Ttukseom Hangang Park Snow Sledding Hill

Before, I thought that there’ll always be snow on winter. Snow falls everyday. Everything will be white and the weather is freezing. But, other than the freezing weather, none of them is really true. At least for this year. It snows only like once in 2 weeks, and most of the times it just light snow. But, It doesn’t stop me to play with the snow!

Earlier this month, i went to Ttukseom Hangang Park Snow Sledding Hill with my friends. I heard about snow sledding and after comparing some sledding hills, i decided to go to ttukseom because it’s the closest and cheapest one. xD

The nearest station is Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7), exit 2 or 3. The station architecture is quite unique. It’s connected to an art exhibition building. The sledding park is located in area that normally is used as pool. The entrance fee is 6000 KRW. There’s also all-day ticket that can be used for rides and watching 3D videos (10.000 KRW). But because the rides are for kids, we just bought the entrance ticket. If you go there with your children, it’s a nice deal.



There are 2 sledding hills, one is around 2 meter high and the other is around 5 or 6 meter. We joined to queue to the higher one. The queue was so long. It took around 10 minutes to finally reach the top. And it only took around 10 seconds to sled to the bottom! It was fun even though I was a little bit scared when it was speeding. Ah, I met Indonesian family here. At the top, the boy talked to me in english to go first but I answered in Indonesian. lol. I sled for 2 times. If the queue was not that long, maybe I’d go for 10 times. Hahaha.

After that, we played around the snow playground for kids. I guess this place is more suitable for family with kids. lol. But well, taking photos there and looking at the cute kids playing with their parents was also nice.

Then, we went to hangang (han river). There should be a bike rent around there, but we can’t find it. It would be nice to ride a bike around there because the bike lane is wide enough. It’s a nice place to hang around. i saw some elders enjoying the weather while feeding the birds. I wish there’ll be more public open space like this in Indonesia. >_<

Overall, it’s a nice place. But the sledding hill is actually quite small. So, don’t expect too much and be prepared for the long queue (also for the rides).

Tttukseom Hangang Park Snow Sledding Hill (link)
Dec 18, 2014 – Feb 15, 2015

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