Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink

I’m really bad at ice skating. I did it several times with my friends back then, but most of the time I spent my ice skating time walking very slowly while holding the fence around the rink and only acted like a pro when we’re taking photo. Simply said, I can’t skate. lol. But when I heard that there’d be ice skating rink in front of Seoul Plaza during winter, I knew I must go there. 😉

For this winter, Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is open on Dec 19th, 2014 – Feb 8th, 2015. From Sunday to Thursday, it opens from 10AM to 9.30PM. On Friday, Saturday, and Holidays, it opens from 10AM to 11PM. The ticket is veryyy cheap, it’s only 1000 KRW (less than 12.000 IDR) for an hour. I really like how it organizes the playing time. So, there are some batches in a day, one hour each. There’s 30-minute break between each batch, organizer uses this time to clean and smooth the ice. You can check the schedule here. Every batch, there’s only maximum 700 people. People will enter and exit the rink at the same time.

When my friends and I went there, we arrived at 1.30PM. But the available ticket for that day was from 5.30PM. Because we had no other option, we bought the ticket for 5.30 PM. So, if you want to go there it’s better to book the ticket first. You can do it by phone or online, here is the info. We tried to book online before but we couldn’t because we can only book min 1×24 hours before or something like that. So we spent some times around Myeongdong before coming back to Seoul Plaza around 4.45PM because we need to be there min. 30 minutes before the batch started.


queue for shoes

After arriving at Seoul Plaza, we joined the queue to take the ice skating shoes (it’s included on that 1000 KRW ticket). The shoe size is in Korean but there’s conversion table shown, so we had no problem asking for our size. I forgot what size I used, it was 240 or 245 (38 Europe size). After getting the shoes, we went to storage room, there are lockers here. We used this locker using 500 KRW coin.

After that we joined the queue to enter the rink. Ah, if you want to go there don’t forget to bring your gloves. It’s obligatory. If you don’t bring one, you can rent it for 500 KRW. When first entering the rink, the guard prohibited us to go near the fence. That time i felt like going crazy. Hahaha. It took me around 10-15 minutes before getting used to the skating shoes. My friends had walked around the rink for 2 times when i just reached half of it. lol. Because there were a lot of people, it’s quite scary. My friends fell for several times and it looked so painful. I was lucky that I didn’t fall. Maybe because I walked so slowly and careful. Haha.

It was fun and tiring experience. lol. The rink is not that large (for 700 people in a batch), but it’s still nice for its price. It’s like a must-do thing if you visit Seoul in winter. 😀

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink
City Hall Station (Line 1, 2), Exit 5


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