Freezing in Namsan Tower

Hiii! Long time no see. Wow, it’s been 2 months since my last post. Sorry, I’m quite busy these days. #soksibuk xD

Officially, it’s spring now. But the weather’s still cold. So, before it’s getting warmer, I want to update about my winter bucket list status. lol. As you can see on the title, this post will tell you about my trip to Namsan Tower.

That time, I’ve been postponing my visit to Namsan Tower for several weeks. So I told myself to get up and not being lazy and just go. And finally, I stepped my foot outside the dorm after several days. Hahaha. But… suddenly the rain fell. Oh my, stupid me. Why didn’t I check the weather forecast??? I was kinda hesitating, but decided to just go.

I went to Seoul Station to take Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 3. The bus stop is not far from Exit 9. Just walk straight ahead for ~100m. I was confused because there are a lot of bus stop across the street. But the bus stop for this shuttle bus is not there. Don’t cross the street and getting confused like me! Haha. I prefer taking a bus because it’s cheaper than cable car. You can read several ways on how to get to Namsan Tower on the website.

After arriving at Namsan Tower, I need to walk a little bit in an uphill road. Fyuhh. Because it was winter, raining, and it’s on the mountain, i was freezing. It was so colddd! I need to use my gloves there and my hands still felt numb. How could I think that going to Namsan Tower on winter will be romantic before??? Hahaha. Okay, maybe it’s not because I went there alone. #foreveralone #bebebmanabebeb

What the hell did I do on Namsan Tower (alone)? Just like other people do, I put love lock there. xD But not for myself. My friend was getting married in 2 weeks and I was sad because I couldn’t come. So I decided to give her a little gift. There’s souvenir shop that sells the love lock. There are also miniature, postcard, keychain, etc there. I bought the lock there. I also got the marker for free. The single lock costs 8000 KRW, and the double one costs 12000 KRW. Pretty expensive though compared to the observatory deck ticket that costs 9000 KRW.

From the pictures I saw before, the locks on the tower are colorful and pretty. But in reality if you look closely, there are tons of rusty lock… It kinda ruins the mood. lol. And because it was foggy that day, I couldn’t see Seoul city view clearly. Ah, so sad. I should be more patient and come on a sunny day.

Here are some pictures I took there


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