They are beautiful. Aren’t they? 😀

Ooh, i love cactus soo much. I want to take care some of them, but it’s still rainy season. Huh, is it because of global warming? 😦

Btw, they are very cheap here in Bandung. You can get them only Rp 2.500,00/pot or Rp. 10.000,00/3 pot in BIP. But, it also depends on its type. Can’t wait for ‘dry season’. 😀


2 thoughts on “Cactus

  1. kaktus lucu 🙂
    btw, tukang kaktus yg di BIP udah pindah lapak kykny ka. kemarenan udah g liat lagi hehehe

    • iya wawa, lucu2 banget >.<
      kalo ke tempat yang jualan kaktus, jadi pengen punya semua jenis. hehehe

      yah, udah nggak ada lagi ya? emang cuma tenda gitu sih.. hiks

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