Seoul Eulalia Festival 2015

Yeayy, fall is coming! It’s my most favorite season here in Korea. Soon, the fall foliage will be so prettyyy! It’s also said to be the best season to travel in Korea.

Seoul Eulalia Festival in Haneul Park Seoul is something you can not miss if you happen to visit Korea during this season. In this festival you can see a park full of eulalia or silver grass. For this year, the festival will be held in October 10-17. During the festival, the park will be open until 10pm. When you visit the park at night, you can see colorful laser shot through the silver grass. These are pictures from my visit last year.

But don’t worry, if you visit Korea after the festival ends you still can see the eulalia but only until 6pm and without the laser shot.

Because last year I’ve visited the festival at night, this year I want to see the day view. So, last week I went to the Haneul Park. And here are the photos

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It’s pretty, isn’t it? The interesting part is that Haneul Park was once a massive landfill. This uncontrolled landfill was transformed into grassland park in 1993 as a project to restore and revitalize the area for the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup. Woahh…

This park is the highest park in Seoul so you need to do a little hike to reach the park. It’s around 20 minute walk from the entrance. You can also take shuttle for 2000 KRW, but the line can be very long at times.

From this park, you can see beautiful view of Seoul. Go to the observation platform to see Bukhansan Mountain in the north, Namsan Mountain and the 63 Building in the east, Han River in the south and Haengjusanseon Fortress in the west.

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Seoul Eulalia Festival 2015
October 10-17 @ Haneul Park
Subway Line 6, World Cup Stadium Station, Exit 1


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