly, it’s your chance. If you’re a k-pop fan, I think you know what people usually bring. Not necessarily expensive things, letter, simple or cute things will do. For example, one of the fans brought light balloon similar to light saber because Moon loves Star Wars. Another fan gave pepero for each members. I never bring anything though. #poorgirl xD

Bring a post-it, or staffs usually prepare some, you can ask them or other fans. Write your name on it and stick it to the album so the singer won’t write your name wrong. You can put question or message on it, stick it on the page where you want it to be signed. Keep in mind that your time is very limited, so keep the message short. If your artist can’t speak English and you can’t speak Korean, ask your Korean friend beforehand to translate what you want to say. It’ll be much more effective. Use the time efficiently and try to leave an impression. LOL.

That’s all I know. Hope it’ll be useful!

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  1. As I was reading this I kept thinking “this sounds so familiar” – I realized it was because I had came across your photo on Instagram a while back! Thank you for sharing your story with everyone! 🙂

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