Oden & Dorayaki at Lawson

Lawson is growing as my favorite convenience store. LOL. It has so many things (read: food) to offer. Here, you can find oden that you see often on dramas as street food. You can choose chikuwa, meatball, sausage, tofu, and many more as the ingredient. The taste is decent though. I tell you this so that you aren’t expecting much πŸ˜› Price for each item is around IDR 2k-6k. If you buy this, ask for the broth. It’s the best thing from this oden. It will make your stomach warm πŸ˜€

it costs idr 20k

It is doraemon’s favorite food, dorayaki. I bought this out of my curiosity, lol. The size is so small, i can’t taste the filling, and seret. *what is seret in english? xD* I prefer martabak, hahaha. I’m kinda dissapointed buying this. Maybe because i was expecting too much πŸ˜›


Beside these two, you can buy hot dog, fried rice, fried noodle, rice bowl, and many more there. But for me, onigiri is still the best choice. Salmon flake onigiri is so yummmyy.

BTW, if you check in at Lawson on foursquare you’ll have a chance to unlock Lawson Badge. xD Here’s what the badge looks like:


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