Wednesday/Thursday Drama Face Off


Yeah, 7th Level Civil Servant vs IRIS II vs That Winter The Wind Blows! It’s so exciting to see who will win the competition at the end. Hahaha. 7LCS started airing 3 weeks earlier than IRIS II and TWTWB so it had built its fanbase before IRIS II and TWTWB airing. IRIS II as the sequel of successful IRIS gave viewer so much expectation. And TWTWB with Jo In Sung and Song He Gyo as 2 of most beautiful actors/actresses in Korea plus it’s their comeback drama made this drama was highly anticipated.

When IRIS II and TWTWB started airing, IRIS II got 1st place on the rating race, 7LCS got 2nd place, and TWTWB with 2 episode back-to-back strategy on the 3rd place. The next day, IRIS II and TWTWB tied for 1st place. But at the second week of airing, IRIS II rating dropped so much that it got the 3rd place after TWTWB as the 1st and 7LCS as the 2nd.

Put the rating aside, 7LCS is still my favorite. The romantic comedy genre sold me on it.  I don’t need to think too much watching this drama. The acting and the actors’ chemistry is so good. Joowon & Choi Kang Hee 10 year age difference does not show at all. They match each other well. Joowon’s puppy eyes is so much entertainment. And Chansung, as idol turned actor, does his job suprisingly good. Eventhough sometimes i’m bothered with the spies’ stupidity, such as spoiling water while doing mission, telling the parents about the job, accidentally shooting the gun, etc etc, this drama is still fun to watch. Don’t think about it as a spy drama but pure romantic comedy, i suggest. And this drama has good soundtracks. I’ll Be There For You by LED Apple is on my playlist now. And i don’t know this song will be on their OST or not but i like this song when they played it as Gong Do Ha scene’s BGM, Not Over by Eric Faber.

I haven’t watched IRIS, so i don’t have any expectation on IRIS II. Actually, action drama is not my thing. I watch IRIS II because Doojoon is starring on it. And so far, i think this drama is quite good. The cinematography is beautiful. They even went to Hungary and Cambodia for shooting. It shows how serious the production team creating this drama. I don’t understand why netizens keep nitpicking on every little thing about it. Netizens whine about the black clothes on snow mission, the fake gun,  the cast, and so much more. I’ve watched until episode 2 and i love the NSS team’s dynamic. But i like how IRIS team works more, they’re so badass. Im Soo Hyang’s really cool. I think she’ll be my favorite character. Doojoon acting is okay, but his soft voice there not really matches with NSS vibe. It’s somehow mesmerizing, lol, but when he speaks the drama pace feels like changing. I think he should use his normal tone.

And the last, TWTWB. I haven’t watched this drama but i read the recaps. Watching melodrama needs more energy than any other dramas. That’s why i haven’t watched it. 😛 But the drama casts, Jo In Sung, Song He Gyo, Kimbum, and Jung Eunji make this drama so tempting. People seems to like it because of the beautiful actors and beautiful cinematography. The plot also interesting. But since it’s melodrama, i know the story will become much more complicated and maybe will end with sad ending. T__T

Eventhough TWTWB is currently leading on rating, it’s still too early to say that TWTWB will win this wed/thu drama face off. There are still many episodes left and situation may change. Let’s just see how this “war” will end ^^v


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