Things I Like On Youtube (Part 2)

Things I like on youtube continues~~~ Here are some of my favorites!

1. Conor Maynard (skillzaisherebooya‬‏)

Conor Maynard is 18 years old UK boy. I really love his voice, accent, and style. Check him out!

*I love Beckie’s voice here ❤ And the collaboration is just awesome!

*Do you hear a little girl voice? She’s Anna, Conor’s sister. Cute, right? 😀

2. Anth (AnthMelo)

A great and super talented rapper. I know him from Conor’s channel. Their collaborations are really good :))

3. Alex Goot (gootmusic)

I don’t know how to describe him. He has unique voice. He can play many instruments. He’s just awesome.

4. J-Rice (jriceproductions)

Talented singer, songwriter, and composer. Just one thing from him that sometimes disturbing me, his expression *ups, sorry J-Rice* hahaha. Do you get what i mean? Just check his videos, and you’ll know

5. Jason Chen (miniachilles‬‏)

I know him from J-Rice channel. Yup, because youtube artists seem often to do a collaboration, i usually know them from their youtube collaboration fellas

6. Kevin Lien (KevinLienMusic‬‏)

His english cover of  Taeyang’s Wedding Dress makes me like him. His voice is good and the english translation of the song is perfect.

7. karawaciPROJECTs‬‏

They’re not singers, they’re musicians.  They can turn a what-people-called-low-class music into high-class one. Check their cover of SM*SH I Heart You and Melinda’s Cinta Satu Malam

Hope you like them 😀

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