Lockerz Web Server Error Message

This morning, i got this error message from Lockerz. For a while, i didn’t get what’s written on the message because i was amazed by the picture. Animated picture. Yes, animated error message. Great, right? And, this is my first time getting a error message that doesn’t make me complaining. LOL *and fortunately, it happened just in a short time.

Yes, i know that an error message should be well-designed to reduce user frustration when error happens. Good error message is a message that tell the users what has happened and how to fix it. Okay, in this case users can’t do anything beside “try to visit again later” because it’s an internal error (500). And i think that this message fulfill the how to design good error messages guideline. But, because of the interesting picture and big EPIC FAIL draws my attention more, i’m distracted from seeing the essential error message. Plus, after seeing this i want Lockerz encounter other internal errors so that i can see this error message again. Hahaha… So, is this a good error message based on HCI or not? 😛


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