My Love From The Star Exhibition

Have you ever heard of My Love From The Star or You Who Came From the Stars? This drama aired last year and it’s super popular. Even an Indonesian production house plagiarized this drama #ehemkauyangberasaldaribintang. This drama is about Do Minjoon (Kim Soohyun), a handsome alien who landed on earth 400 years ago but never ages, and a top Hallyu star Cheon Songyi (Jeon Jihyun). Because it’s romantic drama, yeah you know at the end they fall for each other. But it’s not easy for them to be together, there are second leads, evil brother of the male second lead (which i think the best part of this drama) that make the thing more complicated. Well, it’s DRAMA afterall! lol. I watched this drama even though I couldn’t finish it. A lot of people think Cheon Songyi’s personality is adorable, but I found her personality is kinda annoying sometimes xD. And I ended up liking the male second lead character, Park Haejin, much more than the main lead, Kim Soohyun. Hahaha… #secondleadsyndrome

But when I read that there’s an exhibition where we can see the drama set, I was curious. The last time I went to Ilsan for Show Champion recording, I passed by KINTEX where the exhibition located. But I didn’t have enough time to visit it. So, when I saw there’s 1+1 promo for 20.000 KRW in Trazy and shuttle bus is included, I booked it in a second.

I chose Hana Tour in Seoul Station as meeting point. We departed on time at 9AM. The bus went to pick up other guests in Hongdae first. Most of them are chinese. I know this drama and Kim Soohyun are super famous in China. The driver then gave us the ticket, which includes souvenir coupon and 5000 KRW coupon for cafetaria. I thought Seoul-Ilsan will take at least 1,5 hour because Incheon-Ilsan by bus was around 2 hour. But It was less than 1 hour. I was really surprised. But hey, it’s a good thing. I have more time exploring the exhibition!

We entered the exhibition after exchanging the ticket in ticket box. The entrance to the exhibition is the door which Do Minjoon used to teleport.


Do Minjoon’s Door

And then there are properties from Do Minjoon’s early years on earth like Do Minjoon’s Spacesuit, Gama (palanquin) used by the princess who looks like the little Cheon Songyi, Cheon Songyi’s hairpin, and Market Street of Joseon era.

And then, there’s alley between Do Minjoon & Cheon Songyi house. The elevator’s there too!

We can only enter very small part of their houses from this area. But don’t worry, go to the other side to explore the house more. And we can also get a photo with the city nightview (from green screen) in Do Minjoon’s balcony. Well additional 3000 KRW is needed, but i think it’s worth it. My friend tried it.

There’s also Manga Cafe set owned by Cheon Songyi’s friend. Next to it, there’s area where you can make time slice video.

The famous Do Minjoon’s library is in front of the time slice area. We can sit and take picture on the library. A professional photographer will also take our picture. And if we like the result, we can print it with additional 5000 KRW. We can ask for the soft copy too. (That’s what I did xD) The staff was really helpful. He can speaks English, Chinese, and a little bit of Japanese.

It's so cheesy but I like it. lol

It’s so cheesy but I like it. lol

There’s interactive digital photo album nearby, also a cinema-like room where NG cuts from the drama are played.

Next to it, There’s Cheon Songyi house set. Too bad, we can’t go inside Cheon Songyi’s beautiful bedroom.

Other cool stuffs

Near the exit, there’s souvenir store. There are stuff related to the dramas like t-shirt, photocard, neckpillows, notebook, Cheon Songyi’s eyemask, bag, etc. I exchanged the souvenir coupon with photocard of the drama here.

There’s also cafetaria where we can use the coupon to buy Chimaek (chicken and beer, Cheon Songyi’s favorite food) outside the exhibition hall. But because I don’t eat/drink both chicken & beer, I didn’t use the coupon.

What makes me amazed is the amount of effort, detail, money, and technology they use to make this drama. The drama industry is so advanced here. How they can still make the money from drama set exhibition like this is one of the proof. xD


5 thoughts on “My Love From The Star Exhibition

  1. haiii.. pameran ini ada jangka waktunya apa emang ada terus? pengen kesana coba buka2 trazy kayanya ga ada… ada cara buat kita kesana sendiri ga?? penggemar berat drama ini soalnya..

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