Doubutsu Uranai

Gold Fawn

You are Gold Fawn, whose character is gentle and calm.
You tend to talk slowly and there’s something warm about your atmosphere.
Nevertheless, you have great fighting spirit within you, and you have great will power.
It’s not too much to say that your will power is hidden under your intelligence and your personality.
Your movements are slow, and you also tend to be rather slow in putting things into action.
You also take other people’s opinion too seriously, and are sensitive to rumors.
You try to avoid public criticism, by not using flashy expressions and fancy actions.
You try to stick to social status, and are pure and conservative sort of person.
You dislike new changes, and prefer to carry on steadily in a safe environment.
You think high of atmosphere than practicality.
If you make your decisions only on your preferences, people may think you as a moody person.
You are obsessed about cleanliness, and can be difficult, but you are really a kind person.
You have good fortune, and your personal interest may turn into your occupation, or get as busy as your regular business.
Therefore your interest develops into something that can be profitable.
Although you yourself are modest, people around you may get heated up, and make you a leader.
What you have done to others will be returned by double or more.
After getting married, you will have good fortune with children, and will be able to lead a steady old age.

* repost dari note facebook, situsnya lucu sih :D. silakan coba di

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