Yoseob’s Nuna Cafe, Chokom Cafe & Shop

I was sad that I can only visit Yoseob’s parents’ restaurant once before it closed. And later (even though I don’t eat chicken here), Gikwang’s mom chicken restaurant also closed down even before I had a chance to go there. So, when I heard that Yoseob’s nuna opens a café and shop for her handmade craft, I was sooo happy!

The cafe called Chokom Cafe & Shop. It’s located near Kyunghee University. When I went there, Yoseob’s mom was at the café too. Whoaa! I ordered triangle green tea cake and my friend ordered choco brownies. The price is around 5000 KRW, not so different from other cafes here. And the cake tastes good, too.

I love the interior design, it’s cute but warm. It’s adorable that they put yoseob’s photo on the flower. 꽃미남, eh? kkkk. I  sat at a chair near the windows, the tree outside makes the view feel so lovely. I also loved the songs played there.



Chokom Cafe & Shop
60-53 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea. 2nd Floor
Hoegi Station. Line 1 or Jungang Line. Exit 1

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