Seolchan’s School in Monstar: Gyeongbok High School

Imagine Your Korea. That is Korea Tourism Organization promotion tagline for this year. It wants you to imagine your Korea. As some of you may already know, I have a thing for k-pop, k-drama, and other form of k-entertainments. You probably think it’s childish whatsoever, but it has some influence on how I imagine “My Korea”. xD

I want to see k-entertainment office, I want to attend music shows or concert, I want to see shooting location with my own eyes, I want to attend fansign. There are so many things on my bucket list. Hahaha.

When I was planning my chuseok getaway, I remembered some scenes in Monstar were took place in a palace. I googled it and it’s Gyeongbokgung. But I found another thing, the school in Monstar is located not far from Gyeongbokgung! It’s called Gyeongbok High School (경복고등학교). Monstar is one of my favorite drama, I even posted about it here. So I was very excited and decided to go there.

If you want to go there, here is the direction.

direction to gyeongbok high school

direction to gyeongbok high school

Just go to road on the left side of Gyeongbokgung, walk until you find Cheongwadae Sarangchae Museum. You will see a park near there. Cross the street and go to the park. Just walk straight until you find smaller street. Walk straight again then turn left, walk a little bit. Cross the street when you see SECOM sign on the alley. Go to that alley, walk straight. Gyeongbok High School is not far from there.

I didn’t set my expectation high about this school. It’s a school, not a tourist destination, so It’s okay if I can’t go inside. But when I went there, there’s no one in the guard office. So I just went inside and looked around. Maybe because it was holiday. I saw some students though. Here are some pictures I took.

It is where Seolchan’s fan pretended to be hit by his car.

The garden where Seolchan and handsome Sunwoo argued.

I think this is where Seolchan’s car was parked. Remember when he dragged Seyi to his car?

And, uhmm, basket court & football field.

I’m so happy to be there. This school is very cool and pretty. There are some statues in the garden. I wish my school has something like this.

2014-09-09 16.36.01

one of the statue in the garden

I think I should go there again with this tour by Seoulmate and go inside the class. Hope they have this tour scheduled again. >.<

If you want to go there, please keep in mind that it’s a school. Don’t disturb the student. Maybe you can try your luck and go there on holiday or weekend.

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