Side Job: Fangirling

These last 3-4 months, i was doing a project in Soekarno Hatta International Airport. More precisely, terminal 2 which is terminal for international flight (D & E) and Garuda (F). During that time, i had a side job: fangirling. LOL. Lately, there are so many k-pop idols come to Indonesia. And of course, airport is the first place they’ll pass. And I, of course, won’t pass the chance to meet them face to face for free. Hahaha.

It started when Phantom & 4Minute came for Volume Up Showcase. Too bad i couldn’t meet Phantom when they arrived because i was still on the way to the airport from Bandung. 4Minute came that afternoon and i can get a picture of sohyun & jihyun’s back. It’s a blurry pic, tho.


Kwonso & Namji

The next day, I waited for Phantom & 4Minute for their flight back to Korea. Phantom came first, and i think they didn’t bring any manager. That time, i only know Sanchez. LOL. Sorry Hanhae & Kiggen. When i saw him, i was hesitating to ask for his picture or not. But, finally i asked him whether i could take a picture of him or not. And, surprisely he said yes and then did a pose for me. He even said terima kasih. Hahaha, i was the one who should said terima kasih. xD But because i was trembling, the picture i took was blur. OTL


Phantom’s Sanchez

After that, 4Minute + Manager + Coordis + Dancer were arrived. They walked into wrong gate. And stopped in front of the gate for quite a long time because the security didn’t let them in. I asked for Sohyun (who’s the closest from my position) picture there by calling her and showing my camera because they hardly understand english. The one who saw me was a coordi, she asked Sohyun then Sohyun asked Joonkun manager and he didn’t let me. Sohyun looked so sorry. Ah, it’s okay kwonso.

The next k-pop idol i met is Wondergirls. I waited inside near immigration area. K-pop idols usually come down from the airplane last. And most passengers from Korean Air or Garuda finish their immigration process at the airplane so they don’t need to queue. After i saw them, i went to Gate E and they’re there waiting for pick-up car. I saw no fans there, and later I knew that fans waited in the wrong gate. I still don’t know that it’s the promotor doing to avoid ruckus or it was misunderstanding.  I think i was the only one there who knows who they are. People around me asking who they are. LOL. It’s funny when a middle-aged man said “Ah, i know them. My children like them” when i answered his question by saying that they are the one who sing Nobody. I got some decent pictures of them.


i don’t know, they looked like annoyed


maybe tired? or because they can’t see the fans?


waiting for pick up car

The next idol is JYJ Jaejoong. He was coming for his solo fanmeeting. This man is sooo gorgeous. And so many people knows him. One female immigration officer followed him to take picture. And i saw a fansite master took his picture. The only picture i can get is this one. OTL


super fail fantaken pic

Later i know, he was not in a good condition. He’s really sick. He even didn’t say a word in his fanmeeting and just spoke through text from his iPad. I feel bad for him and his fans. The fans must be feel really sad to see their idol tried his hardest enduring his pain to make them happy.

And the last is U-Kiss Kevin & Soohyun. They’re coming for a charity event. I can’t get a good picture or video of them because they went through different gate. I saw them from afar. And i didn’t want to run, LOL. I saw a glimpse of Soohyun through the car.

Now, i don’t work at the airport anymore. Well maybe just once a week, depends on the situation. And it’s both good and bad thing. Bad thing because i can’t meet BEAST & B1A4 at the airport next month. >_<


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