Things I Like On Youtube (Part 3)

Hollaaa, long time no see!

Do you remember this and this? Yeaa, things i like on youtube continues~~ Get ready, guys! πŸ˜€

1. TheSamTsui

Ever heard of this guy? Yup, he’s the one in Kurt Schneider’s channel πŸ˜€ Sam just created his own youtube channel. He posts extra goodies that he works on by himself there. When i knew about Sam’s new channel, i was sooo happy because it feels like a long long time ago since Kurt & Sam last collaboration. I missed his powerful voice. The funny thing is Kurt and Sam back with some collaborations after this new channel created. Maybe Kurt realized that many people miss Sam πŸ˜›

2. Apple Girl Kim Yeo Hee (applegirl002)

I love this girl. She became famous because she plays instrument on her apple gadgets. Yes, gadgets with s. She has many! She also sings and her voice is soft and nice. This girl is talented. One thing that sometimes bothers viewers is her pronunciation when she sings in English πŸ˜›

She has released an original song called ‘Half’, and i love the MV πŸ˜€

3. Madilyn Bailey

This video is my first encounter with Maddy. I love her voice there, then i check her channel, watch her works, and click subscribe. I think you’ll do the same thing πŸ˜›

And this is one of my favorites in her channel. Graduation song T_T

4. Bumkey (rnbskillz)

He’s Bumkey of 2wins. Actually, i don’t know much about 2wins. I know Bumkey because he has been featured on Supreme Team and Epik High songs. And recently, on Tablo’s new album. Sometimes, if i listen to hip hop song i’m more interested in the featured r&b artist than the rapper. LOL. And this is the case with Bumkey. I love his voice and try to know more about him by searching him on youtube. And tadaaa, he has his own channel. Perfect.

5. EatYourKimchi

If you’re a kpop fan, you should check this channel. The owner is a canadian couple living in South Korea, Simon & Martina Stawski. My favorite segment is Kpop Music Monday. In this segment they talk about kpop music video (MV), from the concept, song, dance, to the english part. They’re really hillarious. They call my favorite boyband B2ST that should be read as BEAST as BATOOST. LOL. If you’re a hardcore fan and too biased, maybe you can find their videos insulting. But, if you take a look more, you’ll be 110% agree with them. They’re quite objective. Beside kpop music monday, they also make video about korean culture and stuffs.

6. Ryan Higa (nigahiga)

This is #2 most popular channel in youtube with 4.707.259 subscribers. He’s Asian. He’s funny. Yea, who says that Asian is all nerd. Stereotyping huh. But i get a problem with him. He speaks really fast and since i’m not a native english speaker sometimes i don’t get what he says. T_T

7. kevjumba

Kevin & Ryan are best friend. Personally i think Kevin is funnier than Ryan. And i really love it when his dad appear on the video. LOL. Check some of his videos

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you like it πŸ˜€


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