How to apply for 2015 SBS Awards Festival (+ Ceremonies) Ticket

Hellooo! (It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet) #plakkk

It’s been so long since my last post. I was quite busy with school work and other things. But now fall semester has ended! Yeayyy, time to have fun for a while before thesis thingy. \o/

Time sure flies really fast, it’s almost end of 2015. OMG! Do you know what time is it? It’s time for year-end festivals! Haha. In Korea, public broadcast stations usually have this kind of year-end awards festival. SBS is no exception, it has 2015 SBS Awards Festival. I think it is the biggest event among the others. It has exhibition, music awards (Gayo Daejun), entertainment awards, and drama awards!

2015 SBS Awards Festival

2015 SBS Awards Festival

Attending year end festival is one of my wishlist. And getting the ticket is quite competitive. So when I heard that i can get SBS Awards Festival free ticket, I registered as soon as possible. You can register, too! It’s first come first served basis, so make sure to register soon. This ticket is for the exhibition. It has program zone from famous programs and dramas such as Running Man (we can play as the 8th running man member with augmented reality) and Yongpal (we can reenact Kim Tahee lying on the hospital bed scene here, HA!). It also has experience zone including digital media hall equipped with virtual reality, augmented reality, hologram, etc, makeup, and cooking show. There’s also special stage where we can see various performance from idols, band, ballad singer, dance cover, make up show, traditional performance, etc. The lineup includes EXID, BTS, GOT7, Hong Jinyoung, Jung Junyoung Band, Urban Zakapa, and many others. You can see the full lineup and schedule here.

When I first applied for the ticket, I didn’t read the terms and condition carefully. LOL. I thought ticket for awards nights is included. Turned out it’s not, but it’s possible to see red carpet stage greeting by celebrities attending the awards. Moreover there’s special stage too. So, it’s still worth to attend. 😀

sbs 2015 awards -

But if you’re greedy *just like me* and want to attend the awards nights too. I’ll tell you how! It’s easy, you can just go to each awards page, find “티켓 신청” menu and register. (Make sure you create an account on SBS website first That’s all!

You can also apply by joining the SNS event too, you can share info about the festivals on your facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, blog, etc and submit the link. Make sure to include the hashtag for each events on your SNS post.

Registration Period: until December 22nd, 2015
Winner Announcement:  December 23rd, 2015

Easy, isn’t it? The winner will be notified through SMS and 1 person get 2 tickets! Good luck! (And wish me luck, too! :D)

[UPDATE] I went to SAF last Sunday. You can check this post if you want to know what’s inside the exhibition ^^
On-site registration for SAF is possible. The ticket booth for foreigner is across gate C4.

37 thoughts on “How to apply for 2015 SBS Awards Festival (+ Ceremonies) Ticket

  1. thanks for the information
    i got free ticket already
    if i get the drama award night ticket you can join with me 😀
    but if you get the drama award night pls give me 1 ticket ,ok? hehehe

  2. For the festival itself not the awards how many tickets do i get when i win? I got The email but it did noT say how many tickets i won..

  3. hello! Are there are any other options for attending sbs drama awards? I have just heard about it so I missed the registration period..((( But I really want to see these kpop stars

  4. Hi, I wanna ask. I received an email and they said “congratulations you are the winner of the first round of 2015 SBS Awards Event… I dont know if everyone will receive that email or…? And what can I do next to get the ticket to attend to the special stage? im not sure about the first come first serve system, will i have more priority when i receive that email or something? Thank you so much.

    • Hi, if you receive the email it means you are confirmed to win the ticket. What you need to do is show your email & ID (with the same data as you registered) and exchange it to real ticket on the ticket box. You may need to print out the confirmation email. The ticket box/booth to exchange depends on where you apply it. It should be on your email. May I know where did you apply for it? Kperformance website?

      • yes it is! so i need to go there as early as i can to get the special stage ticket which only limits in 500 seats? it said the ticket booth will start from 11:00 to 18:00. so i have to be fast, right?

      • I’m not sure about the special stage. The performers change every hour (please check on the website to make sure), i guess the seat availability also changes. Except if you want to stay there for the whole day. So if you have some specific performer that you want to watch, you may need to come (maybe) 1 hour in advance to get the spot for special stage. It depends on the artist popularity too.

      • Omg thank you so much! another thing, do you know how many winners in total for this first round? ah, what does it mean by first round?

      • On kperformance website, there are 2 application periods. And you register during the 1st round. I bet they give the ticket to all applicants, though. But different applicants apply for different date. And there are some other websites to apply (so far, I only know official SBS website and So, I don’t know how many winners in total. May I know who you want to watch? I personally think that the special stage seats will only full when the performer is quite popular…

      • Oh, BTS is super popular! You may need to come earlier, maybe 2 hour before they perform. Well, i can’t guarantee.. Good Luck! I’ll come to see BTS too, btw. xD

  5. I’m on the list that got picked for the ticket but I haven’t received my ticket in the email, not even in the spam folder. Do I contact them? Or will it eventually come?

      • I applied to the English one through their website. When you go to their “winning tickets” page, they have all the people that were chosen, right? My friend informed me that she and I both were on that list on their official website. She received her email, but I haven’t yet 😦 I’m not sure why though. I’m a little worried T____T

      • Ah I see, I didn’t even know that the page exists. I think you need to ask them directly because the ticket should be sent yesterday (if you apply on 2nd period). And for 1st period, it was sent long before.

  6. Hi!! How are you? Thanks for the info! Do you think we will be able to do many ativities? I am still not sure what can you do at the SBS Award Festival.

  7. I’m really sad i think i got the ticket for gayo daejun but actually it’s just for the SAF festival after i read your blog last night 😦 right now i’m just getting in the really long line for just the SAF and hope someone can speak english and explain to me where we can get or buy the ticket for gayo daejun :”( if you guys got the SAF ticket just come earlier because they give free ticket on the site too for gayo daejun :””((

    • hi, i’m now on the long line to enter the venue too. lol. i didn’t expect that the line will be very long. i guess because today is weekend & gayo daejun. i don’t think that the gayo daejun ticket is available for sale tho. well, my korean is very limited so i’m not sure. sorry, i can’t help you

  8. Hello, as I was surfing the net looking for ways on how watch Gayo Daejun since I will be in Seoul during the holidays, I found this post you made from last year.

    I’m just kind of confused with the ticket application.

    So I (and my 2 friends) created an account on SBS website, and applied for tickets on both Dec 25 and 26. Since we’re hoping to watch either Entertainment Awards or the Music Festival.

    Then I re-read the information about SAF on the website. And from what I understood, the tickets are for the SAF event. Like if I win, do I have to attend the SAF convention/exhibition(?) to get tickets for the awards night? Or do I automatically get tickets for the actual show at night (awards/music festival)?

  9. Hiii! do you know about the KBS one? Also is the red carpet free? Like, we just need to come to the red carpet place? Sorry bad english 😦

  10. Hi, i actually applied for SAF 2016, I won the tickets for SBS awards festival, that’s not gayo daejun right? There’s another ticket that has not yet revealed the winners which is 2016 SAF MUSIC AWARDS, is that gayo DAEJUN then? I’m really confused I hope you can help me because I’m from Singapore!!

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