#BdgBucketList: Bandung City Tour

I’ve been living in Bandung for almost 7 years. That’s quite a long time but there are so many places i haven’t visited yet. I only write down those places on my bucket list. And before i leave this town (for good, sooner or later), i want to fulfill my bucket list.

May 24th, 2014
It was saturday, most of the time I spend my weekend on my room. But that day, I was bored and since the night before I was thinking about my bucket list. So I opened kiri.travel, searching all angkot route I need. And I managed to arrange the itinerary in less than 10 minutes. lol.

Museum of Geology

Museum of Geology

My first stop was Geology Museum. I took Dago-Riung Bandung angkot from Pasar Simpang Dago. Ticket for public visitor costs IDR 3000. It’s superrr cheap. But I guess the price for foreign tourists will be different and slightly more expensive. There was an officer checking my ticket and then she asked me to put my bag on baggage storage. I was impressed because i didn’t think that this museum will be that well-organized.

Right in front of the main door, I saw giant ancient elephant fossil. It’s reaally big. Turn right, I entered a room with History of Life theme. In this room, we can find explanation about early life on earth and the evolution process. There’s also explanation about ancient Bandung, fossils of ancient animals, early humans, and wood fossils. And the most interesting, there’s tyrannosaurus fossil in this room. Actually, there’s a room on the left side but it was being renovated at that time. That room’s theme is Geology of Indonesia.

Heading upstairs, there are 2 rooms. First room’s theme is mainly about disaster mitigation. There’s earthquake simulator in this room. There are some collections related to Merapi eruption: motorbike & tv that burned by the pyroclastic flow. A video about signs of tsunami also played in this room.


from merapi eruption

Another room shows mineral collection. There’s explanation about metal, non metal, gemstones, oil and gas, and coal. There’s also explanation about geothermal and water power plant.

In front of the museum, there’s Rock Cycle Park. This park describes the dynamic transitions through geologic time among the three main rock types: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous.

My next destination was Rasa Bakery & Cafe. This old bakery is famous for its home-made ice cream. From geology museum, i walked to Dukomsel Dago. Actually, from the museum i could also take Cicaheum-Ledeng angkot to Dukomsel. In front of Dukomsel, I took Kalapa-Dago angkot. Rasa Bakery & Cafe is located in Jl. Tamblong. I ordered Belgian Waffle and Coconut Royale. I love the Belgian Waffle, the waffle is soft and the ice cream has right amount of sweetness. The Coconut Royale, even though so many people recommended it, is not my favorite. The chocolate ice cream is too bitter for my liking. But overall, it’s too sweet for me.

Next, I walked to Museum of Asia-Africa Conference. I saw some old and historical building during the walk: Grand Preanger Hotel, Bank Pacific, Bandung 0 km, Pikiran Rakyat office, Savoy Homann Hotel, and Warenhuis de Vries. When I arrived at the museum, it was closed for break time. So I continue walking to Masjid Raya (Grand Mosque) to pray. I saw other old buildings near there. After praying, I walked to the museum again and fortunately it’s already open. I entered the museum, wrote my name on the guest book, and looked around the collections. Looking at those collection makes me realize that Asia-Africa Conference was really a huge event at that time. Especially when I was in the conference hall. I can imagine all those leaders were once there.

From Museum of Asia-Africa Conference, I walked to Jl. Braga. My next destination is Sumber Hidangan, an old bakery that still keeps its vintage feels. I bought 2 sweet cakes and pastel there. I struggled eating the cakes because I don’t really like sweet things. But I really love the pastel.

After that I walked to Braga Permai. On the street, I saw some people preparing their stalls for Braga Culinary Night. In Braga Permai, I ordered crab meat fried noodles and lemon tea. The price for fried noodles is similar to the one in S*laria so I thought the portion will be similar. But when the food was coming, I was really surprised. The portion was super big: I was alone and not that hungry. So I called my friends to help me eat it, but nobody could come. T_T I finally took the food home.

Lesson learned: don’t come to this restaurant only by yourself, the portion is no joke. Braga Permai ended my journey to fulfill my bucket list for that day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “#BdgBucketList: Bandung City Tour

  1. Hi Mukti! Nice bucketlist, saya pun belum lama membuat bucketlist place to visit in Bandung (yah walaupun udh agak lama jg sih). Semua orang setuju dat bandung alwes temting. Semua orang yang udah kesana pasti somehow akan balik lg kesana karena kangen sm bandung. Pun saya… Meskipun setahun ba 2x kebndg tp rupanya ms banyak tmpt yg blm terkunjungi. I do write a bucketlist on my wordpress too (ohspaceunicorn.wordpress.com) hope u can visit and may give any suggest tmpt2 yg luput dr list saya. Tp emg kmrn mostly tempat nginep sih yg dilist nah mgkn ada ide hotel seru dibndg ?

    • halo mbak erlita^^ aku udah mampir ke bucketlistnya, ternyata malah banyak yang aku nggak tau. hehe. udah lama banget nggak ke Bandung soalnya. mungkin bisa coba main ke taman-taman baru di Bandung ^^

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