MBC Show Champion Recording

Do you remember that I told you about MBC Show Champion free ticket? Last month, I tried my luck and applied for the free ticket (again).

BEAST was having their comeback and I hoped that I could watch them on the show recording. I successfully won on one of two dates that I applied for, it was for October 29th. But too bad, BEAST had prerecorded their performance and didn’t come to the studio on that day because they went to Mexico the day before. I knew about this, but decided to come anyway. The studio, Bitmaru,  is located in Ilsan. It took around 2 hours to go there by bus from Incheon. I was crazy enough to go there even though i would have mid-test the next day.

I took off in KINTEX and walked to the studio. It’s around 20 minutes-walk. There’s a bus from KINTEX to Onemount, the nearest bus stop from Bitmaru. But I missed the bus and It would be late if I waited for the next bus. It’s only 1 stop, though. So, I decided to just walk to the studio.



I arrived at the studio at 16.30, which is the time limit stated on the ticket. But the queue for the entrance from KTO was still very long, so I just joined the queue. I exchanged my passport with a visitor tag there. We then went to the 3rd floor and waited there until 17.20. While waiting, I heard rookie singers greeted their seniors for several times. You know, with that kind of group greeting. After that, we went upstairs, queued again, and finally entered the studio around 17.40. I could see waiting room for the singers when I went upstairs. I saw VIXX’s. And inside the studio, I was really close to the stage!

VIXX N, Hongbin, and Ken were MCs for that day because Super Junior Kangin was in Japan. Before the show, N greeted starlights and recorded them. He even asked them to say “VIXX fighting!”. So cute. The show started by paying respect for veteran singer Shin Hae Chul who just passed away.

The artist lineup for that day were VIXX, Secret’s Song Jieun, Strawberry Milk (sub-unit of Crayon Pop), Juniel, Legend, B.I.G, DGNA, Topp Dogg, UNIQ, Madtown, JL, A.Cian, Lee Hwan Hee, D.Holic, Almeng, Cho Hyung Woo, Hi.Ni, Nam Young Joo, and Purfles. BEAST and Red Velvet had prerecorded their performances. Actually, I only knew VIXX, Jieun, Strawberry Milk, and Juniel. For other groups/singers, I only knew their name or listened to their songs once. For some others, I didn’t even know that they exists. //rude~ xD

The first performer was Lee Hwanhee. The song was okay, but I was not comfortable looking at her clothes. It was too… revealing? I don’t remember the order. But I think the next performer was D.Holic. If I’m not wrong, it was debut performance for D.Holic. That’s why I never heard of them. They prerecorded their performance, so when the performance video was played they just performed casually on stage. The song was not my type, though.

I was impressed with JL. She looked so young but her voice was so good. She sang OST from My Spring Day, titled Rain Tears (눈물 비). She sang live! Amazing. Purfles was also good. I like their song. One of the member looks like Indonesian singer, Rosa. 😛

Even though they just debuted, Madtown already gained fans. Fans shouted the fanchant when Madtown performed. UNIQ was cute. There are too many people in TOPP DOGG, and they used back dancer too. o_O And Legend impressed me. I became their fans. Hahaha. Strawberry Milk fans, mostly males, were very interesting. They use strawberry milk carton on their head and shouted the fanchant very loud. It was very entertaining. Most of the performers had prerecorded  for the show, but they still danced on the stage for audiences in the studio. And several times, the crew would just cut the performance for the next singer’s turn. BEAST won for that day. They received the award on the airport before they flew for Mexico the day before. The video of them giving winning speech was played on the screen.

Actually, we weren’t allowed to take picture inside the studio. But I saw some people taking picture. I was worried I’d be kicked out if I take picture. So I waited till the end and finally also took some pictures with my phone. 😛

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the page event and apply for the free ticket 😉

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