Mediafire Trolls. Fuuu

What’s happened with Mediafire??? I keep getting this error 404 when I click the download button. It says that the page might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporary unavailable. But I’m really sure that the file is there and not removed –___-“ It has been happened since 2 days ago. Ah, so frustrating..

mediafire troll 2

If you get this error, I recommend you to use Just enter the link to it’s address bar. The download button works there. But, I don’t recommend you to use it for big sized files. Because sometimes it stops in the middle of download and can’t continue. Or the downloaded file is corrupted. –___-“

Another tips, use this. It sometimes works and what’s better is you can pause & continue the download process. I haven’t checked the downloaded files result. But I think there’ll be no problem because I’m used to use the megaupload leecher from that site and it works perfectly.


4 thoughts on “Mediafire Trolls. Fuuu

  1. thx for sharing.. i’ve gotten this problem since 2 months ago.. and i thought that my internet connection has banned me to DL from mediafire…:D

  2. it can cause file corupt ? give me example please..

    how if i take 149 mb ? is it too big ??
    actually, file size is 148,860 mb but when i download using idm it size become 148,859…. is it corupt ????

    • I don’t know why the file is corrupted though
      And i think more than 50 MB is quite big. In my case, i tried to download part file (.001) sized around 150 MB. When i joined it with other parts using hjsplit, the result file is corrupted. Then, after that i don’t bother using kproxy for downloading big files.
      As long as you can open the downloaded file, i think there’s no problem

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