These are social media tips that i found in twitter

First, from @bramset tweets in January. He mentioned @sumartok in those tweets, maybe those tips are from @sumartok. I don’t know.

Here’s the tips. How to leverage your product brand through socmed:
1. Goal setting, write down what will you do with social media #SocMedTips
2. Listen to what people wants and say #SocMedTips
3. Build your channel in multiplatform. WordPress, Blogger.com, Facebook, and Twitter is good example #SocMedTips
4. Stop thinking about Campaign, start thinking about Conversation #SocMedTips

And other 2 tips from @sojust:
1. Integration is key. Tell your story accross ALL your media. #socmedtips by @alhena @sojust skillshare
2. Get a “virtual street team” to help you spread the word. Ask to share or RT. #socmedtips by @alhena @sojust

And this is my conclusion:
If you want to use socmed as branding media, first set your goal. There are many things you can do with socmed, are you gonna build customer relationship, promote your product, etc etc *haha,i can’t think much* Next, build your channel in any media. See, both of them tell us to use all media: multiplatform & integrated. INTEGRATED! As a customer, i really hate when a brand use many platforms but the information is scattered here and there. Next, virtual street team. In twitter, some brands use buzzer to spread the words. It can be celebrities, influencer, or unique account with huge number of followers like @Poconggg. And last but not least, more conversation. More interaction with your follower. Build the relationship. It can create loyal customers. I think 😛

Hope it helps 🙂


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