MBC Show Champion Free Ticket

Do you like k-pop? Do you want to watch music show recording at least once in your life? If you’re planning to go to South Korea between May 2014 – February 2015, you better check this event. It’s an event held by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and MBC Plus for k-pop fans living outside Korea. Once or twice a month between May 2014 – February 2015, there will be around 100 selected people to attend studio live recording of MBC Show Champion.

How to apply? Easy. Just click the link above, read the notice and term & conditions. You can see whether there’s upcoming event or not. If you meet the criteria and agree with the term & conditions, go to Event Details part and click Event Application button. There will be a form in a popup window. Just fill it with your data.



After clicking OK. You will get an application number. There will be also an email sent to your email address.

Go back to the site on scheduled announcement date. Go to Check the Results part, fill your application number and click check button. If you’re failed to get the ticket, you’ll see this.

failed T.T

failed T.T

But if you get this one. Congrats! You successfully won the ticket.



Click Print Ticket button and you will see this

print ticket

print ticket

Print the ticket and bring it on the D-Day. Don’t forget to also bring your passport. Read the notice carefully so you won’t miss any information. Easy, right?


  • you can register using more than 1 email 😛
  • if you’re going with your friends, you can write their name on companion data (max. 4 persons). one person can apply for maximum 5 tickets.

I won the ticket for last Wednesday recording, but too bad I can’t go. The studio is quite far, It was raining, and I had something to do at the campus between 3-6 PM. If only it’s on weekend T.T It’s stated that if I get the ticket but I don’t go, I can’t be selected again on future events. But let’s try for next events, lol. xD

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