Worth Watching Performance This Week

BAP – Rain Sound & One Shot

The rain effect reminds me so much to BEAST’s performance of On Rainy Days. Hehehe. Zelo looks bored when performing Rain Sound, i wanna kidnap him. Kkkkk. And finally, i remember all members’ name. xD I like Youngjae – Daehyun voice. ^^

VIXX – On And On

They always can control their voice eventho the dance is quite challenging. And Leo, i still can’t understand that he is the same guy who always feels shy in front of camera. OTL

DMTN – Safety Zone

I only know Simon & Daniel, but all of them are good. I don’t really like the song when i first heard it, but it grows on me ^^

NU’EST – Hello Hello & 여보세요<

I don’t really like their previous songs, but this one is good. And the dance looks like something Prepix will do. I see the similarities with Yoseob’s dance on his solo promotion. Their voice on Hello Hello is quite unstable, but it’s still acceptable. But because most of the member are 95-liner, i think i can’t like them more than this. They’re too young. LOL


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