Changgyeonggung At Night

After visiting Yoseob’s Parents’ Restaurant, Kak Anda and I went to Changgyeonggung Palace which currently open at night until September 28th. We tried to buy the ticket online because we heard that ticket for foreigner is very limited. But we couldn’t buy it because the website only allows reservation for minimum D-3. So we just went there and tried our luck. And fortunately, we could buy the ticket on site. It costs only 1000 KRW. Here are some photos I took there.

Just like the other palaces, there is small bridge in front of the gate.



And this is Chundangji Pond with LED lights. I wish I have better camera. It’s so pretty but my camera is not good enough to capture it. Visitors can hear calming sounds of wind chimes around here. The volume and frequency will be constantly changing to match the brightness and colors of the LED lights installed at the pond. It’s part of Royal Culture Festival (Sept 20-28).

This is a green house. I like the architecture, it has western feel.

The night event will end tomorrow, so better hurry up and come there. If you want to buy the ticket on site, come earlier. Because when we left this place, the ticket for foreigner was sold out.

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