2/4 Seasons: First Fall & Winter

Hellooo, it’s been a long time!

I have a lot of things on my draft, but I can’t wait to post about this! Finally, after 24 years, I can see snow with my own eyes. Not on the movie, but real life. I can even touch it! Woohooo, that’s super amazing.

Indonesia is a tropical country, so we only have dry and rainy season. I had never seen snow before. I remember, last year I told my mom I wanted to go to 3 places in 2014: Bali, Kuala Lumpur, and Korea. Bali and Kuala Lumpur because I had bought the ticket when AirAsia had promo. You can read about my trip here and here. And Korea because I wanted to see the snow (and ehm, my bebeb xD). Hahaha. I was not really sure I could go to Korea that time. But hey, when there’s a will there’s a way! I’m in Korea now. And not only snow, I could also see the fall foliage! Awesome awesome!

When I first came here at the end of August, it was the beginning of fall. It was cold but not as cold as I expected. Just like Bandung at night around July or August. Not even as cold as Lembang. The tree leaves were still green.

But later, it was getting colder and colder. And the best part, the leaves were turning into different colors: mostly yellow, orange, and red. As this was my first fall, I was super excited to watch the color changes. Korean people loves hiking on this season because the fall view is the best. Seoraksan is one of the most beautiful and famous mountain. I had a plan to go there with my friends, but because we were busy we failed to go there before winter came. T.T Maybe next year? Aamiin.

Even though you can see the fall foliage everywhere, there are some places that famous for its fall foliage. One of them is Deoksugung Doldam-gil (Deoksugung Stone Wall Road), also known as Jeongdong-gil. It’s a road on the back of Deoksugung Palace. There’s a myth about this place: couples that walk through this road will eventually breakup. It’s because long time ago there’s domestic registration office (maybe something like KUA in Indonesia) where people register their marriage and divorce in this road. You can believe it, or not. 😛 Here are some pictures I took when I went there.

Secret Garden of Changdeokgung is also best visited on fall season. But, I went there for two times before the peak of autumn and it’s too much to make it three times. Well, it’s pretty even before the peak of autumn. //comforting myself xD

secret garden

secret garden

Haneul Park and its silver eulalia grass is one place not to be missed. It’s usually closed at night, but I went there when there’s Eulalia Festival and the park opened at night. Colorful laser light shot through the eulalia grass. It’s pretty enough to pay my effort walking uphill to reach this place. :”) Not related to fall, but I could also saw the beautiful night city view, hangang river, and the bridges. I was thinking to go back to see the eulalia grass on the day, but because it’s too far… Yeah, you know, I didn’t go back. 😛

Another place that I think have a very beautiful fall foliage is Ewha University. I was curious about this place. I didn’t know what’s there, but because I had something to do around the university I decided to visit it. And, I was very impressed. Classical building and fall foliage is a really great combination. You should visit this place when you’re in Korea, especially on fall season.

And now, fall of this year has officially ended.

the end of fall

the end of fall

The first snow (in Korea, also in my life xD) was on December 1st. It was only flurries, so that time I just like “oh, this is what people called snow”. But, I sent the picture and videos to my family and friends anyway. LOL. On December 3rd, it was snowing heavily. I already slept. When I woke up and checked my kakao talk, my friend told me it was snowing heavily last night. I looked outside through my window. It’s all white because of the snow! It’s so pretty but I’m worried to go outside. I could imagine how cold it is. When I finally went outside, I took some snow because I wanted to know how does it feel to touch the snow. LOL.

It’s getting colder and colder, I need to buy more winter survival kit. This is not the essential one but it’s so cute that I can’t help buying it.

2014-12-04 18.41.43

cute korean winter socks

Wish me luck to survive in this super cold but pretty winter.;-)

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